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Portland Has It

The latest mill advancements will be on display at the Portland Wood Technology Clinic and Show in March. More than 500 companies supplying equipment, services and technologies to the wood processing industry will be featured at the 28th annual Wood Technology Clinic and Show, taking place March 15 to 17, 2000 at the Oregon Convention Centre in Portland. The event includes exhibitions, clinic sessions and tours of world class wood processing facilities and offers a comprehensive forum to explore the latest trends in the industry. The clinics will feature more than 65 technical sessions on wood processing, including lumber and panel manufacturing, drying, maintenance and early secondary processing, as well as topics ranging from advances in optimization to industry and market trends, management strategies and the Internet. The results of national forest product industry studies on the pulp and paper, solid wood and export segments of the market will be presented for the first time at this event. Seizing the High Ground in the sustainable forest debate will be the subject of keynote speaker Robert F. Legg, president and CEO of Temperate Forest Foundation.

The topic is timely, in view of projections that world population will double to 12 billion within the next century. The forest products industry has a vital role to play in building a sustainable society through the creation of sustainable forests. Newcomers to the world of wood processing can develop a fundamental knowledge of the industry by attending Back 2 Basics, followed by core clinics, on March 15. These sessions provide the basis for understanding the more complex subjects on days two and three. Other day one conference streams include several clinics on each of a number of topics including management, Internet technology, quality assurance and trends and technology.

For companies wanting to tap into the Internet trend, one of the highlights will be the first ever conference on eBusiness as it relates to the forest products industry. The daylong seminar will be chaired by Dr. Rich Vlosky, associate professor in the forest products marketing program at Louisiana State University Agricultural Centre, and takes place Tuesday, March 14, a day before the Clinic and Show. Titled eBusiness: The Future is Now in the Forest Products Industry, the intensive seminar will give attendees a solid understanding of eBusiness opportunities in the industry. The eBusiness conference will address the whole spectrum of issues, from basic Internet technologies to strategic reasons to implement eBusiness. Speakers from IBM and Microsoft will give a glimpse into cutting edge technologies and applications, while representatives from companies such as Georgia Pacific and Plum Creek Timber Company will share how their companies are leveraging eBusiness. The results of national forest product industry studies on the pulp and paper, solid wood and export segments of the market will be presented for the first time at this event.

On Thursday, March 16, the streams cover technology tuneup, scanning, drying, marketing and sawing. Hydraulics, engineered wood, maintenance and kilns, and moisture management are the clinic streams on Friday, March 17. The Portland Wood Technology Clinic and Show condenses months of applied research into a few days and enables participants to interact directly with the industry's top experts. For nearly 30 years, the event has seen the launch of new products to the marketplace.

The Portland Wood Technology Clinic and Show condenses months of applied research into a few days and enables participants to intereact directly with the industry's top experts. 

This year the Clinic and Show is expected to attract more than 12,000 participants. The Wood Technology Clinic and Show events are produced by Miller Freeman Inc.'s Wood Technology Exposition Group, whose main goal is to open and expand opportunities for wood processors. More information is available by phoning 1-800-789-2223 or on the show's web site at www.woodwideweb.com


The knowledge available at the Wood Technology Clinic and Show is unmatched at any other event in the industry, with more than 100 hours of technical presentations available to attendees. Some examples include:
  • Curve Sawing: Two handpicked panels of experts show how to make the grade by not sawing straight.
  • Drying: From preparing kiln charges to analyzing moisture data to improve grade. Scanning and Optimization. Finding out what's inside your logs and what you can get out of them.
  • Engineered Wood Products: Sessions on LVL, glulam, adhesives, and more examine the emerging class of structural products.
  • Internet Technology: Shows you where to begin to develop a company website and then build on your electronic presence

