Logging and Sawmilling Journal - April 2006

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Integrated land management, with the forest industry forging new links with the energy industry in Alberta, is resulting in fibre being saved and further protection of the land base.

The Top 30 Lumber Producers: The big continue to get Bigger

The new ranking of Canada’s Top 30 softwood producers shows that while companies may have fewer sawmills, those sawmills are producing more lumber than ever.

Pushing the Sawmill Envelope

Tolko’s High Level, Alberta sawmill is extending the envelope on recovery, efficiency and added value with a $43 million upgrade.

Horse Logging Pays Dividends

Tolko Industries is finding there are environmental and incremental fibre growth dividends in using horse loggers in niche situations.

New Grinder for Gillespie Operation

With new markets for biomass now open in neighbouring Maine, New Brunswick’s W & R Gillespie has invested in new equipment, adding a Morbark 3600 hog grinder.

Direct Commitment

Logging contractor Pierre Friolet has a committed team working for him, including a relatively new Direct 307 feller buncher on the equipment side.


Doing a Mill Upgrade and Keeping the Operation Running

The $15 million upgrade at Tembec’s Elko sawmill in BC was a logistical challenge in that the mill was kept running, with most of the upgrade work done on the weekends.

The Final Value-Added Product

The Victoriaville Group draws on a wide array of sawmills and does its own custom drying and cutting for the wood it uses to manufacture a broad range of caskets in Quebec and Ontario.

Maxing Out Fibre Recovery

Alberta’s LaCrete Sawmills is investing $13 million on a new Comact curve sawing line, part of a long-term program aimed at maximizing fibre recovery.

Putting Pressure on Government

Labour and management need to work together, and put pressure on government, to address the forest industry’s problems, says Luc Rossignol.


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