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Tech Update Editor: Helen Johnson

LEMCO Hydraulics New from LEMCO Hydraulics is the XLT 170 "all muscle, no fat" knuckleboom loader with a 20,000 lb lift capacity, a 23foot boom and LEMCO designed cylinders built specifically for the job. Featuring highest quality high tensile steel, the XLT 170 offers stress proof steel pins with aluminized bronze bushings, full continuous swing and a maximum lifting height of 30 feet at a seven foot radius. With a mounted weight of 9,600 lbs, the loader offers a 40gallon reservoir, high pressure filters and return line filter. Its powerful flow on demand hydraulic system marketplace_03.jpg (4985 bytes)has a variable and loadsense piston pump, a load sense, pressure compensated directional valve and hydraulic pilot controls. It offers optional truck mount, live heel and extension boom and either a 1/3cord bypass or a butt type grapple. Also in the LEMCO lineup, the XLT 280 offers 30,000lb lift capacity at a 10foot radius, a maximum horizontal reach of 30'6" and unitized sub frame assembly with four fold stabilizers actuated by individual 14,000lb load locks on each cylinder. The LEMCO XLT 70 and XLT 80 have a 7,000lb and 11,100lb lift capacity, respectively, at a 10foot radius. The 4,500lb XLT 70 has a maximum horizontal reach of 22'6" and a maximum lift height of 30 feet at a seven foot radius. The 6,900lb XLT 80 offers boom lengths of 22'6", 24'1/4" and 27'6". Both have Aframe type stabilizers for maximum stability and are available in either truck or trailer mount.

Arctic Manufacturing Plans for expansion of its short log equipment model line is in the works for Arctic Manufacturing Ltd. of Prince George, BC, incorporating innovative design features, the company says. Antilock braking systems will be standard across the model line, in compliance with upcoming federal regulations. Weight reduction will be a result of Arctic's investment in 3D solid model design and finite element analysis. Minor changes will take place throughout the model lines as part of ongoing product improvement and cost reduction policies, the company says.

Prentice/Blount introduces the new Prentice 280 high-performance log loader. With its massive booms and heavy-duty sub frame and upper structure, the 27,900lb 280 is ideal for delimbing applications. The flow on demand hydraulic system provides flow for stabilizers, saw and marketplace_02.jpg (8562 bytes)delimber functions only when needed, making it an efficient, economical system, the company says. The main boom has robust steel castings at base and tip ends, while four inch boom pins provide sturdy pivot points for the standard 30foot boom. The 280 features a swing speed of eight RPM with more than 35,000 ft lb of swing torque. Three inline gear pumps can provide up to 126 GPM. A low profile engine shroud maximizes visibility and protects the air filter and muffler, located beneath it. The exhaust vents down and away to reduce noise. Blount's Series E line of loaders includes the Prentice 180E (20,000lb), the 210E (22,000lb), the 310E (26,000 lb) and the 410E and the 410EX (30,000lb). The 210E, 310E and 410E loaders are designed to delimb productively and efficiently with extended boom reach and lift capacity. Cabs offer ergonomically designed controls and excellent visibility. Pilot operated swing pedals require minimum foot pressure and minimum travel. An accessible one-man lubrication system makes servicing the swing bearing easy from the cab seat. Factory installed bulkhead fitting plates enable convenient attachment of slasher and delimber hoses.

Kesla Oyj Kesla Oyj of Finland offers the Forestery series of truck loaders, including models F2006, F2008 and F2008T, F2010 and F2010T and F2012 and F2012T. With gross lifting capacities ranging from 85 to 154 kNm, the loaders offer reaches ranging from 7 to 7.9 metres and to 9.65 metres in the F2012T model. Boom extensions range from 1.2 to 1.6 metres and to two 60 times 1.6 metres in the "T" models. The models weigh between 1,590 and 2,550 kg. The F2006, F2010 and F2010T have lift capacities at a four metre radius of 1,650, 2,580 and 2,420 kg, respectively. Grapple accessories for the F2008, F2008T, F2012 and F2012T include: rotators with continuous slewing angle, slewing torques ranging from 1.9 to 2.5 kNm and weights ranging from 56 to 58 kg; and timber grapples weighing 220 and 245 kg.

