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Supplier Newsline

B.C. Wood-Mizer owner named among best businesses

Bruce Robinson of Rossland, British Columbia was among the winners recognized recently by Wood-Mizer Products Inc., during its bi-annual Business Best contest. It recognizes sawyers who operate successful businesses with their Wood-Mizer sawmills.

Robinson purchased an LT40 hydraulic sawmill in 2005 and began sawing full-time. Known as the "Kootenay Sawyer", Robinson got his start after making a good impression on a local timber framer.

Contest entrants filled out an extensive application, which included describing their operation, products and production, explaining future goals, and revealing how their sawmill business has improved their way of life. A panel of industry judges reviewed the submissions and chose the top winners.

New Cyber-Tech control tackles wear and tear

Cyber-Tech Inc. has released a new, industrial grade P-40 Handy-GripR control, incorporating its proprietary flex-core actuator, which eliminates the need for embossed membranes, springs and fasteners such as rivets, screws and other hardware. These tend to fail in highly repetitive applications and/or harsh environments.

The new P-40 Handy-GripR housing is a proprietary blend of industrial engineered polymers that are unaffected by harsh chemicals or UV rays, and which offers a superior product compared to those materials commonly used in the industry, according to Cyber-Tech.

Customers can choose from a variety of pushbuttons, rockers, toggles, and switch functions for right or left hand operation.

Four trigger functions are also available from push/pull, proportional, single trigger and dead man lever functions, as well as a wide selection of adaptors for any application, colored lamps, custom multi-colored faceplates and/or pad printing, and incorporation of customer's symbols and logos.

Quick conversion kit allows Morbark grinders to produce chips

Morbark has successfully demonstrated a quick conversion kit that enables horizontal grinders to produce chips in addition to mulch.

The company produced high quality chips with a Morbark 4600XL wood hog horizontal grinder configured for chipping, and demonstrated the same machine grinding with its usual hammermill configuration less than three hours later.

"The ability to switch from grinding to chipping and back creates opportunities for horizontal grinder owners by giving them a new product line to supplement their grinding operations," said John Foote, vice-president of sales and marketing.

Unlike other designs, which can take more than a day to convert, Morbark's conversion does not require the removal of the whole hammermill. This saves time and eliminates the need for a crane to perform the conversion.

"We can expect the average conversion to be under four hours depending on the overall maintenance and condition of the mill," says Gary Bandos, Morbark's vice-president of manufacturing. "We have been able to produce very high quality fuel and pellet chips during beta testing in the field. These mills will produce a chip between 5/8" and ¾" with some level of control toward reducing the size through managing the feed rates."

Expectations for the kit are high because it allows grinder owners to enter the market for biomass energy chips without purchasing a chipper, but by better utilizing the equipment they already own.

The quick conversion kit is in its final stages of testing and market readiness and will be available this summer for conversion of Morbark model 3800 and 4600XL wood hog horizontal grinders. Other models will become available shortly thereafter.

Waratah Forestry Attachments launches renovated brand

Waratah Forestry Attachments has launched its renovated brand.

With ‘Built to Work' as the official Waratah slogan, the updated brand will be phased in during the coming year.

"For us, ‘Built to Work' is really more than just a phrase," says Russell Kurtz, Waratah General Manager, "It's the way we approach the design of our products, and the way we support our partnership with our customers. From the selection of the right product for a customer's forestry application to the delivery and commissioning, we make sure our customer's investment is sound."

Waratah Forestry Attachments is a pioneer in the forestry attachment business, with a 30-year legacy of innovation, advanced technology and outstanding value for its customers around the world. Waratah produces industry-leading harvester heads, harvester booms, forwarder booms, and harvester control and measuring systems.

Wallingford's offers contractor repairable track system

Wallingford's Inc. has launched an innovative product for the forest industry – BogieTrax.

The track system available for harvesters and forwarders provides increased flotation, low ground pressure, tire protection, minimal ground disturbance, and increased load capacity. It is manufactured as a unique single-piece cast pad that incorporates the strap and shoe guide that is traditionally a three piece welded assembly. The unique 4-in-1 single-piece carbon/manganese alloy cast pad includes the cross-member, stud, link hook, and side support.

The track can be assembled in any combination of studs, and is joined together with 26 mm U-staples and plates. The combination of a single-piece cast pad for durability, and a unique 2-piece link assembly, designed to be easily replaced, offers an industry first contractor repairable track system, says the company.

Peterson releases disc chippers for short fibre applications

A growing number of specialized biomass applications require short fibre thin wood chips. These include the wood pellet industry, co-milling with coal, and certain gasification processes.

Peterson's 5900 chipper and 5000H model delimber, debarker, chipper can now be readily adapted to produce
uniform chips as short as 0.25 inches and 0.08 inches thick.

Wood chips need to be consistent thickness for uniform process control in a digester or dryer. Short fibre length is especially important if the chips will be further reduced in a hammermill. If low bark and ash are a requirement, the Peterson 5000H can achieve less than one per cent bark content in many conditions. The Peterson 4800 stand alone flail debarker can also be paired with the 5900 disk chipper for low bark applications.

Hella introduces new compact LED work lamp

Hella Inc., the North American aftermarket subsidiary of automotive lighting and electronics supplier Hella, has introduced its new model 70 LED work lamp, a new and advanced 70 mm unit that combines advanced solid state LED lighting performance with an ultra compact and highly durable design.

