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valmet.jpg (26336 bytes)Valmet’s New Single Grip 921

Partek Forest Inc. of Sweden offers the Valmet 921, a single-grip harvester that is component coordinated with Valmet’s 20- ton 890 forwarder, packs a 210hp Valmet turbo diesel and achieves its maximum torque rating (885 Nm) and high hydraulic output at only 1200 rpm.

The 921 also features the powerful new Cranab 1600 (16.5 metric ton) loader and carries the Valmet 965 S-2 harvesting head. Its harvester cab is mounted on a slew bearing platform capable of 315-degree rotation, 17-degree side-to-side tilt and 22- and 20-degree fore and aft tilt action.

With the same proven chassis concept as the 911 and 901 harvesters, the 921 also offers excellent visibility, improved ground clearance and balance. The AutoLev self-leveling cab system eliminates the need for manual adjustments, allowing the operator to concentrate on the harvest.


MarkWare Facility Identification Softwaremarkware.jpg (15621 bytes)

MarkWare is a comprehensive facility identification software package, complete with ready-to-go label, sign and tag templates that let you personalize plant visual warning and identification signage with corporate logos, bar codes and other graphics. Applications in English or French include: WHIMS/Right to Know for hazardous materials; safety signs with a library of about 500 pictograms and label sizes rang-ing from 1"x 2" to 7"x10"; pipe markers within ASME guidelines; and lockout, RTK/WHMIS, calibration, inspection or APT tags with templates ranging from 2"x3" to 8.5"x4". Field data from an exist-ing database can be inserted for bin tabs. Manufactured by W.H. Brady Inc., MarkWare can be used with Windows 95, 98 or NT Workstation PC and laser, ink-jet or Brady thermal transfer printer. Optional accessories include: Labelizer PLUS Industrial Labeling System; VersaPrinter Label and Sign Maker System, HandiMark Portable Label Maker and BLS 850 Laminator.

bna.jpg (12030 bytes)BNA’s New C-Series In-Line Helicals

Bonfiglioli North America Inc. (BNA) introduces its C-series of in-line helical gearing that promises greater efficiency while producing noise-free operation. With a power dense coaxial design, they reduce maintenance costs because of the increased two-stage reduction and are available with foot, flange or universal mounting. Torque ranges from 260 to 10,600 lb/in, while ratios are between 2.6:1 and 287:1. BNA, headquartered in Concord, Ont., offers an extensive range of gearmotors, speed reducers and planetary drives from Italy’s largest drive manufacturer.

Daido Lumber Conveyor Chainsdaido.jpg (12760 bytes)

Daido Corporation now offers both 81X and 81XH lumber conveyor chains in stock at its distributors. The 81X has ultimate tensile strength of 23,560 lbs., while the 81XH has an ultimate tensile strength of 33,540 lbs. In addition to these lumber conveyor chains, Daido offers the D.I.D. New Tech chain series as well as a broad line of precision roller chain products.

Vanguard 72V Cutting Chain

Oregon Cutting Systems, a division of Blount Inc., calls its Vanguard 72V cut-ting chain the fastest, smoothest low-kick-back chain it’s ever made, making it a real performance chain for loggers. The 3/8"-pitch, round-ground chisel chain is now available following a depth gauge redesign that improves cutting performance and allows easier maintenance.

Formerly the 72L, it has won the Underwriters Laboratories certification for its low-kick out-of-box safety qualities. The depth gauge offset has been reduced, exposing more cutter side plate and delivering faster bias cutting. Vanguard cutter gullets have been opened to allow better wood chip flow and accept 7/32-inch diameter sharpening files. A file locator mark has been added to the 72V’s depth gauge to highlight the proper filing area.


leica.jpg (46523 bytes)Leica Introduces New Integrated GPS/GIS Data Collection System

Leica Geosystems announces a new break-through in GIS technology with the introduction of the GS50 GPS/GIS Data Collection System with GIS DataPRO Office Software. The GS50 system includes a palm computer with a full QWERTY keyboard and large daylight-readable LCD display, Leica’s patented ClearTrak GPS technology for precise satellite code measurements, and an all new intuitive software package that greatly simplifies the process of gathering and editing geographical data.

Menu-driven software guides the process of recording attributes and position with an accuracy of 1 cm. Field data can be transferred via data cable or built-in PCMCIA cards with up to 85 MB of memory. The GS50 is compatible with Leica’s System 500 GPS survey product line.

Webasto Thermosystems’ Auxiliary Heaterswebasto.jpg (17358 bytes)

Webasto Thermo-systems’ DBW 2020 and DBW 300 coolant heaters are high performance, economical units pro-viding superior engine pre-heating and cab comfort even in extreme cold. Designed for use in large, rear-end dump trucks, large shovels, stationary generator sets and other off-highway equipment, they efficiently pre-heat the engine, eliminate cold starts, increase engine starting capability and reduce operating, maintenance and fuel costs.

The DBW 2020 provides a heat output of 80,000 Btu/hr, while the DBW 300 pro-vides 104,000 Btu/hr. With a heavy duty, modular design, the units are 25 5/8" long, 9" wide and 10" high and weigh 48 lbs. They feature a nozzle burner system, an electronic ignition system and the lowest amperage draw in their class, says Webasto.


GBA Acquires Hi-Tech Engineering

GBA Industrial Equipment Inc. of Chicoutimi, Quebec has announced the acquisition of a 60 per cent ownership interest in Hi-Tech Engineering Inc., a recognized innovator in sawmill optimization technology and automated handling systems. GBA and Hi-Tech Engineering, based in Hot Springs, Ark., will together provide a wider range of products to meet the fibre optimization and competitive needs of the sawmill industry in the U.S. and Canada, says GBA President and CEO Denis Briere.

With sales of approximately $50 mil-lion Cdn in 1998, Hi-Tech has 200 employees and operates plants in Hot Springs and Baxley, GA. Hi-Tech’s three founding members will hold the remain-ing 40 per cent ownership and retain their current positions. GBA has marketed and sold Hi-Tech products in Canada for several years and has its principal operations in Quebec and a sales office in Vancouver serving Western Canada. It is wholly-owned by Schroder Canadian Buy-out Fund II investment group.

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