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New and Noted
from Portland

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The Wood Technology Clinic and Show, held in Portland, Oregon in March, offered many innovations for various aspects of the forest industry. Here is a sampling.

CAE Launches High-Speed Low Profile Trimmer
CAE launched its high-speed, low profile trimmer. Designed around the concepts of increased safety, accessibility and production, the trimmer is easily installed into existing systems, non-optimized production lines or as an integral part of an optimized trimmer/sorter line. Standing at a compact overall height of 5' 2 1/2", the trimmer allows for good lines of sight. Other features include rigid construction, 1' saw spacing and air lift actuation of independently-mounted, light-weight saw ladders.
Reader Service Card #580

Nicholson Releases New A8 Highspeed Debarker
Nicholson's new A8 high-speed debarker is nearly 30 per cent faster than the previous design, at 550 fpm for a single-ring debarker. The A8 offers significant improvements in raw speed, frame design, drive simplification, service access and streamlined manufacturing, resulting in lower machine costs. Features include Nicholson's rugged Unibloc frame, made from three-inch-thick steel plates, excellent service access and standard spikeless Fiberguard Feedrolls with replaceable traction inserts to adjust quickly to different seasons or furnish. The feedrolls can also be rebuilt without removing them from the debarker.
Reader Service Card #581

High-Speed Feeding
Carbotech's high-speed feeding system ensures feeding at a speed in excess of 270 pieces per minute, even in 1" x 3"s from 4' to 20' long. High precision makes it possible to reduce the spacing between each chain position to
a minimal length. The system can process lumber from 1" to 4" in thickness, while the height adjustment of the upper grabbing device is done automatically.
Reader Service Card #582

Fast Log Timber Machining
Designed for machining timbers for log homes, Optimil's wood processing machine, the WPM2000, features computer digital control for workpiece and cutters, as well as fast, accurate machining and wood processing. With a total processing time of about 2.5 minutes per log, the system is suitable for straight and angle sawing, milling, drilling, notching, specialized machining and finger jointing. An automatic infeed and outfeed transfer system for logs is also available.
Reader Service Card #583

USNR Acquires Perceptron Forestry Division
USNR, the largest US-based manufacturer of sawmill equipment, has purchased the Forest Products Division of Plymouth, Michigan-based Perceptron Inc. The Division's software, with advanced scanning and optimization capabilities, will broaden and enhance USNR's current product offerings. The scanning, optimization and controls group of USNR and Perceptron will be combined and operate as the Perceptron Forest Products Division of USNR.
Reader Service Card #584

Iggesund Tools' PartnerChip Program
Iggesund Tools offers a new way to finance chipper and canter knives by ensuring its customers lower inventories and increased profits through its fixed-cost PartnerChip program. As Iggesund guarantees a maintained inventory of spare parts for its clients, there is no capital investment for inventory, thus reducing client purchasing requirements and inventory outlay. For a fixed monthly service fee, Iggesund also provides regularly scheduled maintenance and guarantees door-to-door emergency service within 24 hours or less.
Reader Service Card #585

Gilbert's Modular Planer
Gilbert's unique pull-through modular design reduces downtime and increases planer flexibility and productivity, while improving surface quality. Each piece of wood is independently dragged, one from the other, spacing not withstanding. Features include feed speeds of up to 3,000 fpm, two front lower feed rolls and two back lower feed rolls with vertical and horizontal adjustments, a sturdy modular frame, reliable electric motors and timing belts, an adjustable foot-presser system and high precision case bearings.
Reader Service Card #586

Gemofor's Multiple-Saw Trimmer Modules
The electric Gobot-E multiple-saw trimmer from Gemofor makes it possible to position saws every foot, allowing for an array of trimming patterns. Plug-and-play style saw modules are easy to install and can be mounted either fixed or mobile. Each module has removeable connectors that can be automatically positioned according to requirements. Covers can be opened and used as catwalks to service the module area and the pivoting frame trimmer allows for easier maintenance access. The patented stabilization system eliminates down time.
Reader Service Card #587


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CAE Launches High-Speed Low Profile Trimmer #580
Nicholson Releases New A8 Highspeed Debarker #581
High-Speed Feeding #582
Fast Log Timber Machining #583
USNR Acquires Perceptron Forestry Division #584
Iggesund Tools' PartnerChip Program #585
Gilbert's Modular Planer #586
   Gemofor's Multiple-Saw Trimmer Modules #587

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