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April 2006 - The Logging and Sawmilling Journal




Expander’s 10-year warranty

A 10-year warranty is now offered for Expander System pivot preservation products in North America.

Pivot wear is a common problem and Expander System offers a quick, permanent solution to worn pivots. The system is fitted directly into the worn pivot and repairs to the lugs are unnecessary. Then, fasteners are tightened, and tension works the press slotted sleeves down over the tapered ends of the pin axle. The sleeves expand parallel to the pin axle and lock the system in the pivot lugs. Wear is permanently eliminated.

Under the new warranty, in the unlikely event that a warranty defect is confirmed, Expander will provide the part, or a new Expander System, and Expander assumes the cost of the replacement part or product. The customer will be responsible for the labour cost and other associated expenses.

Pierce Pacific Launches
Titan 22

Pierce Pacific Manufacturing unveiled four years of research, development and testing in the form of its new Titan 22 harvester/processor at the Oregon Logging Conference in February.

The Titan 22 features a highly advanced measuring system with stopon-the-mark technology, real-time length and diameter readouts, and much more. The design allows for easy harvesting at the stump or processing from a log deck, with an independent measuring circuit that provides unprecedented accuracy and maximum log utilization. In addition, a quick-change feature allows for a rapid switch to grapples.

The unit weighs 4,700 lbs and processes up to 24" diameter stems at 17 feet per second.


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