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By Tony Kryzanowski

CM Labs

CM Labs Simulations signs partnership agreement with Tigercat

CM Labs Simulations, developer of Vortex training simulators, has entered into a partnership agreement with forestry equipment manufacturer Tigercat Industries.

Under this agreement, CM Labs will develop and supply Tigercat with a series of state-of-the-art simulators that replicate the functionality and behavior of the 20-tonne Tigercat 1075C log forwarder and the Tigercat 1165 mid-sized wheel harvester.

The forwarder is designed for demanding high production cut-to-length applications while the Tigercat 1165 mid-sized wheel harvester is used for selective cut and final fell harvesting operations. CM Labs Simulations says that using simulators for training on these complex vehicles ensures risk-free safe training for operators and decreases training time and costs, freeing up actual equipment for its work on the jobsite. 

CM Labs will deliver a series of simulators to Tigercat powered by smart training technology. Each will have three screens and a motion platform.,

B.C. launches FireSmart Economic Recovery Fund

The B.C. government is investing $10 million in a new FireSmart Economic Recovery Fund as part of its economic recovery plan to create jobs and help communities cope with the ongoing impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

StrongerBC: B.C.’s Economic Recovery Plan provides employment and economic opportunities to support a wide range of projects throughout the province. The Ministry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development is responsible for economic recovery programs worth more than $100 million. The new FireSmart Economic Recovery Fund is one component of that overall recovery strategy.

The FireSmart Economic Recovery Fund will be administered by the Union of B.C. Municipalities. Funded projects will encourage economic development, reduce wildfire risks, allow people to develop new job skills and help protect forests and communities from harm.

This program’s eligibility requirements support projects that focus on: job creation for priority FireSmart projects; job creation for longer-term community wildfire resiliency; and development of job skills that will assist with future employment.

Ponsse ScorpionPonsse launches a new generation of Scorpion harvesters

Ponsse now offers a completely modernized range of Scorpion harvesters which the company says meets all the requirements of forestry.

The new Ponsse Scorpion takes harvest productivity and ergonomics to the next level, and sets a new standard for the operator’s working environment, says the company, adding that the stability of the Scorpion is in a class of its own and provides power and productivity with low ground pressure.

Attention has been paid above all to even better work ergonomics, safety, cabin visibility and usability.

One of the most visible improvements is the new one-piece front window which reaches all the way up to the cabin roof to offer even better visibility and a safe working environment in any weather condition. In addition, the unique crane solution provides excellent visibility in all directions, says Ponsse.

Besides numerous new features, Ponsse Scorpion and Scorpion King harvesters have been fitted with an advanced fifth generation Ponsse Opti 5G information system and a completely upgraded user interface. Ponsse says that the user-friendly information system is the most modern on the market and its smoothness and speed take the user experience to a completely new level.

The Opti 5G information system also enables the Ponsse Harvester Active Crane management system which gives the harvester a new way to control the crane and work more efficiently.

Waratah debuts HTH616C series-III harvester headWaratah debuts HTH616C series-III harvester head

Waratah has launched a new generation of its HTH616C harvester head: the new HTH616C series-III, which features many new service and accessibility upgrades.

This includes a new main control valve designed to increase performance, responsiveness, and compatibility to a greater range of carriers, including wheeled cut-to-length (WCTL) and smaller, lower powered carriers having limited flow.

With a weight starting at 3968 lbs, the HTH616 Series-III features a new, more efficient main control valve that can be configured with various options to fit performance needs on wheeled or tracked machines alike. Motor selections can be configured to complement the new valve and improve feeding speed with a high torque motor option available to help to increase productivity in the toughest delimbing conditions.

Operationally, the new valve provides improved responsiveness in the delimb and drive arms to enhance grabbing stems, log handling, and improve sawing performance, resulting in reduced processing times.

The new cast delimb arm design improves limb shedding and can be configured in processing or harvesting profile with a maximum delimb opening of 27”.

The H616C Series-III has optional twin diameter sensors that provide better measuring when small end diameters are critical.

John Deere purpose-bilt 768-II bogiw skidderJohn Deere aims to extend work season with purpose-built 768L-II bogie skidder

John Deere has launched its new six-wheel 768L-II bogie skidder, described as a true woodland warrior designed to conquer wet conditions and steep slope terrain. Incorporating the proven, durable features found on the John Deere L-II skidder lineup, the new 768L-II maximizes productivity, performance, and comfort when carrying hefty loads over long distances in challenging conditions.

“With our new 768L-II bogie skidder, we’re delivering a purpose-built machine that navigates tough terrain such as swamps or steep slopes. Providing distinct features, the John Deere bogie skidder helps loggers maximize their potential, regardless of the conditions,” says Matthew Flood, Product Marketing Manager at John Deere.

The 281-horsepower 768L-II features heavy-duty bogie axles which incorporate large components to maximize durability and stability for long axle and tire life. The heavy-duty axles are purpose-built for tough applications, effortlessly pulling heavy loads and maneuvering tough terrain. The smooth, stable operation results in reduced machine vibration, ultimately minimizing operator fatigue. Another key feature is the excellent tractive ability and floatation. When combined with the bogie axles, ground pressure is reduced, allowing the 768L-II to work in wet terrain not accessible with a four-wheel skidder. As a result, the harvesting window is extended, adding more working days to the calendar.

