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Tigercat's New ER Boom Yields Higher Production 
Tigercat has developed a new boom system called ER that greatly improves tree harvesting in terms of fuel efficiency, increased production and reduced operator fatigue, the company says. Conventional boom systems are fundamentally inefficient at felling because they must mix two arcing motion functions to get the desired reaching motion. Conversely, the patented ER boom system allows the machine operator to extend and retract the boom on a horizontal plane smoothly and quickly using a single joystick. The stick boom or "reach" joystick controls both the main and stick booms simultaneously, resulting in the attachment moving either away from or toward the operator. The main boom and tilt functions operate in the traditional manner to adjust the height and angle of attachment. Reader Service Card #376

Tong Thumb Adds to Versatility of Grapple Skidders 
The patented Tong Thumb attachment can be mounted on existing skidder grapples, enabling the bunching grapple to become a unique sorting grapple capable of picking up small and large diameter logs without difficulty. Manufactured by Markley Co and Co, the forest tweezers weigh 132 lbs and can close to grip a tree by its three-inchdiameter top. Tong Thumb can also be used in riparian zones to pull trees by their tops and in clean up to grip small or broken pieces, including hand-felled timber. It provides increased speed of handling, as the grapple does not need to be entirely opened to use the additional mini grapple. The design and position of the Tong does not interfere with the normal operation of the grapple. Reader Service Card #377

Inx-Systems Launches Lumber Size Control Solution 
Inx-Systems, a leading provider of online lumber control systems, announces the release of the SeeCon SC2000, the only on-line lumber size control system that can simultaneously, automatically and continuously measure multiple sawn pieces in both breakdown and resaw processes, the company says. Based on the latest machine vision and digital signal processing technologies, the SeeCon is capable of controlling on-line up to 15 individual parallel sawn pieces and is installed right at the exit of the saw. The system takes hundreds of measurements from each individual sawn piece in real-time and instantly reports the size variation and other important process information on various graphic, numeric and statistical process control charts. Used in size control of cants, side boards, boards, planks and other sawn pieces, SeeCon SC2000 is not a traditional optimizer that aids in cutting decisions. It is a tool designed to improve the performance, efficiency, stability and quality of sawing processes. Reader Service Card #378

Viking Chains introduces Welded Steel "PLUS" 
The new "PLUS" chain from Viking is designed to dramatically extend chain life and eliminate premature elongation, particularly in high speed applications. According to the manufacturer, Viking's "PLUS" chain is made with innovative "true fit" induction through heat treated barrels and rivets. This results in a precise, seamless fit. In addition, the flush welds are on the outside of the link, eliminating interference and premature sprocket wear. Reader Service Card #379

Komatsu Excavator Features Tight Tail Swing 
Designed to provide balance, speed and power with a tight tail swing, the new 51,765-lb PC228USLC-3 excavator from Komatsu performs in limited workspaces. Its longer undercarriage increases lift capacity and stability, while improving flotation on soft ground. The 143-hp, six-cylinder Komatsu SAA6D102E engine boosts hydraulic power for faster cycle times, while improving fuel efficiency, the company says. The four-cycle, watercooled, direct injection engine meets current TIER II emissions regulations, including CARB, EPA and EC. The machine features an extended digging height to 34 feet, 11 inches, a bucket capacity of 1.25 cubic yards, a bucket digging force of 31,085 lbs and arm crowd force of 22,708 lbs. A redesigned cab, increased power, low maintenance components and a maximum road width of 13 feet, 5 inches are other features.
Reader Service Card #380

Gilbert Builds Heads for Timberjack Bunchers 
Les Products Gilbert Inc of Roberval, Quebec will produce two high-rotation felling heads exclusively for factory installation on Timberjack's Woodstock, Ontario-manufactured track feller bunchers. The new FG18 and FG22 felling heads are built to Timberjack's specifications and are offered as factory-installed options. A wrist rotation of 220 degrees offers the operator flexibility to improve cycle times, reduce machine travel and minimize ground impact, while a patented, offset saw blade design with integral tooth holders and single piece tooth construction provide durability. Reader Service Card #381


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