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February 2006

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A new Master Logger Certification Program is expected to help reinforce the commitment to good logging practices among logging contractors in Atlantic Canada.

Buncher Earns its Keep in Quebec Operation

The Timberjack 608S feller buncher is solidly earning its keep in the rugged Saguenay region of Quebec for contractor Dominic Bergeron.

Keeping the Sawmill Efficient and Competitive

Midway Lumber Mills is employing technology and automation through regular equipment upgrades to ensure their operation stays efficient and competitive.

Small and Successfull Mill

Small Sawmiller Ernie Smith has found no shortage of customers for the products he’s turning out from his operation on the remote west coast of Vancouver Island.

Better Utilizing Timber at the Mill

Comeau Lumber is in the process of modernizing its equipment to make better use of the changing raw material they are working with from small private woodlots in Nova Scotia.

Storing Timber in the Snow

Researchers have developed a simple solution—already adopted by several mills—for storing logs in Canada: put the logs under snow.


A Model Multi-use Forest

The privately-owned Haliburton Forest and Wildlife Reserve is working away at resurrecting its forest base, but at the same time is a model of the multi-use forest.

Going Retail with your Lumber

Small sawmiller C Ernest Harrison & Sons gets the most for its wood by selling it through the company’s three retail outlets.

Achieving Balance as a Logging Contractor

Ontario logging contractor Pierre Pelletier has made a conscious choice to keep his business at a manageable 75,000 cubic metres harvest level to achieve a balance between his work and family life.

Trade Deal Abused by the US

The abuse of Canada in trade deals with the United States shows that our similarities may not be enough to keep us good neighbors, argue consultants Adam Leamy and Jamie Lamb.

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