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Time-Saving Jet-Fit Harvester Bars

Changing the bar and chain on a harvester now takes only 30 seconds with the Oregon solid harvester bar, equipped with the Jet-Fit motor mount with slots instead of holes. The slots allow fast fit-up on harvesters equipped with automatic chain tensioners requiring a 15mm wide mounting slot. Jet-Fit bars slip in and out of the bar clamp, without tools, eliminating the need to remove or install holding pins. The bars also minimize the damage and expense of replacing the bar holder after an accident. If a broken chain causes the bar and chain to get stuck in a tree, the motor mount allows the harvester's head to slip away from the stuck bar. Jet-Fit bars come in two tail contours for use with different sizes of drive sprockets and are .080" gauge for use with .404" pitch Oregon 18H harvester chain. Circle Reader Service Card #184

Komatsu Offers Compact Wheel Loaders

Komatsu Canada Ltd now markets three versions of its German-made Avance compact wheel loader. The trio includes the WA653 powered by Komatsu's 4D94E 50hp engine, the WA753 with the 4D98E1HC 58hp engine and the WA953 with the 74hp 4D106E2. Maximum operating weights range from 9,768 lbs to 13,453 lbs, while minimum turning circles range from 12'1" to 13'3". With the HydrauMind system of smooth and precise hydraulics and its integral closed load sensing system, the operator has complete control when digging or positioning the loader arm and placing suspended loads. The parallel lift boom design is ideal for both digging and loading and offers a unique two-in-one versatility. The four-point hydraulic quick coupler makes attachment changes almost effortless. The units share a hydrostatic transmission with thermostat valve and forward/reverse power shift under full load. Other features include ergonomically designed cabs with dual entry, auxiliary hydraulics, all-wheel drive, and ROPS rated cabs and canopies. Optional are four different buckets for specialized applications and 3'3" forklift tines. Circle Reader Service Card #185

Versatile ALLU SM Screeners and Crushers

The ALLU SM screeners and crushers, now being distributed through Finning Attachment Services, are among a range of accessories that can scoop, screen, blend, pulverize and load materials such as bark, soil, clay, sand, coal, lime and sludge. Performance is related to the design and positioning of the screening "drums", that allow the full hydraulic power of the loader to be concentrated on the workload. Various drums are available for different tasks and sizing and can be quickly interchanged. Manufactured by Ideachip OY of Finland, the ALLU SM processing devices can be mounted on tractors, excavators and wheel loaders, replacing conventional buckets. Grid screens and crushing bars are optional. Circle Reader Service Card #186

Bandit's Megabyte Shear Attachment

The Megabyte stump and log shear is the newest machine off the Bandit Industries Inc assembly line. The excavator attachment can split most logs across the grain and is designed to break down stumps and oversized logs into manageable pieces for further waste processing. Megabyte's pivoting shear is designed so that equal and full pressure is put directly opposite the shear and claw. Full splitting and cutting power is present throughout all phases of the cut. The 9'2" opening enables the machine to split logs of almost any length both horizontally and perpendicular. The blade starts the splitting process, using its teeth and claw to grab the top of the log. Once the knife is in, the claw is designed to grab the other end of the log to complete the split. The shear also acts as a stump puller that will split stumps while still in the ground, the company says. The machine is equipped with a replaceable shear knife tip, front knife surfaces and teeth. Installation is simple if the excavator has a third function hydraulic valve. If not, a kit is available. Circle Reader Service Card #187

High-Speed Chip Screen from Morbark

Morbark's new high-speed chip screen, with a 5'x10' frame, features a 10 hp, 1,800 rpm electric motor and the capability to sort three chip sizes. Screening plates can be made to different hole specifications and are easily removed, the company says. The screen is belt driven from the motor to a 24inch diameter pulley. Supported by four hanger assemblies with heavy-duty universal joints, the unit is capable of screening 4,600 cubic feet of loose chips per hour. Circle Reader Service Card #188

McCoy Now Makes Neufeld Trailers

McCoy Brothers Inc has begun manufacturing and distributing Neufeld bottom side dump trailers, a system that allows the load to be dropped from the bottom rather than the typical side dump. The weight of the material being discharged remains over the trailer while being dumped, thus increasing accessibility, manoeuvreability, stability and safety. The box normally used for aggregates, clay or soil can be removed easily and replaced with log bunks, converting the unit into a log hauler. Circle Reader Service Card #189

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