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New Timberjack 1110 Forwarder 
The new double bogie eight wheel drive 1110 forwarder from Timberjack is suitable for a wide variety of applications, with the stability, ground clearance and low ground pressures for work on steep slopes and soft ground. The midsize forwarder offers fast and efficient loading with Timberjack's loader control system (LCS) and a 20 per cent larger payload capacity than the six wheel 1010B. A Cummins 6BTA5.9 water-cooled, turbocharged, six cylinder diesel engine, compact dimensions, a 44 degree steering angle with proportional steering, 24inch ground clearance and low ground pressures are other features enabling it to manoeuvre in narrow corridors with minimal disturbance to the residual forest. Fully loaded, the rear ground clearance on 700 mm tires is 7.3 psi. The telescopic outer boom has a gross lifting moment of 73 lb ft and a reach of 23 ft, with 28 ft and 30.5 ft optional. Noise level in the cab is less than 72 dB at working rpms. With a bunk capacity rated at 24,250 lbs, the 1110 can economically haul loads over distances up to 2,600 feet. Circle Reader Service Card #408

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Tolko, CAE Newnes Form Alliance 
A knowledge sharing alliance between Tolko Industries of Vernon, BC and CAE Newnes of Salmon Arm, BC will allow Tolko to obtain the newest technology in process control systems over a three to five-year time frame, says the Tolko Circular, a company publication. One of the projects currently underway is a mill wide process control map focusing on communication between machine centres and subsystems. A reciprocal training plan is also part of the relationship. Tolko is aiming to have its Lavington Planer Division as a state of the art sawmill by 2003. Circle Reader Service Card #409

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Morbark Improves Flail Chiparvestors 
Known as the pioneer in whole tree chipping, Morbark Inc has introduced a series of improvements to their 2348 and 2755 Flail Chiparvestor lines. Increased flail drum rpm results in a cleaner end product with lower bark content, even in hardtodebark species and difficult weather conditions, the company says. Infeed spout improvements result in more uniform chip quality due to changing the angle in which the wood is fed into the chipper. An angled plate directs the flow, resulting in a higher percentage of acceptable chips. Alonger angle inside the deflect allows material to travel more smoothly from the flail to the chipper, improving production and chip quality. A new auger system to remove debris reduces operating costs over a chain conveyor system that requires chain replacement and reduces interruptions due to material jams. A roomier cab, a suregrip joystick and increased service accessibility are among other improvements. Circle Reader Service Card #410

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Flexible Valmet 911.1 Harvester 
Partek Forest's Valmet 911.1 harvester achieves high efficiency in demanding medium to heavy final felling, is flexible to handle second felling and has good thinning potential, the company says. Full circle slewing, a safety approved cab with side mounted crane and self levelling function, which can also be provided with AutoLev, are among its features. With a choice of alternative harvester heads to suit the size of the wood, processing is rapid and net feeding forces high. Cranab cranes - either telescopic or parallel knuckleboom - are powerful for lifting, slewing and drawing in. Hydraulic flow is sufficient for working both the crane and the harvester head simultaneously, guaranteeing good production, the company says. The Sisudiesel DWRE six cylinder engine generates high torque at low speeds and is matched to a transmission controlled electronically from the Maxi Harvester computer. Available in either a four wheel or six wheel version, the 911.1 offers stability in steep and difficult terrain and when handling heavy trees at long reach. The cab offers comfort, visibility and low noise. Circle Reader Service Card #411

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Baker Products Acquires Enercraft 
In an effort to expand its presence in Canada, Baker Products has purchased Enercraft, located in Hillsdale, Ontario. Ed Baker, owner and CEO of Baker Products of Ellington, Missouri, said the acquisition is the first in a series of purchases to put all of its and Enercraft's products closer to customers. He said Enercraft was chosen for the simple yet reliable design of its mills. The company hopes to establish multiple locations across Canada and the US. Circle Reader Service Card #412