The new arch design provides the operator with an expansive rearward view of the grapple and work area, providing excellent visibility. The long wheelbase and boom-arch envelope boost reach and lift capability for the boom and grapple, increasing dexterity in the woods. The tight turning radius enhances agility at the landing.

Cat 538Cat’s Next Generation 538 forest machines deliver design upgrades

The new Cat Next Generation 538 forest machines feature several significant design upgrades that the company says make it a top choice for working in the bush.

Available in Log Loader and General Forest configurations, the 538 has a new electro-hydraulic control system with 10 per cent more swing torque that allows the machine to work with more power and precision. Updates to the drive system result in a 12 per cent increase in travel speed, helping the Cat Next Generation 538 cover more ground and move up and down slopes faster. High Wide undercarriage provides 15 per cent greater ground clearance to help the machine pass over stumps and other obstructions with ease.

The 538 features an efficient Cat 7.1 engine that meets US EPA Tier 4 Final and EU Stage V emission standards and is flexible to run on biodiesel up to B20. Smart mode automatically matches engine and hydraulic power to working conditions to help reduce fuel consumption up to five per cent without sacrificing performance.

The 538 offers a cold start capability of -25˚ F (-32˚ C) and reliable high ambient temperature operation reaching 118˚ F (48˚ C). Fuel tank capacity is more than double the previous model which means the new 538 can operate up to five shifts before refilling.

The all-new Certified Forestry cab design for the Cat Next Generation 538 dramatically improves operator comfort and safety, says the company.

The cab is 25 per cent larger with 50 per cent greater overall visibility than the previous 538. Plus, it has a heated seat and a more ergonomically friendly layout so the operator doesn’t have to exert much effort to be efficient and productive.

Operators can start the 538’s engine with a simple push of a button. Compared to the previous model, the Next Generation 538 lowers maintenance costs by up to 15 per cent over the course of 12,000 hours of operation, says the company.

Combined Swirling Combustor introduced to North American market

Kinava, Co., Ltd has announced an agreement with LNS Energy Ltd to market the Swirling Wood Fiber Combustor system. The system design is revolutionary and based on many years of R&D where the traditional refractory lined system is not required, and with emissions results superior to currently used systems, says the company.

Kinava is a company focused on organic green waste to energy solutions utilizing HTC technology. LNS Energy is focused on solutions to the bioenergy sector in North America.

BID Group to deliver Idaho Forest Group’s first facility in southern U.S.

The BID Group has received an order from Idaho Forest Group to deliver its first greenfield sawmill complex project in the southern United States.

In addition to managing engineering, design, and construction of the facility through its Integrated Solutions Team, BID will supply a complete range of industry-leading technologies and reliability services including OPER8TM, the only purpose-built Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solution for the wood processing industry.

“We appreciate the opportunity to work with the Comact team on the integration of their Machine Centre Design Expertise into our new mill in Lumberton, Mississippi,” says Marc Brinkmeyer, Owner and CEO of Idaho Forest Group (IFG).

“Their partner, BID Integrated Solutions, has a proven track record of coordinating the construction of sawmill complexes in the south. It is their combined success, intensity of focus and attention to detail that provides us with confidence in their abilities to support our IFG team. We look forward to the contribution of the Comact/BID team as we continue to learn about operating in the South,” added Brinkmeyer.

“The combination of IFG’s performance excellence and innovation coupled with BID’s services and technologies will deliver another industry leading facility,” said Alistair Cook, President and CEO of BID Group.

Onsite civil work will start immediately with sawmill commissioning planned for December 2021.

Logging and Sawmilling Journal

March/April 2021

On the Cover:
The Spruce Products sawmill in Swan River, Manitoba is proving that it pays to invest in targeted efficiency and optimization. Most recently, the sawmill has increased its log throughput at the front end of its main breakdown line by 20 per cent with a $3 million investment. They can now process about 4,000 logs per 10-hour shift, as compared to about 3,300 logs per shift previously, with a new log sorting system supplied by mill equipment manufacturer, Carbotech. Read all about the improvements beginning on page 8. (Cover photo courtesy of Spruce Products)

Biomass from forest fires now firing power plant
Two First Nations groups in the B.C. Interior recently began a collaboration to utilize woody biomass left in areas impacted by forest fires, which is being used to fire a power plant—and produce wood pellets.

Targeted mill upgrades
Manitoba’s Spruce Products sawmill has been able to increase its log throughput by an impressive 20 per cent, thanks to targeted upgrades.

Mill upgrade delivers recovery gains—and flexibility
B.C.’s Porcupine Wood Products recently wrapped up a mill upgrade project that is all about achieving gains in recovery, and flexibility in production—and the future of the mill.

Duz Cho takes on Site C dam logging
Duz Cho Logging is taking on some challenging harvesting that’s part of the construction effort for B.C.’s massive Site C dam power project—a job that includes walking across the Peace River with their equipment.

Canada’s Top Lumber Producers
Logging and Sawmilling Journal’s authoritative listing of Canada’s Top Lumber Producers, produced in association with leading forest industry consultants Forest Economic Advisors (FEA).

Short logging season = maxing out production
Alberta logger SK Trucking looks for every edge to maximize production in all ground conditions—and to work within a very short winter logging season.

Included in this edition of The Edge, Canada’s leading publication on research in the forest industry, are stories from the Canadian Wood Fibre Centre (CWFC) and FPInnovations.

The Last Word
European lumber producers are capturing more U.S. lumber market share while Canada is stuck in the penalty box, says Tony Kryzanowski.


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