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June 1998 - Past Issues


A 2X4 Window of Opportunity
While the Japanese market may currently be in the doldrums, the largest builder of 2X4 constructed homes in Japan is creating export opportunities for Canadian mills by reprocessing Canadian NLGA-graded softwood lumber to JAS grade.

TransGesco 206 Delivers a Versatile Performance
TransGesco 206 Delivers a Versatile Performance The versatility of the TransGesco 206 forwarder is smoothing the transition to year-round logging for Nova Scotia logging contractor Ron Langille.

New Brunswick Natives Defy Court and Keep Right on Logging
Logging contractors in New Brunswick have so far avoided confrontation with illegal operators, but the situation could become more volatile as loggers return to the woods after spring break-up.

A Crowded North American Lumber Market
The Alberta Forest Industry Council was Light on Practical Made-In-Alberta Value-Adding Strategies

Small logs pay off for Ledwidge Lumber
Nova Scotia's Ledwidge Lumber is making greater use of the local timber resource with a small log line featuring a Hewsaw R200

Forest Expo SMASHES Records
Forest Expo '98, held in Prince George in May, attracted a record number of exhibitors and attendees, and is now established as a premier forest industry show in the world.

Planning Pays Off For MB & Contractor
By listening to the public's concerns, MacMillan Bloedel and logging contractor Ken Sneddon were able to keep a variety of stakeholders satisfied with harvesting plans for commercial thinning on BC's Sunshine Coast.

Harvesting Sidebar
KMC skidder leaves a light footprint.

Changes to the Code
Forest company CEO's are saying most of the right things about changes to the three-year-old Forest Practices Code in BC.

Leasing: A Shrewd Move
Canfor's Isle Pierre operation's move to lease three new machines for its yard operations is resulting in an overall improved operation, with no capital outlay for the equipment.

A Tale of two Tree Farms
Logging and Sawmilling Journal tours two cottonwood operations, one in BC, the other in Oregon, and looks at the role this fast-growing tree is playing in the industry.

Industry Watch
Mill closure raises question of forest tenure in BC.

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