Loglift North America Loglift North America offers an extensive line of truck mount and stationary electric mount loaders with a wide range of lift capacities, reaches from six to 16 metres, optional hydraulic cabs for operator comfort and safety, and faster speeds with piston pumps. Excellent outreach and a user-friendly hydraulic system mark Loglift's hydraulic log loader Model 95 S, the company says. The crane has standard reaches of 7.6 and eight metres, while the double telescopic boom systems reach to 9.7 or 9.8 metres. With a gross lifting capacity of 122 kNm, a slewing torque of 20.5 kNm and weights ranging from 1,775 to 1,915 kg, the model offers a choice between two, four or five lever controls. Optionally, the outrigger legs can be maneuvered from the operator's seat with two additional functions, which can be used for moving the console or the bolsters. The outriggers can be operated together or individually and the wide spread provides good stability, says the company. Loglift's loader Model 105Z has a compact base that saves loading space and its outriggers are hydraulically extendable. It has a gross lifting capacity of 132 kNm, maximum outreach of 7.5 to 8.93 metres, a slewing torque of 25 kNm and weights ranging from 1,875 to 2,020 kg. The quality finish of the pillar and the joint constructions ensure extraordinary movement geometry, the company says. The crane can operate at a very close range with the boom in a near vertical position. The operator's seat is set slightly to one side, giving the operator an unrestricted view over the whole boom system right to the grapple. The hosing for the boom extension lies within the outer boom for better protection. For greater comfort, the crane can also be fitted with a cab.

Knight Trailer Knight Trailer Company Inc. offers a diverse product line that includes standard or specialized truck rigging, tandem and tridem pole trailers, triaxle drop frame and straight frame loggers, tandem and tridem jeeps, hay racks and custom equipment for specialized applications. In-house engineers have developed a lowbed line that ranges from lightweight 40 tons to hydraulic neck lowbeds with a capacity of 125 tons. With a nearly 30year history, Knight Trailer has designed and built chip trailers for all applications, gravel boxes and construction trailers. They design and recommend products to standard or specialized hauling.


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Superior Trailers Superior Trailers offers a 53foot self unloading (walking floor) wood chip trailer, a six axle wood chip trailer, a self loading logger and an on highway TAC dimension B train. Specializing in on off highway, all aluminum or FRP wood chip trailers, Superior also builds lightweight, all aluminum mill to mill design highway B trains. Superior Trailers has manufactured trailers, primarily for the forest industry, since 1972. Their custom-built logging trailers and wood chip trailers meet industry needs across Canada and in some of the northern US states. Superior Trailers has three dealers in Canada in Edmonton, Alberta, Prince George, BC and Truro, Nova Scotia.
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Rotobec, a leader in continuous rotation forestry grapples, manufactures a line of log loaders with lifting capacities from 8,000 to 22,000 lbs at 10 feet. The largest model is self powered and designed for truck mounting. The smaller models can be truck or trailer mounted. Rotobec also marketplace_08.jpg (4740 bytes)manufactures a 12,000lb capacity loader that is off road trailer mounted and detachable. Often lighter than competing products and with grapples of higher strength steel, Rotobec loaders are considered smooth, reliable and price competitive, the company says. Unfortunately, Rotobec does not market its loaders outside its regional market in eastern Canada in order to avoid competing with loader dealers that actively promote and sell its grapples and rotations.



Brodex Industries Brodex Industries Ltd. offers the 4,400kg Brodex tridem pole trailer with HT30015 Hendrickson Turner air ride suspension, F22 77inch track axles, aluminum hubs and 10stud Unimounts. The body, bunks and stakes are all QT100 construction.

Doepker Industries Doepker Industries Ltd. introduces a new lightweight drop frame tridem logger to its product line, a natural addition to marketplace_09.jpg (1994 bytes)Doepker's super B and heavy duty loggers. Available with a tare weight as low as 14,300 lbs, the new trailer is a logical choice for highway loads, the company says. Using the same adjustable bunks and high flex rails of other Doepker designs, the trailers are available with a variety of options and design configurations to suit individual needs and budgets. The loggers are manufactured under the ISO 9002 international quality standards and are finished with the most durable paint in the industry, Doepker says.

Aspen Trailer Aspen Trailer Group is offering southern BC its full line of logging trailers including tandem and tridem pole trailers, low profile jeeps, hayracks and superB trains. The LGP353N triaxle logging trailer from Aspen is designed with low bunk heights for the transport of over marketplace_11.jpg (3539 bytes)dimensional loads. The high strength lightweight construction allows for easy off road and highway transportation of heavy loads with maximum safety and minimum weight. With an 8'6" bunk and 30' reach, the triaxle trailer has an overall width of 8'10", a bunk height of 56", a 35ton bunk load capacity and a 60" compensator with nylon bushings and spring loaded compensator lock. Other features include 30,000lb air ride suspension, 25,000lb capacity axles with bolt on spiders and cam enclosures, outboard mounted cast drums and a two sensor, one modulator ABS system. Aspen pole trailers are built to the same standards as their lowbeds and endure punishing working environments, the company says.


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Advance Engineered Products Ltd. Advance Engineered Products Ltd. of Edmonton announces the addition of a "pole pup" to its family of Btrain logging trailers. The unit was originally designed for 32' wood and boasts a weight saving of approximately 2,000 kg over its predecessor in the industry. The design is available with or without the loader. Another new design from Advance is a triaxle pony pup trailer designed for short wood operations with lengths from 16 to 24 feet. Currently in use in Northern BC, the machine is producing favourable results, the company says, when compared to its tandem axle predecessor.
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Deloupe's Mutant The Mutant log trailer from Deloupe is engineered to meet high productivity standards with versatile movable and removable bunks, sturdy design and heavy duty steel and galvanized, low maintenance components. With a three-year, bumper to bumper limited warranty, the Mutant is built to handle extreme situations, the company says.

