December/January 2009

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It often takes a lot to make the move to buying brand new logging equipment, but eventually it’s time to get out there and kick the tracks. Contractor W D Moore Logging did exactly that recently, picking up a new Komatsu PC300 LL purpose built hoe chucker/log loader, equipped with a custom Pierce boom—and the machine is proving its stuff on the tough BC Coast (Photo by Paul MacDonald).

Equipment manufacturer Ponsse is bucking the tough times in the logging industry, and is beefing up its presence in western Canada, introducing its Bear harvester and Elephant forwarder.

Komatsu does
double duty on
Vancouver Island

A new Komatsu PC300 LL with a custom built Pierce boom is working out well for BC logging contractor WD Moore Logging, doing double duty as a hoe chucker and log loader.

From log loaders to locomotives
Western Forest Products’ Englewood Logging Division on Vancouver Island is one heck of a busy operation, with three maintenance shops taking care of everything from log loaders to locomotives.

Tigercats keep timber moving
The uptime that logging contractor Dennis Kropp gets from his Tigercat-dominated equipment fleet is key to keeping his operation productive.

A future beyond the beetle
Presented with both challenges and opportunities, BC's three major beetle
action coalition groups are reporting solid progress toward divining road
maps for a prosperous future.

No logging job too challenging
From harvesting beetle wood to working in an area frequented by the Woodland Caribou, no logging job is too challenging for veteran Alberta logger Gervin Antypowich.

The Last Word
Tony Kryzanowski says it might be time for the forest industry to consider a union of a different kind—a boreal forest union.

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