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The shutdown of two kraft mills in New Brunswick has created a lot of uncertainty for woodlot operators and logging contractors.

Outsourcing the Log Yard

Outsourced log yard management is working at the Meadow Lake OSB operation, thanks to good communications between the plant and the contractor.

Ramping Up Harvest

Cortloch Industries has ramped up it's harvesting operations in a huge way in the last six months, and has taken on a lot of iron to do the job.

High-strain Band Sawing

In the second part of the story on how high-strain band sawing developed, Alan Froome looks at the innovators behind the equipment.

Revamping the Veneer Line

BC's McBride Forest industries is completing an $11 million modernization that will deliver a variety of benefits.

Wide Range of Iron at Northern Alberta Forestry Show

These attending the Northern Alberta Forestry Show, held in May in Grande Prairie, saw a wide range of iron, including some new equipment and technology. LSJ takes a look at some of what was new at the show.

The Right Choice of Loader at the Mill

An extensive search by Tolko's OSB plant in High Prairie for the right loader led it directly to the massive Liebherr A974 B machine.

Forestry FAQs: Saskatchewan

Logging & Sawmilling Journaltakes a look at one of the Prairie players in forestry this month, with the facts and figures on Saskatchewan and its forest industry.

  A Path to Tamarack

New Brunswick's Tim Hunter had a different path to developing his tamarack milling business-through an accident that sidelined him-but he has not looked back since.


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