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Tech Update - Rubber-tired log loaders & stackers

By Diane Mettler

The new Arbrofer model AF-710WT is optimized for versatility—with “pick and carry” loading and trailer pull. It also offers a good choice of options and configurations.                                    The AF-710WT starts with a Caterpillar 325D upper and robust frame, with a footing of 12’ x 12’ for stability in all directions. The revolutionary design of the frame is said to allow easy maintenance, with a large number of maintenance points from ground level and easy access to all the mechanical components. The machine has an operating weight of 75,000 lbs. The semi-automatic five-speed transmission combined with high-capacity axles gives the AF-710WT a drawbar pull of 51,000 lbs and a laden trailer of 150,000 lbs. The booms, optimized for forest applications and a pressure operation of 5,000 psi, give it a 17,000-lb lifting capacity at a 30’ reach. A spacious (56” wide) and soundproof cab includes a trainer seat and rear access. Arbrofer offers three types of tires: conventional, twin “Trelleborg” or full tire “Brawler.”

Allied Systems Company
Allied Systems Company supplies the timber industry with the Wagner Lumberjack series. The Lumberjack is the workhorse of the log yard. It unloads log trucks and rail cars, and it also transports, stacks, retrieves and feeds logs to the mill. It is available in capacities from 80,000 lbs at a 48” load centre up to 160,000 lbs at a 60” load centre.                                   

Since 1984, the company has introduced four new models designed specifically to handle tree-length bundled logs. Lumberjacks are available in either two-wheel driver tricycle or articulated full-time and on-demand mechanical four-wheel drive. All Lumberjacks have individually controlled hold-down and kickoff arms. The hold-down arms are available in a number of different shapes to accommodate the customer’s individual needs and requirements. Hold-downs may be made for a primary purpose—like bunk unloading (squaretype) or reclaiming (full curve)—or for multipurpose functions.

The LeTourneau LeTro-Stacker is a multi-purpose log handling machine: off loading full load trucks in one pass; roll out and sorting; high decking (24’ lift height); feeding the mill; and other log handling.                                   

The LeTourneau LeTro-Stacker is diesel electric powered—with diesel engine, AC generator, AC motors (hoist, tilt and tusk), and DC drive motors. With the absence of hydraulics (except a small hydraulic motor that drives the rack and pinion steering), the LeTourneau LeTro- Stacker is very environmentally friendly. There are no hydraulic oil spills that can result in costly clean-up, making it ideal for log raft retrieval from water.                                   

The LeTourneau LeTro-Stacker is a two-wheel, or four-wheel drive machine with lift capacities from 70,000 to 100,000 lbs. It provides excellent performance, lower overall operating and maintenance costs, lower fuel costs, and longer economical machine life.

Amix Salvage, which already owns 12 Liebherr machines, just added one more to its fleet. The company, with over 35 years experience in the scrap, demolition and barging business, recently purchased an R 944 V Forestry machine. The R 944 V is equipped with a Rotobec 9910 grapple and is currently being used to load and unload a barge that can move up to 500 cubic metres of wood per trip. The barging service of Amix, and its sister company Sealink, provide a much needed service to the forestry sector, with Liebherr machines helping them provide that service effectively and profitably.

Machinery Tanguay Machinery Tanguay manufactures two sizes of wheel knuckle boom loaders. The most popular is the WL350 75,000-lb loader equipped with a Cummins QSB, 6.4 litre engine rated at 225 hp. The smaller WL150 is a 55,000-lb loader, equipped with a 165 hp Isuzu engine.                 

Both models are designed and built entirely in North America. They feature: highly efficient and low fuel consumption engines; state-of-the-art hydraulics for smooth and fast movements; easy-tofind and competitive spare parts; and easy service and maintenance access. In addition, Tanguay machines come with a proven transmission for economical and reliable trailer towing, incredible stability with full lift capacity over 360 degrees, an electro-proportional controlled hydraulic cab riser, and a choice of boom configurations for handling all types of wood chips or scrap materials. Machinery Tanguay is also the leader in high capacity pedestal and rail mount loaders.

The Sennebogen 825 machine was a recent success at the Swanson Group Lumber Mill, in Glendale, Oregon. It proved to be fast, agile and able to easily complete all tasks required without damaging the asphalt surface. The 825 can elevate the operator over the log jams, giving it a unique advantage over the other machines. Fuel efficiency was a significant bonus. It consumed less than half the fuel of the larger tracked loaders and will net Swanson more than $50,000 in fuel costs savings annually, according to Sennebogen.    

Although the 825 is one of the smaller units in the Sennebogen line, Swanson estimates that an appropriate-sized model with the elevating cab could cut the time required for high decking by half. Sennebogen prides itself on its “computer-free” design philosophy. By minimizing reliance on electronic control for efficient operation, the company has achieved dramatic reductions in downtime caused by electronic failures and complex service procedures.

Taylor Machine Works
Taylor Machine Works, Inc manufactures the Taylor Log Stacker Series, known as the TLS Series. These trucks, with capacities from 80,000 to 100,000 lbs, have Tier II compliant turbocharged diesel engines, and a three-speed power shift transmission. They are also equipped with rugged high-strength, all-welded chassis and frames, and ergonomically designed operator stations.                                   

The TLS Series trucks provide fingertip full hydrostatic steering. They also have large capacity steel wall fuel and hydraulic tanks and high capacity cooling systems for operation in all environments.                                   

“You Can Depend on Big Red” is a personal and collective commitment from the Taylor “Big Red” team to every customer. Customer needs and expectations are priorities for Taylor engineering, manufacturing, marketing, and service organizations. Sudden Service, Inc and its worldwide Taylor dealer network are ready to respond to requests for support requirements twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Terex Fuchs
Log handling in sawmills or woodyards requires particularly versatile machinery for the swift transport of varying loads, often over long distances. Log handling machines from Terex Fuchs are designed to provide the optimum combination of load-carrying power and responsive driving dynamics. Tailor-made solutions for special requirements include the MHL 464 with its “pick and carry” system for the easy lifting of logs of different lengths—the genuine design of the rear mounted boom increases lift capacities and allows a better view. Especially developed for trailer pulling, the MHL 460 has front-wheel steering for use with a trailer, allowing uncoupling, loading, transport and unloading to be carried out in one operation. Terex Fuchs offers the MHL 434, 454, 464 and 460. Horsepower ranges from 150 to 222, and their reach ranges from 35.1’ with the 434 to 52.5’ with the 460. They weigh in between 48,722 and 83,775 lbs. www.