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Pre-Demo Conference

By Mel-Lynda Andersen
Copyright 1996. Contact publisher for permission to use.

A forest industry conference with an international scope kicks off Demo '96, running September 10 and 11. Entitled Certification - Environmental Implications for Forestry Operations, this important conference will focus on Canada's forest resources and the Canadian forest industry.

The main goal of the conference is to bring together world leaders from industry, government, communities, labour, research and manufacturing to examine key woodlands issues and share ideas on new developments in resource management and environmental protection, and on the machines, systems and operating practices that tread more lightly on the environment.

The first day of the conference will be an international overview on the certification process. Session 1 is titled "An International Update on Certification and Approaches to Define Measurable Criteria and Indicators." Speakers from Sweden, Canada, the US and New Zealand will discuss and compare the certification process in different countries, and Tony Rotherham of the CPPA will wrap up the session by discussing the need for an internationally applicable forest management standard.

Session 2 of the first conference day covers the topic, "How will Certification be Implemented and What Changes are Indicated for Forest Planning and Operations." Speakers from Canada, the US, Norway and France will address such issues as What Values Must be Sustained, Experience From a Certified Company, Small Private Lands, The View from France and Certification of the Natural Forest.

Session 3 begins day 2 of the conference, with the theme "Reforestation and Protection of Natural Stands." Speakers from the US, Japan, Chile, Canada and Sweden will discuss specific issues facing forest companies in their own countries, such as protection of advance regeneration, the integration of harvesting systems with regeneration systems and clearcutting vs. partial havesting.

Session 4 examines soil integrity and water quality issues, with topics like watershed planning, soil disturbance levels and measurement, road and culvert installation, riparian zones, and harvesting on steep slopes. Session 5 deals with Forest Aesthetics and Enhancement of Wildlife Habitat, and Session 6 looks at wildlife habitat enhancement using planning methods and flexible machine systems.

This comprehensive conference is being organized by the Canadian Woodlands Forum of the CPPA, with the Harvesting, Wood Delivery and Utilization Committee of the International Union of Forest Research Organizations, the Forest Engineering Research Institute of Canada, and the Universit� Laval, Facult� de forestierie et g�omatique.

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