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Supplier's Newsline

For more information on the following products, please fill out our request form located at the bottom of the page.

Three New Products from Norwood
The new Timbertool tree jack from Norwood Industries makes logging safer and 75 per cent faster, says the company, thanks to its exertion of 1.8 tons/per square inch pressure against the tree. Light enough to be carried over the shoulder, it eliminates the need to wedge the tree or rig cables and prevents the tree from pinching the saw blade. Lastly, it helps fell the tree exactly where intended.

Norwood's SkidMate log skidder enables the skidding of logs from terrain inaccessible to tractors. The bottom and side skid bars prevent hang-ups on rocks and stumps, while the machine's low weight and wide tires minimize damage to the forest floor. Available in kit form, the SkidMate offers allsteel, three-inch tubular construction and easy, one-person operation.

Also new from Norwood is the LogWGN, a log wagon that can be attached to an ATV, truck or trailer to haul loads up to 14 feet long. The adjustable axle can balance long or short loads and the dual high flotation tires and bogeywheel design minimize ground damage. The optional dumpbox kit holds firewood, dirt, gravel and brush. The BoomLDR boom, also optional, can be mounted on a truck or other vehicle. It lifts logs and swivels them on and off the wagon.
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ESRI Shipping ArcView Spatial Analyst 2
ESRI Canada is now shipping ArcView Spatial Analyst 2, an optional extension to the ArcView geographic information system (GIS). The new software introduces ModelBuilder, a new technology that integrates logical modeling with GIS functionality and enables design and testing of complex GIS analysis without any scripting. ModelBuilder offers a set of tools for building and interacting with various types of spatial models. The models can be constructed using process wizards or by dragging icons representing data, such as grid themes, and functions, such as slope, buffer and overlay, into the model and connecting them with lines to show how the data is processed. The software, which runs on Windows 95/98, NT and 2000 platforms, can be used to build models for land use suitability, environmental sensitivity, hazardous risk and social impact, as well as a larger model encompassing all those spatial assessments. The software requires prior installation of ArcView 3.2.
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Mill Lube Water Soluble Lubricant
Mill Lube, an environmentally safe, water soluble lubricant for the sawmill industry, reduces saw blade noise and guide wear, improves deviation and sawn lumber finish and is 100 per cent oil free. The odourless, nontoxic lubricants from Millennium Technologies, make ordinary water lubristic in nature and improve cooling efficiency, while eliminating the potential for ground water contamination, the company says. Mill Lube helps produce drier sawdust with no contamination and cuts fresh water consumption. It is non-staining, even on cedar applications, and keeps bedplates clean.
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Protimeter's New Timbermaster Moisture Meter
The new Timbermaster digital moisture meter from Protimeter North America comes with built-in calibration scales, ergonomic design, a large multifunctional display and easy, two-button operation. Made for accurate readings in varying conditions, it incorporates temperature measurement and Automatic Temperature Correction, an essential feature for accuracy when making measurements above and below the calibrated 68 degrees F. The standard plug-in temperature probe, inserted into the timber, facilitates measurements inside kilns or outdoors in winter using a "stethoscope" style of reading. Timber calibration groups, which appear on the lower part of the display, can be selected easily. Moisture range is 6.5 per cent to fibre saturation (nominally 28 to 30 per cent MC) and relative range is from fibre saturation to 99.

Also new from Protimeter is its telescopic hammer electrode that enables the user to take moisture readings beneath the surface, set the depth of measurement and take many moisture readings quickly and easily, the company says. The user drives the electrode needles into the wood with just a few hits. A spring-loaded ratchet adjusts the depth gauge. Depth can be set instantly from zero to 1 1/4 inches, in increments of 1/8 inch. The squaresliding shaft eliminates twisting, which reduces user fatigue and hammer wear and speeds up the testing process.
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ScanIt Plus Lumber Marking Crayons
The new ScanIt Plus fluorescent crayon line from the Markal Company is designed for use with Lucidyne ColorScan grade mark readers and meets all its colour specifications. The high degree of colour accuracy from batch to batch ensures reliable readings, improving efficiency and lowering costs, the company says. Available in five colours, the 11/16" crayons come in soft, medium and hard types and will mark on wet or green wood containing sap or pitch. Marks are resistant to smearing.
Circle Reader Service Card #189

Two New Chop Saws from Precision
Precision Sawmill Systems Inc introduces two new electronic, highspeed lineal log bucking saws for 24" and 30" diameter wood. The ECS24 and ECS30 chop saws offer dual 60" or 72" diameter Kodiak style saw blades, touchscreen PCbased length sets, integrated Perceptron log bucking solutions, automatic treelength loading and chopping sequences and lineal or transverse log queuing. Applications include sawmill bucking, post, piling and pole cutting and sawlog cutting from pulpwood.
Circle Reader Service Card #193

