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Logging and Sawmilling Journal- April 2004

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Agreements with aboriginal groups are helping to shape Labrador's forest industry and may result in a new sawmill being built in the region.

North to Alaska-with a Sawmill

Spotted owl concerns caused a sawmilling family to move north to Alaska, where they have set up a large small-log mill that has thrived.

Careful Logging in the park

Alberta logger Crater enterprises is doing some careful harvesting-with a MHT harvester/LogMax combination-as part of an effort to restore forest ecosystems in Jasper National Park.

Well-equipped and ready to up the harvest

The Upper Similkameen Indian Band has worked hard to establish a well-equipped forestry operation and is ready to up its operations, taking on more harvesting.

George can do it

Specialty sawmiller George Brinkman has carved himself a good business by specializing in different products, supported along the way by Mobile Dimension equipment.

Weldwood's HI-ATHA mill on regular program

Weldwood's HI-ATHA sawmill in Alberta is engaged in a program of regular upgrades to keep up to speed in an increasingly competitive lumber market.

Pioneer forest fire fighter

New Brunswick's Remsoft Inc has been a pioneer in providing computer programs that help predict forest fire spread and intensity.

Guest Column: working "on" the business

Consultant Debbie Woodward says loggers and sawmillers need to work "on" their business rather "in" their business.

Successfully executing harvesting

The Timberking 722 tracked feller buncher is successfully executing some demanding harvesting work in a precise working environment.

Green light for $200M OSB Plant

The green light has been given for the much-anticipated joint venture between Slocan Forest Products and Louisiana-Pacific for a new $200 million OSB mill.

Tech Update: Forwarders

An overview of the latest Forwarders for the Logging Industry.

Unlocking the Potential

Alberta small sawmill owner Perry Shwetz is working to unlock the potential of an under-utilized resource.

New and Noted

The Oregon Logging Conference held in February was an opportunity for loggers to take a look at what dealers and manufacturers have...



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