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  April 1998 - Detail Are Not Available at This Time


Computer Age Making Huge Strides With Logging Contractors and Mills
An Alberta company is delivering what's being described as the "cutting edge" in computer software for logging contractors and mills.

Walking Excavator Getting a West Coast Workout
The Schaeff Mobile Walking Excavator, dubbed "The Amazing Spiderhoe" is proving its stuff doinge creek restoration and slide clean-ups on Vancouver Island.

Glen Clark taking his own path, doing more deals along the way.
He wants more jobs and less trashing of his deficit budgets in return for more favourable taxes for business.

New Loader for Washington Mill
Thanks to a new Tong Dog Loader, productivity is on the rise

This supply/demand scenario was the general theme at Widman Outlook Conference, held in Vancouver in December.

Still, for 1998 the fundamentals look good. Economic growth for the US of 2.5 per cent and for Canada of 3.5 per cent was forecast by Patricia Mohr, a Bank of Nova Scotia Economist. While lower than the growth rates for 1997, they nevertheless reflect strong economies for 1998.

Newpro's Missing Ingredient
If the Smithers plant had a secure fibre source this could create more jobs and deliver additional quality products into expanded markets.

R & D takes a hit with closure of MacMillan Bloedel lab
The view is that more, not less, R and D is needed. Some industry commentators say that without the MB lab the industry has lost its vision for the future.

Words of Wisdom
Forest Expo was a five-day event with 175 exhibitors and was attended by about 14,000 people. It boasted $20 million worth of forest equipment on display.

Thou Shalt Not Trespass
A computerized virtual-boundary system will help harvesting machine operators steer clear of troublefrom the Forest Practices Code.

Canadian Forestry Warms Slowly To Automatic Tree Planting
It's not about to put all tree planters out of work, but a proven automatic system is said to deliver low-cost tree planting.

A Touch of Prince George Magic

Check out Exhibition Park in Prince George on the day before Forest Expo opens and that summarizes the typical reaction. From the confusion of humanity and machinery, it looks like there's no way Canada's top forestry show can be ready for action in less than 24 hours. 


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