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February 2006  - The Logging and Sawmilling Journal



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New brushcutter-chipper for skid steers

Denis Cimaf has introduced the DAF- 080, a new front-mounted brushcutter-chipper for skid steers. It was developed as a lighter version of the larger DAF-180 for skid steers 65 hp and up. The front-mounted DAF- 080 brushcutter-chipper uses a 72” wide cutting rotor consisting of 25 fixed knives with bolted-on blades, and features a height-adjustable attachment system. It requires continuous hydraulic flow between 25 to 30 gal/min, an operating pressure of 3,000 psi, and a rotating speed of 2,300 rpm.

Under suitable terrain conditions, the DAF-080 can handle site preparation and land clearing jobs with ease, cutting down and chipping brush, bushes and unwanted trees in one pass, according to the company.

Just like the DAH line of brushcutterchippers, the DAF-080 is sturdy and is easy to maintain. Used blades can be sharpened on-site with a grinder and worn out blades quickly replaced.

Fenner Dunlop adds to conveyor belt line

Fenner Dunlop Americas has added LogMasterR to its heavy rubber conveyor belt line.

LogMasterR III and LogMasterR IV are three-ply and four-ply constructions with specifically engineered poly/nylon carcasses designed with increased crosswise rigidity to handle the side loading and impacts in wood handling applications.

Increased skim gauges and improved adhesion levels provide greater resilience and protection against premature failure due to heavy impact and abuse. Designed to compete with 600 lb and 750 lb competitive belts or less, LogMasterR’s performance can be further enhanced by selecting one of four cover compounds made to battle moderately oily materials.

The belts feature the new DuroslideR compound made for slider bed applications. It’s a non-reverting, non-marking, highly non-abrasive blue rubber compound with a very low coefficient of friction.

New V-Lock bearings for forestry applications

QM Bearings has developed a new, patented Blue Brute V-Lock bearing that’s said to be ideally suited for heavy-duty sawmill and forestry applications that require easy installation and maximum locking capability. It can be installed and removed in about 10 minutes for most applications and doesn’t require feeler gauges for checking clearances.

Initially, V-Lock will be available in a range of shaft sizes from 2-7/16” to 3-15/16”. Most sizes will be available in pillow block, flange block and piloted flange steel housing styles. A complete selection will be available in March 2006.

Customers may choose from eight primary and secondary seals. Just like other Blue Brute bearings, they can be ordered in many configurations without paying custom bearing prices.

New J series wheeled bunchers from Deere

John Deere has come out with the new 643J and 843J wheeled feller bunchers.

They feature the emissioncompliant John Deere 6068H engine, with increased horsepower to a 174-rated hp in the 643J and 225-rated hp in the 843J. That power boost dramatically increases the machines’ multifunctioning capabilities and cycle times, making operators more productive.

The best-in-class cabs feature the new forward-sloping windshield and a larger skylight to provide excellent visibility. And the new hydraulically reversing cooling fan automatically blows debris off the grill screen for better airflow into the engine.

On the working end of the new J series machines is the new FD22B felling head. The redesigned, slightly offset accumulation pocket increases its accumulation capacity up to 20 per cent more than the previous model. With the improved tilt-back geometry on the head and new link, the feller bunchers provide better load transfer capabilities and stability, especially in hardwood bottoms and hollows.





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This page last modified on Wednesday, June 07, 2006