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Radio Control for Small Cranes and Hoists
Efficient and economical wireless control for lightweight cranes and hoists is now available via TeleMotion 3.2, a radio remote control system from Berlet Electronics Ltd. New developments in electronic circuitry and design permit the use of technology for overhead cranes and hoists at plants, warehouses and mills of all sizes, the company says. Mounted on the crane, the compact receiver measures 11x7.5x5 inches. The handheld transmitter is enclosed in NEMA 4rated ABS plastic and weighs just two pounds. The operator can control up to three motions and two speeds on the TeleMotion 3.2 and one auxiliary function. With optical switches rated at one million cycles, the unit needs no licence and features a failsafe signal protocol and a quickconnect plugin terminal strip for easy installation of the receiver. Circle Reader Service Card #413

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New Daewoo Tool Carrier at Loader Rodeo
Prairie Equipment, the Manitoba Daewoo dealer, chose the Daewoo Mega 200III tool carrier to compete in the 2000 Manitoba Loader Rodeo. New to the Daewoo line up, the machine is the right piece of equipment for work in difficult to manoeuvre spaces. About 45 operators competed in the daylong event, demonstrating speed, manoeuvreability, bucket agility and overall management of the machine. The overall winner was Wilfred Beam representing the province of Manitoba, a heavy equipment operator with more than 20 years experience. New to Manitoba, the Daewoo line includes loaders, excavators and dozers. Circle Reader Service Card #414

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Delta Drive Systems Appoints New GM
Following a recently completed reorganization, Delta Drive Systems Corporation announced the appointment of Mike Boudreau, P Eng, as general manager. Delta Drive Systems introduced the Delta Arbor in 1997 and develops and markets saw arbors that cut costs for the wood processing industries. Licenced manufacturers and distributors include Delta Dynamics (arbors), Cut Technologies (saws) and Lockhart Saw. Circle Reader Service Card #415

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Forano International, MS&S, SMD Announce Joint Venture 
A joint venture to develop, manufacture and distribute specialized sawmill equipment was announced by Forano International Inc, Menominee Saw and Supply Company Inc (MS&S) and Sawmill and Machinery Designs Inc (SMD). Dennis Lentz, SMD president, will provide the concepts and technical support for the project. Ben Mroz, MS&S president, and sales representative Rich Wright will distribute and provide customer service for the newly designed machinery. Forano International Inc will provide expertise in the manufacturing of all the equipment developed for this new line of sawmill machinery. Subsidiary Forano Eastern Inc will join forces with MS&S to provide service to the southern US. In addition to customary layout and design services, the company also offers installation supervision, filing room selection and filer training. Circle Reader Service Card #416

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Mercedes Benz Powers Ponsse's New CTL
Family Ponsse Oyj has launched its new family of cut to length forest machines, consisting of two different harvesters and three different forwarder models, all powered by Mercedes Benz diesel engines. All models feature redesigned cabs with improved visibility, ergonomy and improved noise levels, while new digital controls for crane, drive, engine, harvester head and measuring device are combined into a single system. The smaller, more agile harvester is suitable for thinning and final felling of smaller diameter trees. Circle Reader Service Card #417

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GRADEX Software Upgrade 
The latest Windows based software upgrade for the GRADEX chip classifier, available from Rotex Inc, provides greater flexibility in data analysis, allows larger samples to be analyzed at one time and offers greater automation of the classification process. Up to eight sample identification fields are now available when generating reports and analysis results are automatically saved in a Microsoft Access database. Results can be displayed in standard reports or custom reports generated in Excel. The upgrade allows analysis of up to 10,000 grams by combining multiple individual samples into a single analysis. Seven different size and thickness classifications can be made. Circle Reader Service Card #418

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New Timberjack 1110 Forwarder  #408
Tolko, CAE Newnes Form Alliance #409
Morbark Improves Flail Chiparvestors #410
Flexible Valmet 911.1 Harvester  #411
Baker Products Acquires Enercraft #412
Radio Control for Small Cranes and Hoists #413
New Daewoo Tool Carrier at Loader Rodeo #414
Delta Drive Systems Appoints New GM #415
Forano International, MS&S, SMD Announce Joint Venture #416

Mercedes Benz Powers Ponsse's New CTL #417
GRADEX Software Upgrade  #418

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