Blount Introduces the HydroAx 18 High Capacity Saw
Blount's new HydroAx 18 high capacity saw features a two-stage expanded pocket capable of accumulating a foursquare foot bundle of pulpwood between dump cycles. Its narrow 56inch width enables the attachment to efficiently cut and accumulate wood from side rows as well as the takeout row. Its sawblade design features tooth lugs that are offset, up and down, from the blade's centre, enabling the use of 1 7/8" rotateable teeth to cut a nonbinding 2 1/4" kerf. The saw is performance matched to the HydroAx 411EX tractor, a four-wheel drive, lightweight thinning tractor with a front axle ground pressure of 8.5 psi with 28L tires.
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Kobelco ED180 Blade Runner a First
The ED180 Blade Runner from Kobelco lifts and digs more than a 15ton machine and has the productivity of a 90hp class dozer, effectively combining two machines in one package. The machine's uses include digging trenches, setting pipe, lifting material, tackling heavy dozing, grading, slopecutting, truck loading and clearing. With a drawbar pull sufficient for dozing heavy loads, the 18tonne machine is equipped with a Cummins 103hp (net) engine, two forward and reverse travel foot pedals for smooth, easy steering, heavy undercarriage components and sealed and lubricated tracks for long life. A600mm double bar grouser pad offers excellent traction, the company says. Available with a Power Angle Tilt (PAT) or a Power Tilt Manual Angle (PTMA) blade designed for dozing, finish grading, backfilling, clearing and cutting V ditches, the ED 180 has a single dozer lever that controls all blade hydraulic functions. Dozer blade wings collapse, reducing the blade width for easy transport. Additional lift capacity is achieved with the blade positioned to the rear of the machine. Accessories include thumbs, quick couplers, breakers and buckets with capacities ranging from 0.34 to one cubic metre.
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Jetcleaner Offers Efficient Hose Cleaning
The Jetcleaner system from Eurocomp offers an efficient and cost-effective way to internally clean hoses and tubing for hydraulic and other industrial purposes. Soft, absorbent plastic plugs, made from a polymer material, are forced through the tube or hose by compressed air and the combined action of friction and compressed air ensures rapid, low-cost cleaning. The plugs are available for tube or hose bores ranging in size from 3/16" to two inches. The Jetcleaner system satisfies ISO 20/16 requirements.
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Mighty Forwarder from Valmet
The new 20ton capacity 890.1 forwarder from Valmet is built for large, heavy loads and combines strength, stability and flexibility. It features the same hightorque, efficient Sisudiesel 634 DWBIE 7.2litre diesel engine that is fitted in Valmet's largest harvesters. The hydrostatic drive system is Valmet's largest and offers high pulling power and driving speed as a result of the transmission's ability to transfer its full power. The 890.1 features the Maxi control system that ensures the driver has optimal control on a clearly visible screen. The Cranab 850 and 1250 loaders are powerful at a reach of 24.6' and the Cranab grapple offers excellent timber rolling-in characteristics, the company says. The cab is quiet, roomy and safety tested with good visibility and the electrical tilt function provides access to the service area under the cab.
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Caterpillar's New 924G Wheel Loader
The new, versatile 924G wheel loader from Caterpillar replaces both Cat's IT24F integrated tool carrier and the 924F wheel loader and handles forestry and mill yard applications, truck loading from a stockpile or hardbank, site preparation, trenching support and general material handling. Key to its versatility is the one piece, fabricated box section design of the new VersaLink loader linkage, delivering high rigidity and durability, the company says. It replaces both the eightbar parallel lift of the toolcarriers and the Zbar linkage on wheel loaders. With a hydraulic Quick Coupler, tool changes are fast and the optional high lift VersaLink option adds 20 inches of dump height beyond standard.

Other features include: increased breakout force, higher dump clearance, more dig depth, greater bucket rackback angle for improved material retention, greater dozing angle for improved control of material when finegrading, a two-section control valve for lift and tilt functions, a stacked hydraulic valve system and a Cat 3056T turbocharged sixcylinder, 114 hp diesel engine. Specially designed work tools for the 924G include pinon or hookon buckets, forks and other material handling tools. Improvements to the implement controls include velocity modulation for greater control and simultaneous lift and tilt functions for lifting while racking back or returning to dig while the lift arms are lowered.
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Three New Products from Norwood 188                 
ESRI Shipping ArcView Spatial Analyst 2 190         
Mill Lube Water Soluble Lubricant  191              
Protimeter's New Timbermaster Moisture Meter 192   
ScanIt Plus Lumber Marking Crayons 189              
Two New Chop Saws from Precision 193                
Blount Introduces the HydroAx 18 High CapacitySaw 194
Kobelco ED180 Blade Runner a First  195             
Jetcleaner Offers Efficient Hose Cleaning 196       
Mighty Forwarder from Valmet 197                    
Caterpillar's New 924G Wheel Loader  198          

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