76 Lubricants Company
A1 Master Crane & Hoist Service Inc.
AceCo Precision Manufacturing
Acme Packaging Corp.
Acrowood Corp.
ACS Hydraulics Inc.
Action Equipment Company, Inc.
Adaptive Microsystems
Advanced Recycling Equipment Inc
Air Purification Systems
Akhurst Machinery Inc.
Alemite Corporation
Allied Blowers & Sheet Metal Ltd.
Aloha Machinery & Equipment Inc.
American Buildings Co.
American Lumber & Pallet
American Saw & Manufacturing Co./Lenox
American Wood Dryers Inc.
Andritz Kone Wood Inc.
Anson Industrial Mfg. (1989) Corp.
APA - The Engineered Wood Assoc.
Applied Industrial Technologies
Apquip Company LLC
Argo International Corp.
Armstrong Manufacturing Company
Arrow Speed Controls Ltd.
Art Direct Atlas Cylinder( Division of Parker Hannifin Corp.)
Atlas Systems, LLC
Baker Products
Baldor Electric Co.
Balluff, Inc.
Banner Engineering Corp.
Barr-Mullin Inc.
Baxter Air Engineering Inc.
Beaver Heat Treating
Beckwith & Kuffel Inc.
BEP Engineering
Bliss Industries, Inc.
BMH AKI Dryers
BM&M Screening Solutions
Bosch Automation Technology
Branom Instrument Company
British Columbia Wood Specialties Group
Brunner-Hildebrand Lumber Dry Kiln
Buchanan Automation Inc. Buckman
Laboratories Inc.
Burton Saw & Supply
CAE CAE/Newnes Machinery Ltd.
California Saw & Knife Works
CAM Technologies Inc.
Camco Cutting Tools Ltd.
Canadian Wood Products Magazine
Can-Am Chains
Carbide Alloys Inc.
Carbide Processors, Inc.
Carbotech, Inc.
Carter Products Company, Inc.
Cascade Controls Northwest
Cascade Southern Saw
Casey Industrial, Inc.
C.C. Crow Publications, Inc.
Chemco Water Technology Inc.
Chevron Products Co.
Clarke's International, Inc. Claussen-Allmark Industries International Inc.
Cloverdale Paint Corp.
Coastal Machinery Company
Coe Manufacturing Company
Columbia River Staple/Intertape Polymer
Columbus McKinnon Corporation
Con-Vey Keystone, Inc.
Contechem Inc.
CooperTools Corley Manufacturing
Corvallis Tool Company
CPC Equipment Inc. CRIQ-Optifor
CRS Machine Sales CSI
Carter-Sprague, Inc.
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D Stake Mill Inc.
Dayne Hansen & Associates Inc.
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Delmhorst Instrument Company
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Diacon Technologies Ltd.
Digitron Electronics LLC
Diversified Plastics Inc.
Doucet Machineries
Dryer Parts Warehouse Dural, a division of Multibond Inc.
Eagle International Carbide
Ecklund Industries, Inc.
Electric Motor Management
Elliott Bay Industries
Eltomation Mineral Bonded Board Plants
Emerson Power Transmission
Esco Corporation
Esterer WD Sawing Technology
Fabrene Inc.
Falk Corporation
Fastik Label & Supply Inc.
FDM Felco Industries, Ltd.
Fenner Industrial Drives
Flare International Sawmill Systems
Forano International Inc.
Forest Industry Network
Forest People International Search Ltd.
Forest Products Equipment
Forest Products Machinery & Consulting
Forest Products Society
Franklin International Freedom Technologies
Frost Engineering Service Co.
Fry Controls, Inc.
Fuel Efficiency LLC Gemofor, Inc. Global Tooling & Supply
Globe Machine Manufacturing Company
Goodyear Rubber and Supply
Grasche USA, Inc.
GreCon Dimter Inc.(NC)
GreCon, Inc. (Oregon)

H.S.D. Corporation
HALCO Software Systems Ltd.
Hallco Manufacturing Co. Inc.
Hampton Power Products Inc.
Hampton PT LLC
Hanchett Manufacturing
Harper Brush Distributors Inc.
Hashimoto Denki Co. Ltd. (Kanematsu)
Hatton-Brown Publishers Inc.
Hermary Opto Electronics, Inc.
Hern Iron Works 1991 Inc.
HewSaw Machines Inc.
Hi-Tech Comact Hitachi Maxco Ltd.
Hoffman Engineering
Hoist & Crane Service Group
HR Textron Inc.
HS International Inc.
Hundegger USA LLC
Hydra-Power Systems Inc.
Hydro-Line Inc.
Hyster Sales Co., a Pape Group IBC
International Barcoding Systems and Consulting
ID Technology
Iggesund Tools, Inc.
Independent Directories Inc.
Industrial Adhesives, Inc.
Industrial Drive Components Inc.
Industrial Electric Service Co
Informatech Forestry Software Inc.
Inovec Optimization & Control Systems

Inteplast Group Ltd.
International Knife & Saw/ Systi Matic
International Resources Unlimited, Inc.
Intertape Polymer Group
InterWrap Industries ISK Biocides, Inc.
ISS Wonderware
Jacobson Engineering
James G. Murphy Inc.
JEC Engineering Sales Inc.
Jeffrey Jeffrey Chain Corp.
JEM Machine, Inc.
Joint Way International, Inc.
Just Enough Air: Efficient Pneumatic Conveying
Kanefusa Corp.
Kanematsu (Canada) Inc.
Keith Manufacturing Co.
Key Knife, Inc.
KIC Trading Inc.
Kimwood Corp.
Koetter Dry Kiln, Inc.
Kop-Coat Inc.
L-M Equipment Co. Inc.
LA-CO Industries, Inc.
Lacey-Harmer Company
Laidig Industrial Systems
Laminations/Great Northern Specialty Group
LandEast Machinery Inc.
Laser Systems & Repair, Inc.
Laser-Technical Instruments, Inc.
LeTourneau Sales & Service Company
Lewis Controls, Inc.
Lignomat USA Ltd.
Lincoln Electric Motor Division
Lindsay Forest Products Inc.
Linear Products, Inc., an H.B. Fuller Company
Link GmbH Linn Gear Co.
Lloyd Controls, Inc.
Logging & Sawmilling Journal
Lucidyne Technologies Inc.
Lumberman's Exchange
Lumbermen's Equipment Digest

