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April 2000



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but.gif (811 bytes) Spotlight

Certification conference illustrates the certifier/certifee gulf.

but.gif (811 bytes)Forest Expo Guide

Part of the official guide for Froest Expo 2000 in Prince George

but.gif (811 bytes)Sawmill Upgrade

Lakeland Ripple. Upgrade at Lakeland's front end has ripple effect on the mill

but.gif (811 bytes)Mill Upgrade

Family Investment.  Spray lake's founding family carries out $25 Million rebuild.

but.gif (811 bytes)Harvesting1

Reducing Breakage.  The CTL program at a Slocan Operation has reduced log breakage

but.gif (811 bytes)Harvesting2

Alberta Grapple yarding.  Dan-o Contracting takes grapple yarding into Alberta.

but.gif (811 bytes)Logging

Taking on Beetle Wood.  BC's Fraser Lake Sawmills reworks operations to handle bug-killed wood.

but.gif (811 bytes)Log Salvage

Submerged Logs.  Ontario logger carries out underwater timber recovery.

but.gif (811 bytes)Profile

Optimizing Aspen.  Alberta small mill operator seeks broader markets for aspen.

but.gif (811 bytes)Added-Value

A quick and Clean Fix.  Taiga Forest Products has incorporated a new fixing system into its new plants in BC and Alberta.

but.gif (811 bytes)Quebec Sawmilling

Assist on a Goal. Donohue assists First Nations Band on goal of building sawmill.

but.gif (811 bytes)Oregon Wrapup

Oregon Logging Conference Wrapup

but.gif (811 bytes)Guest Column

Quebec's Jacques Robitaille on free trade with the U.S.



but.gif (811 bytes)Tech Update- Forwarders

but.gif (811 bytes)Supplier Newsline

but.gif (811 bytes)Industry Watch - Time Award to "Public Relations" Forest Discredit Environmental Efforts

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