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Prestigious Award to Arthur Kempthorne
Arthur Kempthorne received the wood industrys lifetime achievement award, the 2002 Robert F DeGrace Award, from the Canadian Wood Council during its annual meeting in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Kempthorne was recognized for advancing Canadian wood-frame technology overseas. A senior director of the Canadian Plywood Association Technical Centre in North Vancouver, BC, Kempthorne has had a varied 38-year career in building code and standards development, advancing Canadian wood-frame construction in Canada and abroad. The award recognizes technical achievement of individuals involved in research, product development and building codes and standards work. Reader Service Card #385

DynaMatch Coating Matches Colours
The new DynaMatch tint mix system from NCP Coatings Inc allows finishers to meet any application without stocking an expansive inventory. The system uses just one set of 16 high-pigment loading tint pastes, effectively allowing for accurate colour matching in a variety of bases, including alkyds, acrylic enamels, alkyd acrylic and polyester bakes, acrylic urethanes, polyurethane and textured polyurethane. The DynaMatch system also includes a variety of primers, catalysts, reducers and additives to complement the bases. An electrostatic line and a separate group of tint pastes, specially formulated for waterborne DTM bases, are also available. www.ncpcoatings.com   Reader Service Card #386


Jeamar Winches Introduces New Line
An extended line of wide centre power winches is available from Jeamar Winches. The new line can be electrically, hydraulically or air powered and comes with an extensive range of options, including controls, limit switches, dual braking systems,plain or grooved drums, pressure rollers and more. Designed and built to client specifications with line pulls and speeds to suit, the extended lines models conform to stringent worldwide standards, the company says. www.jeamar.com   Reader Service Card #387

Inter-GRIP Anti-Slip Lumber Wrap
In rain, snow or ice, Inter-GRIP anti-slip lumber wrap from InterWrap
provides workers, handlers and end customers with a safer working surface. The specially engineered surface produces a co-efficient friction that is 100 per cent higher than other lumber wrap, resulting in minimized load shifting and fewer slip-related accidents. The recyclable product has been certified by the Finnish Institute of Occupational Safety as providing category one safety prevention. www.interwrap.com   Reader Service Card #388

Roadcrusher Processes Road Waste
The Fahr Roadcrusher Forester C-2000 from Fahr Industries is able to continuously process waste material on the road surface, avoiding the costs associated with removing oversized material to be crushed and then replacing it. The Roadcrusher quickly attaches to a front-end wheeled loader, after removing the bucket, and uses a hammer and anvil system to recycle asphalt, concrete and rock into smaller aggregate. Powered by a 225-hp Cat 3208 diesel engine, the crusher is capable of processing a single windrow of material at a time, while travelling about one mile a day, and can crush material up to 16 inches in diameter down to two inch aggregate (mostly one inch) in a single pass, the company says. www.fahrindustries.com   Reader Service Card #389

Barr-Mullin Honoured for Software
The National Science Foundation has announced that Barr-Mullin Inc of Raleigh, NC will be awarded a $100,000 grant recognizing past accomplishments in the area of lumber scanning, grading and optimizing, as well as for continuing the development of algorithms for grading and optimizing software. A portion of the proceeds will support a PhD candidates work in advanced mathematics at North Carolina State Universitys department of Operations Research. Barr-Mullins optimization software and lumber scanning device, CellScan, provides customers with the ability to cut more complicated specifications and decrease the number of operators required on chop saws. www.barr-mullin.com  Reader Service Card #390

Tube Tote Organizes Storage
The portable, water resistant Tube Tote, from Dynaline Industries Inc, protects and organizes the storage of grease and caulking tubes. The container isolates tubes from each other to stabilize movement, while the lid keeps dust caps in place. Functional in all industrial settings and made of durable plastic, the environmentally friendly tote provides safe and clean transportation of tubes to and from the job site. www.dynaline.com  Reader Service Card #391

Wagner Introduces Stat-Pak for Windows
Wagner Electronics has released its new Stat-Pak for Windows software to replace the previous DOS version of Stat-Pak. The powerful quality control handmeter tool stores and allows analysis of moisture readings collected by Wagners L612 digital recording moisture meter. www.moisturemeters.com  Reader Service Card #392

Wood Hog Features Tilting Hammermill
The Fecon BA 6000 and BA 8000 wood hogs offer an all-new tilting hammermill feature for easy servicing. The hammermill hood is elevated by first raising the feed roller and pinning it into a locked position vertically against the engine compartment. Using the same cylinder function, the 62 hammermill is then tilted vertically to 90 degrees. The tilt feature increases safety levels, the company says, because the operator no longer stands beneath the feed roller during servicing. In addition, screen changes are simplified, as the screens can be removed and replaced through the top of the wood hog instead of through the sides or back. The 73,000-lb BA wood hogs efficiently reduce wood waste and other organics and feature a 40x60 feed opening, a 600-hp or 800-hp Caterpillar engine, 24 fixed-position hammer assemblies and a hydraulically-operated 55 wide primary rubber belt discharge conveyor. www.fecon.com  Reader Service Card #393

New Snubber Features Grease Groove
The Prolenc snubber from Quadco Equipment offers a new exiting
grease groove design to the original alloy friction sleeve. During lubrication of the sleeve, grease is allowed to exit the housing, ensuring lubrication of the wear surface and purging the groove of wear contaminates. All new assemblies are shipped with this design and replacement sleeves are available for existing systems. Housings with single grease points will require a simple field modification of drilling an additional grease zerk location, the company says. www.quadco.com   Reader Service Card #394


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Prestigious Award to Arthur Kempthorne  #385
DynaMatch Coating Matches Colours  #386
Jeamar Winches Introduces New Line #387
Inter-GRIP Anti-Slip Lumber Wrap  #388
Roadcrusher Processes Road Waste #389
Barr-Mullin Honoured for Software  #390
Tube Tote Organizes Storage #391
Wagner Introduces Stat-Pak for Windows #392
Wood Hog Features Tilting Hammermill  #393
New Snubber Features Grease Groove #394

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