M. Sprague, Inc.
Mac Chain Co. Ltd.
Machinery Sales Company Inc.
Mack Manufacturing, Inc.
Mannesmann Rexroth
Matthews International Corporation
Maxi Mill Inc.
Maxi-Tour Inc.
Maynards Industries Inc.
McBurney Corporation
McDiarmid Controls Inc.
McDonough Manufacturing Co.
McGuire Bearing Company
MEC Kiln Dryer Inc.
MEC Systems Inc.
Metal Detectors, Inc.
Metriguard Inc.
MicroRidge Systems Inc.
Mid-Willamette Lumber
Mill Power Inc.
Mill Product News
Milwaukee Crane
Mitsubishi Electric Automation
Montgomery Industries Int'l Inc.
Moog Inc.
Moon's Saw & Tool, Inc.
Morbark Inc.
Motortronics Inc.
MPB Lamsor Inc.
MPM Sales Corp.
MTS Systems Corp., Sensors Div.
Multi-Metals Munnell and Sherrill, Inc.
National Knife and Supply
NDC Infrared Engineering
Nelson Bros Engineering
Newman Machine Company, Inc.
Nicholson Mfg. Co.
Northern Milltech, Inc
Northwest Energy Efficiency AllianceNorthwest Nopak, Inc.
Northwest Pneumatics Inc.
Ole's Fishing Lodge
Online Business Systems
Optimil Machinery Inc
Optware Consulting
Oregon Industrial Supply Co.
Oregon State University
Pacific Building Systems
Pacific Control Supply Inc.
Pacific Fabricators and Constructors
Pacific Fluid Systems Corp.

Pacific Hoe Saw & Knife Co.
Pacific Software Associates, Inc.
Panel Equipment Sales, Inc.
Paul Saws & Systems, A Division of Koch Ltd
Paw-Taw-John Services Inc.
Peerless Saw Company
Pendu Manufacturing Inc.
Perceptron Forest Products Division
Petrochem Insulation, Inc.
PG Mill Supplies Ltd.
Piscattiquis County Development Council
Platt Electric Porter Engineering Ltd.
Precision Bolting / Superbolt
Precision Machine & Manufacturing, Inc.
Premier Gear & Machine Works, Inc.
Process Sensors Corporation
ProCon (Process Control Consultants)
Progressive Solutions
PSI - Pittsburgh Testing Laboratory
Purakal Cylinders, Inc.
R.A. Cook, Inc. Raute Wood Ltd.
Rawlings Manufacturing, Inc.
Redwood Electronics Corp.
Redwood Plastics Corp.
RENS Manufacturing Co. Inc.
Rexnord Corp.
Rockwell Automation
Rockwell Automation - Dodge/Reliance Electric Rockwell Industries Ltd.
Rogers Machinery Company, Inc.
Roskamp Champion
S.A.S. Fluid Power Inc.
S.E.W. Eurodrive, Inc.
Salem Equipment, Inc.
Samuel Strapping Systems
Sav-Air Masterplan for Compressed Air Systems
Sawquip International, Inc.
Saxlund International
Schenck Pegasus Corp.
Short Wood Systems Inc.
Signode Packaging Systems
SII Dry Kilns
Simonds Industries Inc.
Smithco Manufacturing. Inc.
Softac Systems Ltd.
Southern Engineering & Equipment Co.
Southern Lumberman
Spar-Tek Industries Inc.
Specialty Constructors Inc.
Specialty Polymers Inc., Adhesive Division
Specialty Products/Alloys Inc.
Spray Technologies Inc. (TDS Technologies)
Spraying Systems Inc. LLCSRT Electronics Inc.
Stapling Machines Company
Steam Engineering Inc.
Strapex Corporation
Strom Industries, Inc.
Stusser Electric Sullair Corporation
Sumitomo Machinery Corp.
Surround Technologies Inc.
Sweed Machinery Inc.
Talladega Machinery Sales
Taurus Power and Controls, Inc.
TAVA Technologies
Taylor Machine Works, Inc.
T.B. Wood's Incorporated
Teco-Westinghouse Motor Company
Telco USA
The Ash Organization, Inc., dba Wershow-Ash-Lewis Co.
The Barker Group
The Ellison Company
Timber Machine Technologies, Inc.
Timber Processing
Timberline Erectors, Inc.
Timberline Magazine
TK Systems Inc.
Topcoat Inc.
Totem Equipment Company
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Trienco Inc.
Triple Crown Products Inc.
Turck Inc., c/o Control Components NW
U.C. Coatings Corp.
U.S. Metal Works Inc.
Ultimizers Inc./Precision Products Inc.
Ultra Poly Ultrasonic Arrays, Inc.
United Soybean Board c/o Omni Tech Intl.
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USNR Utility Composites Inc.
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Westmark Industries, Inc.
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Wisconsin Knife Works
Wood Component Manufacturers' Association
Wood Products Machinery Co.
Wood Technology Bookstore
Wood Technology Magazine
Wood-Mizer Products
Wright Machine Tool Co. Inc.
Ziegelmeyer Manufacturing Inc.


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