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Supplier Newsline

Sample Sealer Prevents Moisture Loss
The BOSS (bright orange sample sealer) is a moisture barrier coating from U•C Coatings Corp designed to prevent moisture loss from the ends of kiln sample boards. Easy to apply, it dries to a hard, nonmessy coating and contains no dangerous solvents or volatile organic compounds. No cost samples are available for testing to ensure its compatibility with particular operating methods. BOSS can be left to dry or put directly into the kiln. Hot, soapy water clean up is recommended.

Watershed Analysis Model Expands
A newly enhanced computer model may help forest managers to design or modify forest roads, tree harvesting and other land use activities based on their effects on watersheds, streams and fish habitat. Researched at the US Department of Energy's Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, the model simulates the movement of water throughout a watershed using thousands of computational grid cells, making it possible to explore economic and environmental tradeoffs. In each cell, the model considers solar radiation, precipitation, air temperature, evaporation, plant transpiration and down slope water movement. The Geographic Information System based Modeling System for Watershed Analysis (GISWA) shows how alternative practices can help avoid altering a watershed's natural processes by simulating hydrologic conditions at thousands of locations, including flow below the ground's surface, which may be redistributed when trees are harvested or roads are built

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EZLINK Monitoring Reduces Downtime
Dodge EZLINK offers a solution for the online monitoring of bearings, gear reducers, motors and other mechanical components, helping supplier2.jpg (3377 bytes)to avoid sudden failures by checking temperature, vibration and speed. By including mechanical components in device monitoring networks, predictive maintenance can replace wasteful preventive maintenance and help eliminate surprise downtime caused by power train failures. EZLINK with DeviceNet requires less wiring, offers simplified PLC programming, reduces installation costs and eliminates dedicated signal conditioners and power supplies, says Dodge. Mounted directly on the product to be monitored, EZLINK is protected by an enclosure that exceeds NEMA 4 standards. Its output can go directly to a PLC scanner for action when programmed limits have been crossed or it can be used with a PC for full featured monitoring of speed, temperature and/or vibration. It supports change of state to ensure immediate notification of a problem to the PLC.
Knuckleboom Loader a First for Cat
Caterpillar's first knuckleboom loader, the 539, features 180 gross hp, a maximum reach of 32 feet, a swing speed of 10.5 rpm and an operating weight of 32,219 lb. The main structures are purpose built to handle the stress loads of pull through delimbing and truck loading. ACat 3126 DITA engine, an ergonomically designed cab and load sensing hydraulics for speed, power and precise control are combined with optional factory installed attachments-such as a fifth wheel trailer, a continuous rotation grapple, a pull through delimber with topping saw and ground saw hydraulics-for increased versatility. An integral fuel tank eliminates the need for an external counterweight.

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Komatsu Adds Avance PC600LC6 Excavator
Komatsu has added the Avance PC600LC6 hydraulic excavator to its heavy-duty construction equipment lineup. Sized among the larger excavators, the PC600 weighs about 131,400 lbs with a bucket capacity of 4.25 cubic yards. Its bucket digging force and arm crowd power are the largest in its class, the company says. Powered by a 384hp Cummins N14 six cylinder diesel engine that features direct fuel injection, turbo charging and after cooling, it is certified to meet current US emission standards. Three working modes match engine speed, pump speed and system pressure to the selected task. An additional "heavy lift" mode provides eight per cent more force on the boom for unusual requirements. Two boom settings facilitate gathering and scraping operations in smooth mode and efficient excavating with maximum digging force in power mode.

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DynaVision Joins LMI Group
Dynamic Control Systems Inc (also known as DynaVision) announces its recent merger with three other leading noncontact laser based measurement and control companies, Selcom, Sami and Sensors95. The new international group operates under the name of LMI (Laser Measurement International) and has its head office in Vancouver, BC. LMI chairman and CEO Len Metcalfe says the synergy the four companies bring to the Group will create a strong, future oriented worldwide organization. Manufacturing and R and D facilities are located in North America and Europe, while sales offices in Canada, the US and Europe support a distribution network throughout 30 countries. DynaVision is now LMI, Wood Products Division, serving the forest product industries and generally focusing on laser scanners for sawmilling, veneer plants and building material production. DynaVision will continue to be used as a product name.
Tigercat Acquires CTL Technology
Tigercat Industries Inc announces it has acquired the assets of Swedish forestry equipment manufacturer Hemek. The new Swedish company will be known as Tigercat AB. Established in 1962, Hemek manufactures a line of cut to length equipment including 14 and 18ton forwarders as well as three eight wheel harvester models. It also manufactures the Woodking line of single grip harvesting attachments. Like Tigercat, Hemek has a strong engineering focus. With its production facility located in Hede, Sweden, it is currently operating in Scandinavia, Europe and Australia, as well as North and South America. Tigercat designs and manufactures a growing line of forestry equipment that will be enhanced with the acquisition of the Hemek/Woodking line.

PatternPro Cuts Costs, Adds Efficiency
The PatternPro laser pattern generating system saves time, cuts costs and adds efficiency to the setup process, says manufacturer Carter Products Company Inc. Mounted over the work surface, the system translates computer data into a precise drawing of the part to be processed and displays it in sharp red laser line on the work bed, allowing the operator to position components exactly in place. The PatternPro system eliminates the process of plotting drawings on paper and manually repositioning the dimensions on the work surface through marking and measuring.

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Hultdins and Lencab Sign Agreement
Hultdins Inc now represents the Lencab feed roller system for North America. The Lencab feed rollers offer reduced fibre damage through a patented chain net design and unique rubber compound and can be found in use on most makes of delimbers, harvesters and processors. The Lencab feed rollers complement Hultdins' existing line of saw units, chain tension systems, rotators, lubrication pumps and other attachments and accessories.

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