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CKM Finger Joint Machinery
CKM has announced that its finger joint systems will now be available in North America, with Sunhill Machinery of Seattle named as distributor.
Sunhill has been a major importer of woodworking equipment since 1979. CKM, based in Taiwan, builds several OEM machines for the US market as well as its own line of woodworking equipment. The company has installed finger jointers in 300 mills around the world. The CKM 'batch system' design enables the use of both short blocks and longer lengths.

Slip-On Loader Rake
Finning Attachment Services has announced availability of two new raking implements.
The first, a rake attachment for grapple-equipped wheel loaders, is being used by a number of BC mills for cleanup of unpaved yards. The mills previously used a bucket attachment but were removing too much yard surface gravel in the process, adding significantly to yard maintenance costs. The rake attachment was initially designed and built for a northern BC mill looking to solve this problem. The device does not require a quick coupler - the loader operator simply drives into it with his grapple forks and quickly hooks up a securing chain manually. Moving through the yard, the rake picks up wood debris while leaving the gravel behind. The rake is currently being built for Cat 950, 966 and 980 loaders but can be designed and built for any size or model loader, says the company.
Another attachment initially built for a specific customer need is a multi-function hydraulic silviculture rake for excavators. The attachment, with an optional opposable thuumb), allows piling and screening as well as mounding in just one pass. The operator can switch between functions without leaving the cab.

New Timbertec Attachments
Timbertec has added three new Lako attachments to its product line. The company now markets Lako's full line of processing heads in eastern Canada, under the Timbertec trademark.
The new models include the dangle-type 450, 550 and 650 harvesting heads. Features include an electrical main cable with only four wires, and optional topping saw.
The three new machines join Timbertec's existing line of three fixed-mount roll and roll-stroke harvesting heads for big wood.

Pre-Drilled Studs Countervail Winner
Northway Industrial Contracting has developed a multi-drill system for drilling electrical conduit holes in studs during stacking after the planer. A 25mm hole is placed 18" from the end of each stud; 14 studs can be drilled at the same time in 1.5 to 3.0 seconds. Northway says the system not only meets requests by US retail chains for pre-drilled studs, but means Canadian mills shipping don't pay full countervail duty as they are considered a manufactured product. With that, the firm says some mills are reporting a five- to ten-day payback on installation costs.
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New Timbco Forwarder
Timbco has introduced a new 20-ton capacity, eight-wheel-drive forwarder, the TF820-C.
The machine features 360� loader operation and a boom reach of 25'. Lift capacity at full reach is 3,000 lbs. and at 10' is 9,100 lbs. A 200-hp Cummins B-Series 200 diesel is standard; a 260-hp Cummins and 230-hp Cat 3126T are available optionally.

Bunting Magnetic Pulleys
Bunting Magnetics' permanent magnetic head pulleys are designed to provide continuous, self-cleaning protection for hogs and chippers from metal contamination. Installed in the conveyor line, the pulleys feature a radial magnetic field which eliminates dead spots and provides complete protection over the entire face of the unit, says the firm. They can replace existing conveyor pulleys at the product discharge end and are ideal for use in hog infeed conveyors.

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