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Lincoln Announces Large Frame AC Motors
Manufacturer Lincoln Motors of Cleveland, Ohio has engineered a new line of large frame industrial AC motors with features to provide an exceptionally long service life. With horsepower ranges of 150 to 800, the motors are ideal for environments with dust, dirt and moisture. Low voltage versions (less than 600 volts) come with standard Class H insulation systems, giving the engines a theoretical life more than five times longer than other large motors with Class F insulation. Other standard features include Inpro/Seal bearing isolators on drive end shafts and provisions for bearing temperature sensors, as well as severe duty enclosures, featuring full cast iron construction, fully gasketed cast iron terminal boxes and catalyzed urethane paint. Most have a 1.15 service factor for an added performance cushion.

Industry Approvals for Petro Can's Duron XL
supplier_newsline_3.jpg (2824 bytes)Petro Canada's Duron XL 0W30 is the first heavy duty OW30 engine oil to attain Mack EOM Plus, Cummins CES 20076 and the API CH4/SJ approvals, the highest industry standards for heavy duty engine oil performance. A synthetic blend engineered for quicker, unaided cold starts at temperatures as low as -45 degrees Celsius and for increased engine protection at startup, Duron XL 0W30 is formulated from PetroCanada's own advanced HT severely hydrocracked base oils and specialized additives. Sufficiently fluid at cold temperatures for quick starts, Duron XL 0W30 protects the engine's moving parts and "thickens" as the engine warms to quickly attain a stable oil pressure and provide high temperature performance.



USDA Forest Service Chooses RoadEng
Softree Technical Systems of West Vancouver, BC recently sold 19 new RoadEng licences to the northern and intermountain regions of the USDA Forest Service, bringing the total number of systems in use by that department to more than 200. RoadEng is a road design system suited to rural roads or route location studies and includes functions for horizontal and vertical alignment design, cross sections, mass haul and slope stake calculations. Using Microsoft Windows, it allows the designer to work in plan, profile or cross section. Changes made in one view are immediately reflected in the others. Incorporated in 1989, Softree develops and markets software for resource industry applications including surveying, mapping and road design.

Comact Introduces Plastiwrap
A new product in Comact's growing line of valueadded lumber manufacturing equipment is Plastiwrap, an automated lumber wrapping machine.supplier_newsline_4.jpg (3346 bytes) Plastiwrap helps mills deliver dirt and staplefree, airtight lumber packages that are protected on all six sides. The nonslip plastic cover helps equalize moisture content across the load inside the package, while keeping dampness out. Once the lumber is loaded onto the Plastiwrap infeed, the fullyautomatic packaging and sealing process requires no operator, except when loading the 1000foot bales of wrapping material into the machine.


Biogrind Gives Recycling Versatility
CMI's portable Biogrind processes a wide variety of materials, including logging and mill waste, pallets and crates. The heart of the machine is supplier_newsline_2.jpg (5928 bytes)the horizontally fed rotary hog which, depending on the type of rotor bits selected, can efficiently grind, chip, cut or hammer the feed material. The grinding chamber includes a fixed, solid steel anvil that prevents any impact energy of the fixed rotor bits from escaping through swinging hammers or other floating machine components. The chamber also features a hydraulically articulating lower concave shearbar, set with a tight tolerance to the rotating bits and sizing screen concave. The rotary cutting bits can be set close to the stationary shearbar and sizing screen, allowing the Biogrind to produce a high quality, consistent product efficiently. The shearbar and the sizing screen can also be set further away from the rotating bits if the application requires additional clearance. The impact forces of ungrindable objects, such as rocks and metal, force the concaves to give way, greatly reducing damage and downtime. The live bottom openended feed hopper is equipped with a hydraulically powered conveyor which feeds the material to the planetary gear driven feed roll. Exerting more than a ton of downward crushing force, the feed roll automatically reverses and refeeds. Feed roll and conveyor speeds are independently adjustable.


New Generation of Chainsaws
Jonsered's 2149 Turbo is the first model of a new generation of light weight chainsaws. With an ergonomic design and an excellent power to weight ratio, the 50 cc class 2149 Turbo is easy to start and use and offers a side mounted chain adjuster. Weighing in at 4.9 kg, without the guide bar and chain, it has a single control for choke, start and stop that is easily reached by the operator's thumb, without releasing the grip on the rear handle. The 2149 Turbo's anti vibration system uses robust steel springs to isolate vibrations from the operator. The Turboclean system removes up to 97 per cent of dirt and dust from the intake air before it reaches the filter, which reduces cleaning and filter changes. SoftStart makes the saw easy to start, says the company, because it decompresses the cylinder, easing engine turnover. Other features include a 3.1 hp motor, lightweight guard bar and chain, rubber mounted carburetor, a narrower body, an easy to clean and replace air filter and a side mounted chain adjuster.

Timberjack Adds Mobile Chippers
Finnish based forest machine manufacturer Timberjack Group has acquired a 25 per cent interest in Sweden based KMW Energi AB, a manufacturer of mobile chip pers and combustion equipment for wood based fuel production. Timberjack intends to market the KMW products under the Timberjack brand through its own forestry focused distribution network. The move marks Timberjack's entry into the energy wood and chipping business, noted company president Mikko Rysa in a recent press release. KMW's mobile chippers are already sold installed in Timberjack carriers. The alliance will enable Timberjack to gain knowledge about the processing chain in the energy wood business, which will be a sound basis for further development, Rysa said. Timberjack also recently formed a joint venture with Ecoinvest AB of Sweden in a new company, Timmek AB, which will develop and manufacture machines and equipment for thinning and energy wood harvesting, also to be marketed and distributed through Timberjack's distribution channels. Timberjack owns 52 per cent of Timmek AB.

Fast Cycling with PHastkrimp
Parker PHastkrimp offers the fastest cycling bench mounted crimper on the market, says its manufacturer Parker Hannifin Corp's hose products division. The PHastkrimp has the capacity to crimp four spiral SAE 100R12 hose through 1 1/4" and six spiral 100R13 through one inch. With Parker PHastkrimp and Parker No Skive hose and fittings, hundreds of assemblies can be produced per hour, the company says. The machine crimps both steel and stainless fit tings. A unitized die makes the machine easy to use, with no skiving tools required, no gauges to be set and no need to remove the hose cover. It features Parkalign capability that positions the fittings perfectly every time.

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