It is designed specifically for use in tight or limited space conditions, and offers easy upright surface mounting. The Hella module 70 LED work lamp is built to withstand harsh operating conditions, and is said to be ideal for use in highway, construction, forestry equipment, as well as heavy duty work truck applications.

Rawlings goes electric with heavy duty portable horizontal wood grinder

The Rawlings 4600 electric heavy duty portable horizontal wood grinder is a high performance portable wood waste recovery system, allowing customers full grinding capabilities at lower operating costs, eliminating the high cost of diesel.

The Rawlings HZX is a heavy duty wood hog that can process material of any length to exact specifications. The HZX features rugged design, a ‘Super Hi Inertia' rotor, and comes complete with an interchangeable ‘Roc Wear Striker Bit' system. All internal liners and sizing grates are bolt-in, thus, eliminating high maintenance costs.

The Rawlings 4600 is protected by an anvil swing away feature that allows metal and other damaging objects to drop through onto the outfeed conveyor before entering the grinding chamber. When shear pins are sheared, a protection circuit shuts down hog and conveyor to protect the machine.

Cat updates buncher cabs

Caterpillar Forest Products has updated the cab on its track feller buncher line, including the Cat 511, 522, 532, 541, and 552. The changes are intended to improve operator comfort and machine durability. They include a full-size sliding window on the left side of the cab to allow more fresh air into the cab, and a new quick release latch system on the escape hatch above the operator's head to allow for fast exit in an emergency.

Updates also include strengthened window mounting brackets and hardware to prevent damage from falling debris and a simplified design to eliminate potential leaks, strengthened and thickened sheet metal on the HVAC filter intake cover to prevent damage, and stronger guards and steel bar protectors on the work lights to prevent breakage and improve illumination of the work area.

MiCROTEC NA sells lug loader to Georgia mill

MiCROTEC North America, based in Salmon Arm, B.C. and comprised of 13 ex-Newnes employees, has sold a planermill lug loader to Claude Howard Lumber Company Inc. in Statesboro, Georgia.

The installation became necessary when the old ducker-style lug loader was not able to consistently deal with boards at lug speeds over 85 lugs per minute.

Mill project manager Ken Appeldoorn had some reservations about giving the lug loader order to a relatively new company, but says he felt comfortable with giving the order to MiCROTEC because he was familiar with all the people.

"The project went very well and the lug loader, MiCROTEC's control changes, and changes to the planer infeed have contributed to a 25 per cent increase in the piece count," he says.

Appeldoorn adds that he was impressed, but not surprised, by the effort of the start-up crew on site.

MiCROTEC North America manufactures a complete line of lumber handling, scanning, optimization and control solutions for the lumber and secondary wood manufacturing industry.

AIRLANCO's reverse air filters handle high loads economically

AIRLANCO has years of industrial experience and has custom-built dust collection equipment for board manufacturing plants.

Its reversed air filters, manufactured in Falls City, Nebraska are used in many high-volume systems where dust loads are heavy. They feature an on-board direct-drive fan to save energy and maintenance costs by eliminating the need for compressed air and external blowers.

A chain-drive gear motor rotates the reverse air cleaning arm over the radially aligned filter bags inside the weather tight cylindrical enclosure. No special gearing, limit switches, or timing devices are needed. As the rotating arm moves over a row of bags, reverse airflow is directed through high-velocity nozzles on the underside of the arm into the bags so that the dust collected on their outer surfaces is released and falls into the collection hopper.

Dust collection efficiency is maintained as each filter bag is cleaned during each cleaning arm revolution. An involute inlet creates cyclonic action to spin out particulates. Large particles are directed toward the collection hopper by an internal deflection cone.

Cleanable in-line filters available

A new series of in-line filters from Industrial Specialties Mfg. allow filters to be quickly and easily inspected and cleaned without disturbing the tubing connections.

By loosening the threaded collar on the filter housing, the filter insert can be cleaned while remaining connected to the tubing. This saves the time and expense of disassembling the tubing and replacing the filter.

Three micron ratings are available and color-coded threaded collars can be supplied to identify the filter's micron. All filter screens are made of polyester. The filter housing is constructed of durable, opaque nylon material with a 3/8" beaded barb. Special end configurations are also available.

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July/August 2009


New lumber player Conifex recently decided to re-start its Fort St. James, B.C. sawmill, a move that required some extensive prep work since the mill had been shut down for 16 months.

Capable support from Cat

R. Bruce Erickson Construction has taken on some challenging harvesting jobs with the very capable support of their Cat equipment, including the first Cat 551 feller buncher sold in Western Canada.

Bright biomass future

Nova Scotia's Robin Barrett sees a bright future for biomass, and has invested in that future with a Bruks chipper/Ponsse forwarder team for his in the woods chipping operation.

Foundation for growth

Contractor Randy Mattson is using a newly purchased Hitachi ZX2 10F-3 Forester as the foundation for expanding his operations in the forest industry.

Succeeding in sawmilling

Alberta's Camps Lumber is succeeding in sawmilling thanks to staying in close touch with their current customers--many of those customers being in the still busy oilpatch--and keeping an eye out for new opportunities.

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Supplier Newsline

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