January 2008

Big wood requires the right saw, with a damned big bar. Bullbucker Brian Botley uses a ripping saw with a 60-inch bar to cut through some extra large cedar, so it can safely be flown out, at a heli-logging operation at Stave Lake in southwestern BC.

A strategic land use plan for the Queen Charlotte Islands could see licensees and their logging contractors emerge as victims of collateral damage.

Tigercat harvester hits the coast
Tigercat’s new LH870C leveling harvester is getting an extensive workout in big second growth wood on the BC Coast.

Taking up the reins of logging operation
When BC contractor Terry Kineshanko died of a heart attack, his family took up the reins of Kineshanko Contracting, and have transformed the company from falling/skidding into a full-phase stumpto- dump operation.

Timbers from BC to Belgium, and beyond
Two BC entrepreneurs have set up a sawmilling operation on Vancouver Island and are finding ready markets—from Belgium to Israel—for the timbers they are producing.

Time to address Ontario’s high wood costs
The forest industry is going through some tough times now, but veteran loggers Wayne and Bill Lankinen remain hopeful the industry in northwestern Ontario has a future, provided wood cost issues are addressed.

Trench warfare against the beetle
A series of recent industry seminars had a strong focus on trench warfare tactics and options on how best to handle beetle-killed wood in the bush and accommodating its characteristics in the sawmill.

Community forest plans for the future
One of British Columbia’s smallest community forests—the Harrop Procter Community Forest—is planning for the future with optimism, now that it has received a 25-year renewable licence.


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