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Big Grapple Saws from Hultdins
The two largest Hultdins tree length grapples-the TL580 and the TL520-are now available with the SuperSaw 750S and 650S grapple saws factory-installed. Also available for dealer retrofit, the saws use 3/4 pitch 11H chain and feature automatic chain tensioning, fast replacement bar and chain and proportional tensioning. The versatile saws trim butts, buck over-length and forked stems, salvage blowdown and merchandize, all from the safety of the cab. The robust TL580 grapple maximizes output from the largest shovel loggers and log loaders, the company says, and the IR22 rotator withstands high loads in all directions and has a capacity rated at 450 kN (101,165 lbf). The 58" TL580 weighs 2,800 lbs and has a 22,000-lb capacity, while the 52" TL520 weighs 1,562 lbs and has a load rating of 15,400 lbs.
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Growth for BGR Saws
A major investment by Novacap, a leading private equity and venture capital group, in Quebec City-based BGR Saws is expected to make BGR Saws a leader in the North American market for custom saw blades. Founded in 1968, BGR Saws is known for its quality circular and band saws. BGR's management team, products, exclusive manufacturing process and marketing approach were factors influencing Novacap's investment decision, the company says.
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CSA Launches Forest Products Marking Program
CSA International announces the launch of its Forest Products Marking Program, developed in response to the growing market demand for products from well-managed forests. The new CSA program tracks the product from the forest to the consumer and identifies qualified forest products by a new version of the CSA mark called the CSA Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) Mark, which indicates the products originated from a certified forest. Products can include lumber, pulp and paper, maple syrup and Christmas trees. The program is intended for organizations who have forest areas certified to Canada's National Standard for Sustainable Forest Management, CAN/CSA-Z809, or are using raw materials originating from a CSA-certified forest. Since its publication in 1996, more than five million hectares of forest have been certified to this standard.
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Fecon Screen Versatile, Cost-effective
The Fecon 166 Satellite Screen is the largest in a series of new models and features a 16-ft screen dish diameter and a 500-cubic-yards-per-hour capacity. Featuring orbital action, the innovative screening process combines the natural forces of centrifuge, gravity and particle size separation into one simple machine. Orbital action enables better separation with minimal spiking, the company says. As particles roll over each other in the screen mix, large particles rise to the surface and tumble out over the dish's lip, while the small particles efficiently drop to the bottom through the screen. Fed by bucket, feed hopper or directly from the grinder, the 166 can process sawdust and wood chips, mulch, bark, compost, topsoil, backfill dirt, aggregates and granular material, wet or dry. The 166 uses 66 per cent of the total available screen area. Screen sizes range from 1/4" to 2".
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Jaemar Offers Spacesaver and Double Drum Winches
Jaemar Winches offers its new line of compact Spacesaver winches, specifically designed for installations where space is at a premium, and its new series of double drum winches. Available in either a lifting or pulling configuration, the Spacesaver winches conform to worldwide standards for maximum performance in adverse conditions. A complete range of options is available, including high rope capacity drums, high or low speed, limit switches and pressure rollers.
The new double drum winches come in a variety of configurations. One model has a line pull of 22,000 lbs and a variable speed of up to 40 fpm. A level jaw clutch with a remote control is an integral part of the drive system, while planetary gear drives are utilized for high efficiency and maximum torque in limited space. The motor can be mounted in either a vertical or horizontal position.
Reader Service Card #623

Progressive Solutions Builds New Facility
Progressive Solutions Inc of Richmond, BC has opened its new state-of-the-art facility in Vernon, BC, built to accommodate the company's growth as a technology company providing business information analysis solutions to the wood products industry. Located in Phase II of the Creekside Professional Complex, the building houses the company's Vernon development office. Progressive Solutions has a development office in Sault Ste Marie and sales offices throughout Canada, the US and UK. Its products address the log procurement, sales, inventory and logistics management needs of the sawmill, panel, remanufacturing and wholesale/broker industries for domestic and export markets.
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Wagner Offers New Data Collection Moisture Meter
Wagner Electronics has released the digital "pin-free" MMI 1100 moisture meter, designed with Wagner's patented core-sensing technology and stable electronic circuitry. Virtually unaffected by surface moisture or the temperature of the wood, the tool allows the user to select species settings, eliminating the need to refer to manual correction tables, and features an easy-to-read digital display. Other features include data collection, press/hold reading function and extended range setting for measuring exotic and imported wood species.
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Partek Expands Valmet 500 Series Tracked Models
Expanding on the Valmet 500T, introduced in 1992, Partek Forest recently added three new models to its tracked carrier line. The Valmet 520T, 530T and 540T purpose-built carriers combine two-cylinder, four-way cab levelling with the flexibility to install any type of cutting/harvesting attachment. Features include a Valmet 645 DSBAE 8.41
eight-cylinder turbo-diesel engine producing 265 hp; Voac's IQAN digital control system harmonizing engine output and hydraulic demand; patented boom geometry with large cutting swath; dual hydrostatic track drives; greased track link assemblies and an OPS/FOPS/ROPS/WCB-certified cab with excellent visibility.
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Deere's Big Skidder Moves Like a Mid-size
A more powerful skidder in a relatively compact package has been achieved by John Deere in its new 848G machine. Powered by a Deere 209-gross-hp PowerTech engine and boasting the highest power-to-weight ratio ever in a Deere skidder, the 848G is about 1 1/2 times more productive than a medium-duty skidder and can move more wood more efficiently than two smaller skidders, the company says. Built on a 148.8-inch wheelbase with wide-track stance for stability, the 848G has a front-to-back weight distribution of 52 to 48 per cent. Even with its 38,350-lb standard operating weight, ground pressure can be as low as 5.4 psi front and 5.0 psi rear. Other features include lockable differentials in both axles, 45-degree left-and-right articulation, 25.5-inch ground clearance, a single-stage torque converter with electronic bump shift and a super-wide, heavy-duty axle that provides better centring and is approved for all available tires. The six-speed forward, three-reverse transmission has a maximum drawbar pull of 45,700 lbs at peak torque. The standard dual-function grapple offers a 16-sq-ft enclosure area, a 130-inch tong opening and full 360-degree continuous rotation.
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Big Grapple Saws from Hultdins #610
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CSA Launches Forest Products Marking Program #621
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Progressive Solutions Builds New Facility #624
Wagner Offers New Data Collection #625
Partek Expands Valmet 500 #626
Deere's Big Skidder Moves Like a Mid-size#627

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