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Logging and Sawmilling Journal
February 2000

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Cat's New 545 Skidder
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Keeping up With Jones
Cutting Costs
Goodfellow Grows
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but.gif (811 bytes) Spotlight

The war is on against an
epidemic of mountain pine
beetle in BC.

but.gif (811 bytes)Timberjack Tilt

Timberjack's new shift tilt
technology on the 608L carrier

but.gif (811 bytes)Market Outlook, Top 30 Lumber Producers

A look at lumber and panel
markets and our authoritative
list of the Top 30 Lumber
Producers in Canada

but.gif (811 bytes)Clam Dunk Forest
Expo Preview

Prince George's Forest Expo-
being held from May 11 to 13 -
will be a hot ticket

but.gif (811 bytes)Plywood Phoenix

Boise Cascade's Medford
plywood palnt rebuilds
from the ashes

but.gif (811 bytes)Keeping up with Jones

New Brunswick logger
Larry Jones sets a high standard
for forest management

but.gif (811 bytes)Long Term View

Ontario's family-run McRae
Lumber take a long term
view of operations.

but.gif (811 bytes)Cutting Costs

Upsala Forest Products uses
a portable chipper, and
teamwork, to reduce costs

but.gif (811 bytes)Cat's New 545 Skidder

BC Logger Bruce Lind puts
the 545 through the paces
in the Okanagan

but.gif (811 bytes)Goodfellow Grows

Quebec-based Goodfellow
emerges from a fire with upgraded

but.gif (811 bytes)Portland Preview

If it's Mill Equipment, it will
be there- at the annual
Portland Wood Technology
Clinic and Show

but.gif (811 bytes)Guest Column

Representatives of Weyerhaeuser
and the world Wildlife Fund see
some common ground.



but.gif (811 bytes)Tech Update- Moisture Measuring Equipment

but.gif (811 bytes)Supplier Newsline

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