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Logging and Sawmilling Journal- Febuary 2004

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Big changes are on the way for the BC forest industry with the pending takeover of Slocan Forest Products by Canfor and CN taking over BC Rail operations.

At the Stump Processing

At-the-stump long-wood processing and top end skidding are helping two contractors overcome logging challenges in some rugged terrain.

Jones invest in the future-now

BC's JS Jones Timber is investing in the future now with a new $30 million small log mill on the Fraser River.

Quick sawmill payback

An Ontario sawmill has helped develop a voice command lumber investory management system that offers a quick payback.

Slocan mill moves to handling cut-to-length

Slocan's Quesnel operation has made a $35 million investment that has seen it switch from handling long wood to cut-to-length.

Where to go with New Brunswick forests?

Public hearings in New Brunswick generated a wide spectrum of viewpoints on the future direction of the forest industry in the province

New stud mill for Washington State

Lewis County Forest Products has opened its new stud mill in Washington State and is gearing up to a production target of 130 million board feet a year.

Guest Column: Selecting the right cut-to-length equipment - Part two

Industry consultant Tim White provides some solid advice for those looking to make the investment in cut-to-length equipment

Hitachi Zaxis 200F Forester take it all on

The first Hitachi Zaxis 200F purpose-built Forester machine in BC is taking on a wide variety of jobs for Quesnel Bros Logging

Safety in the Forest

Falling trees in BC continues to be extremely dangerous work, but the province's WCB is taking steps to address that with a new faller training and certification program

Tech Update: KNIVES

In today�s competitive forest products industry, fibre output such as chips�once considered by products with little value�now play an integral role in revenue generation.

Working with Blue Stained Wood

Research organization Forintek is working with nature's "blue tone," evaluating blue-stained lumber.

Opting for a Variety of Equipment

Private land operator Darkwood Forestry is using a variety of equipment and methods to harvest in the high elevations of BC's Kootenay region.

Log Strand recycling program working in BC

An initiative to handle log bundling strand is showing how industry and government can work together to create effective environmental solutions.


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