June 2008

The Alberta and BC governments are encouraging  creative initiatives to help control the mountain pine  beetle. A solution offered by equipment manufacturer  Risley Equipment involved modifications to its Rolly  processor head (pictured on the cover on a TimberPro  630) so it can function as a felling attachment and  chipper. (Photo courtesy of Risley Equipment)

It’s an unusual situation, but the forest  industry is experiencing a shortage of  certain skilled workers at a time when the  industry as a whole is seeing large-scale  layoffs. 

Making the move to  cut-to-length chipping
Ontario logger Louie Ricci is dealing with  changes in the industry, making the move  to cut-to-length processing and purchasing  additional wood chippers. 

Going to grinders and  chippers 
Several Alberta logging contractors are  diversifying their operations, using wood  grinders and chippers from Bandit Industries  to offer biomass production and  pine beetle control services. 

Treading carefully in  shelterwood 
Logging contractor Buddy Lowery is  able to make a go of it at the delicate  logging required in shelterwood harvesting,  thanks to a good crew and nimble  harvesting equipment. 

Head offers processing/  chipping flexibility 
A TimberPro/Risley Rolly chipper equipment  combo is working well in beetle  wood, with the Rolly offering the added  flexibility of also being a processing head. 

Good numbers at  Forest Expo 
In spite of tough industry conditions,  it was another successful Forest and  Resources Expo, with good attendance  at the Prince George show. 

Reducing energy costs  at the mill 
Flakeboard is investing $16.5 million in  projects that will reduce the cost of raw  materials, conserve energy and expand  product diversity at its Sault Ste Marie,  Ontario operation. 


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