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Scona Truck and Trailer Scona Truck and Trailer, a division of McCoy Brothers, has a new lightweight logging trailer on the market. The triaxle straight frame offers CHT 100 steel construction and a 50ton frame rated capacity distributed over the full length of the trailer deck. Available with floating cross members to reduce stress points or welded cross members, the trailer offers: HT300 17inch Turner heavy-duty air ride suspensions with 60inch spread; rebound chains; 25,000lb axles with 77inch or 89inch track width; Dayton or Unimount hubs and drums; steel or optional aluminum rims; and 11R24.5 Bridgestone, Goodyear or Michelin tires. Other features include: 8'6" x 50' OAL or 9'6" x 50' OAL; four, 9'6" or 10foot bolton bunks with CHT 100 removable stakes; push bumper on rear; telescoping folding dolly legs; floating cover plates protecting the suspension area; regulation MVSS 121 air system; and scale gauge and dump valve.

Barko Hydraulics Barko Hydraulics offers a complete line of loaders including the 130B BC, the 160D, the 225 and the 295. The 130B BC back of cab loader offers a maximum lift capacity of 18,900 lbs at a 10foot radius with its standard 23'4" straight boom. Based on a 44inch high truck frame, the horizontal (from pivot) boom reach is 23 feet and the vertical reach from the ground is 34'8". The boom structure is a fabricated tube type design of all welded construction and offers an independent swing system with direct linked foot controls and continuous rotation on a 39inch turntable bearing powered by twin motors and planetary swing drives. The 130B BC has one set of independently operated 14'2" foldaway stabilizers using two 6"x17" cylinders with three-inch rods and bolt on load locks. The 19,100lb 160D truck mount loader has a maximum lift capacity of 23,710 lbs at a 10foot radius with its 27foot straight boom. It offers all welded construction with a fabricated box type design. Horizontal boom reach, based on a 42" high truck frame, is 26'4 1 /4 ", while vertical reach is 34'1". Swing torque is 22,822 ft/lbs. The 3,000lb Barko 225 and 295 trailer and truck mount loaders offer a maximum lift capacity of 27,780 lbs and 35,250 lbs, respectively, at a 10foot radius. The 32 foot main booms offer a horizontal boom reach-based on a 42inch high truck frame-of 32 feet and vertical reach of 37 and 38 feet respectively. Swing torques are 44,000 and 56,000 ft/lbs respectively. Hydraulic cylinders, with wear rings on pistons and glands for extended life, are made of heavy wall steel tubing and have induction hardened cylinder rods with heavy chrome plating. Booms have bronze bushings with grease grooves at boom pivot points.

Parker Pacific Parker Pacific Equipment Sales distributes loaders made by Serco, which manufactures models with lift capacities ranging from 4,000 to 32,000 lbs. Two featured models are the 160 and the 10000. The Serco 160 offers an average lifting capacity of 16,000 lbs at a 10foot radius, less the weight of the attachment. The 8,800lb machine has a boom reach of 25 feet from the centre of rotation. The main and secondary booms are made from high strength structural steel tubing reinforced at all stress points. The 160 has fold down type stabilizers with double acting 6"x24"x3" cylinders. The 10000 weighs 6,250 lbs and has an average lifting capacity of 10,000 lbs at a 10foot radius and a boom reach of 22 feet from the centre of rotation. Main and secondary booms are fabricated from 80,000 psi yield steel and are reinforced at all stress points. Both models have external tooth style turntable bearings surrounded by wraparound shrouding to prevent contamination and damage. The swing systems are hydraulically powered by a double planetary gear box. The triple hydraulic systems allow use of the main and secondary booms and the swing functions all at the same time. Control valve banks are located in an out-of-the-way arrangement under the seat for increased visibility and safety. Other features include double acting boom cylinders with cast iron internal parts and chrome plated shafts, rotating operator's platforms with guard rails and two lever joystick controls. A telescoping jib boom and fold down stabilizers are optional on the 10000. Both models have a full range of attachments including continuous rotation grapples.

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Temisko Temisko, a leader in the transporting of wood chips with its patented wood chip trailer, offers its multipurpose semitrailer for log and chip hauling and its chip van tub with belly, rebuilt to give a maximum volume of up to 4,260 cubic feet in the 48foot model. Temisko furnishes the Canadian and American markets with on road and off highway semi trailers for transporting tim ber, bark, and sawdust. Robust products for the forest industry offer superior life span, higher loading capacity and custom construction and include walking floor (selfloader/unloader), chip vans, loggers, flat decks and Btrains for lumber, and multiples for pulp, logs and lumber. It also has a new large dimensions glass Btrain hauler. Temisko's focus is on specialized, custom designed and manufactured semitrailers built to meet the specific transportation needs of its customers.
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