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Supplier Newsline

Cat's CTL Harvesting Heads: Caterpillar now offers four models of cut to length harvesting heads that complement its new line of wheeled carriers, as well as Cat's track type carriers. All four models, the HH45, HH55, HH65 and HH75, use a patented feeding mechanism that keeps the solid rubber feed rollers centred on the stem as the diameter changes. Feed roller pressure varies to ensure maximum grip without damaging the stem. Designed for tasks from first thinning to final felling, the harvesting heads, which range in weight from 1,565 lb to 3,219 lb, offer fixed delimbing knives attached to the tilt frame for durability and consistent delimbing. Feeding forces range from 3,298 lb to 6,004 lb while maintaining feeding speeds as fast as 16 feet per second. Moveable knives are made from the strongest heat treated steel and are hydraulically controlled for adjusting to tree contour, minimizing stem damage. A computer aided bucking system receives and encodes diameter measurements via single or dual sensors at the base of each delimbing knife. Cross callipering improves accuracy by adjusting to variations in stem shape. The high-speed sawbar is equipped with a .404 chain operating at 148 feet per second. All models have automatic sawchain tensioning and lubrication systems.

Newly Improved Model 3680 Beast Recycler Bandit Industries recently implemented a series of improvements to its Model 3680 Beast Recycler, a cuttermill that supplier_newsline_2.jpg (2797 bytes)can- depending on the teeth selected-cut, grind, hog or explode material. Three new teeth are now available for this waste reduction machine, two of which feature different types of welded impregnated carbide and either a grinding or cutting action. Both are somewhat resistant to ungrindable materials such as steel and stone. The third, a splitter tooth, provides strong cutting action and some protection from ungrindables. A hydraulic winch has also been added which makes changing the screens quicker and easier. Bandit also offers several higher horsepower diesel engines including a 500hp 6125 John Deere, a 475hp M14 Cummins and a 475hp Caterpillar. Bandit currently operates four fulltime demonstration crews that illustrate the cost effectiveness of the 3680 Beast Recycler.

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Hultdins Introduces CTLWheelTracks Hultdins introduces CTLWheelTracks, a lighter version of the WheelTracks used on skidder tires and developed specifically for single tires on forwarders and harvesters. CTLWheelTracks increase contact area by approximately 40 per cent, lowering ground pressure while increasing traction. The protection they give the tire extends tire life and their relatively light weight makes them easy to install and maintain. Other features include improved machine travel with a softer footprint, lower operating costs and less downtime. CTLWheelTracks, the latest innovation from Olofsfors, are perfectly matched to ECOTrack bogie tracks, which are superior to chains on single tires and are popular on cuttolength machines, the company says.


Berfor's Forcat 2000 Skidder/Forwarder Berfor Inc.'s Forcat 2000 is a mini skidder/forwarder designed for small woodlot operations. The 46inchwide and supplier_newsline_3.jpg (4152 bytes)95inchlong machine weighs in at 2,750 pounds, giving it low impact on rough or soft ground, says Jon Williams of Jon Williams Forestry in Golden Lake, Ontario. He bought one of the 71 machines sold so far because of its small size and relatively low cost. The machine is easy on the site, gets high marks for maneuverability and is very economical to run, says Williams, who is thinning with the Forcat 2000 and skidding tree length. The machine turns in its own length and consumes a maximum of five gallons of gasoline-one tankful-per day, says Williams. It features an Onan aircooled 24 hp, twocylinder engine, hydraulic traction, 10inch wide track, assisted hydraulic steering and a ground clearance of 13.5 inches.

Ross and Madill to Merge Key Equity Capital has acquired the shares of equipment manufacturer Ross Corporation and plans to merge Ross with another western equipment manufacturer, Madill. "These two long-established, west coast forestry equipment manufacturers are an excellent fit in product offering, plant facilities and customer support infrastructure," said Bob Wainio, general partner of Key Equity Capital in Seattle. The combined Madill/Ross product line will include a broad range of hydraulic log loaders, feller bunchers, cable yards and delimbers. The merger is expected to achieve synergies in product design, materials procurement, manufacturing efficiency and distribution, according to the company Key Equity, based in Cleveland, Ohio, invested in Madill, of Nanaimo, BC, in 1998. With Key's participation, Madill expanded their product line and opened new branches in BC, Alberta and Oregon. The company recently appointed dealers in eastern Canada and Australia.

7Series Forklifts from Toyota Toyota Industrial Equipment introduces its 7Series forklifts with patented SAS (system of active stability) supplier_newsline_4.jpg (5157 bytes)technology for improved safety and productivity. The built-in SAS system monitors and controls movement to prevent tipping and features an active control rear stabilizer that improves stability during turns and an active mast function controller that regulates the forward tilt angle of the mast and the rear tilt angle speed. The system helps reduce the risk of tipovers and spilled loads by increasing the stability of the truck, thus reducing the chance of injury and product damage from loads falling from forks that have been inclined too far forward or back ward. SAS sensors detect instability in height, load, speed and yaw rate. Independent testing concluded that the Toyota 7Series with SAS technology were more productive by nearly nine per cent, making them the most productive trucks among competitive forklift models, the company says. Other features include an automatic forkleveling control button that stops the mast and levels the forks and an optional vehicle speed control that allows travel speeds to be reduced without affecting lifting speeds.



This page last modified on Monday, November 03, 2003