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Tigercat’s new H-series skidders feature improved cab size and operator functionality

The Tigercat H-series skidder has a new larger cab while improving serviceability, reliability, and efficiency.

The new skidder line includes the release of the 620H, 630H, and 632H four-wheel models as well as the 625H and 635H six-wheel models.

The redesigned operator station provides 20 per cent more cab space than the previous E-series design. Window area has increased by 19 per cent offering superior forward and rear visibility. Additional low side windows allow for better sightlines to all tires.

A new and improved Turnaround system lets the operator rotate the seat 220 degrees. Effortless push button controls lock and unlock the seat in any position in the range. The operator has full control of all machine functions including drive controls. The 220-degree seat rotation improves operator visibility, greatly reduces neck strain, and allows the operator to easily exit either side of the cab.

Industry welcomes federal government’s two billion tree planting initiative

The Canadian government plans to launch its two billion tree planting initiative in 2021.

The Forest Products Association of Canada (FPAC) says it applauds this thoughtful and inclusive approach which will help Canada move to net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

FPAC is pleased to see the government recognize that sustainably managed forests, the use of carbon storing wood products, and effective conservation are key nature-based solutions and will help Canada achieve its collective goals for forest resiliency and carbon reduction. 

“The government has acknowledged that an incremental national tree planting initiative is complex and will require preparation and specific expertise as well as support from many partners,” says Derek Nighbor, President and CEO of FPAC.

“Canada’s forest sector and our nursery and tree planting partners across the country are ready to do our part to realize the significant environmental, economic and social benefits that the two billion trees program promises to deliver.”

Seamus O’Regan, Canada’s Minister of Natural Resources, announced the federal government’s plan to plant two billion trees over 10 years, with an investment of $3.16 billion, in December. The government estimates the plan will create up to 4,300 jobs.

The plan calls for trees to be in the ground starting this spring, across Canada. The government has also already begun building long-term partnerships so that Canada has the infrastructure, especially nurseries, to carry out the full tree-planting plan.

In 10 years, it’s estimated the additional two billion trees will cover over 1.1 million hectares, an area twice the size of Prince Edward Island.

TigercatDoosan brings service to Thunder Bay region

Doosan Infracore North America, LLC, is partnering with ITEC 2000 Equipment to expand its service in northern Ontario. In addition to providing increased service and support for customers, the new location will offer more access to Doosan equipment and parts.

ITEC 2000 Equipment has been serving northwestern Ontario since 1999. The company’s location in Rosslyn, just west of Thunder Bay, offers customers a one-stop shop with full service for heavy equipment. Among their services are many in-house divisions, including an irradiator and oil cooler division, hydraulic component repair division and used parts division.

The location will offer Doosan equipment designed to serve the core industries found in northern Ontario, including the forest industry. Doosan machines that will be available include log loaders, road builders, wheel loaders, wheel excavators, crawler excavators and articulated dump trucks.

BID Group to modernize its manufacturing operations in Vanderhoof

The BID Group is investing over $3.5 million at its Vanderhoof, British Columbia operations to create a steel pattern preparation centre using the latest laser and plasma technology.

Construction is scheduled to start in April 2021 and production will begin in September 2021.

The company will purchase high speed laser cutting equipment as well as oxy/fuel cutting equipment and a press brake to create a world class manufacturing site.

“Steel patterns are a key component in the manufacture of our equipment. This investment will allow us to produce over 80 per cent of the steel patterns required for our Western Canadian operations to continue to provide our customers the assurance of the highest quality workmanship in the industry,” says Simon Potvin, Executive Vice President and COO Wood Processing at BID Group.

The upgraded preparation centre will allow the company to standardize and improve its manufacturing performance, give it better control over costs and deliveries, and increase flexibility, ensuring commitments to clients are met at the high standards they have come to rely on from BID, says the company.

New Lim Geomatics data collection application Prism is tailor-made for timber cruising

Lim Geomatics has unveiled its new Prism app, describing it as a next generation timber cruising application that dramatically enhances how foresters collect and analyze field data.

The cloud-based digital tool is easy to set up, highly configurable and works on Apple, Android, and Microsoft tablets. Prism is also fully integrated with ArcGIS Online to maximize compatibility.

Forest managers can plan cruises on the web app for diverse forest types, management goals, and environmental factors. Cruisers can instantly sync data from the mobile app back to the office when within cellular, satellite, or internet service. Pre-determined plot plans, basemaps, and satellite imagery can also be downloaded to the mobile app so foresters can execute cruises offline in remote locations.

Prism is an all-in-one timber cruising app that is as powerful as it is user-friendly. Every tool that foresters need, from navigation to data entry, is housed in the same place and organized by Lim Geomatics’ trademark intuitive design.

WaratahWaratah debuts multi-use HTH623C loader processor head

Waratah now offers a new model configuration of the HTH623C harvester head.

The new HTH623C loader processor (LP) features a wide delimb opening for increased productivity while its short tilt frame improves reach for higher deck piles, making it more maneuverable and ideal for tight spaces, says the company.

One of the biggest differences from the HTH623C harvester head is the large delimb opening on the HTH623C LP, which allows for multiple logs. The maximum delimb opening on the new configuration is 37”, which is 9” larger than the HTH623C’s opening.

The new short tilt frame allows for better log control along with more flexibility working on high decks or sloped piles, and with the advantage of grabbing multiple logs, operators can clear the yarder chute or shovel more efficiently.

PonssePonsse forwarders capable of firefighting equipment outfitting

Ponsse forwarders can now have firefighting equipment installed in the load spaces for extinguishing wildfires.

“A forest machine is the most natural and effective way to access a forest fire area. Operations in difficult terrain come as second nature to them and they have more than enough capacity in their hydraulic system for demanding conditions,” says Juha Haverinen, Ponsse´s product manager of forwarders. “When the rescue authorities asked us if we were willing to develop this product together, we were ready right from the beginning because rescue professionals and our customers had a clear demand for firefighting equipment.”

The firefighting equipment is available for Ponsse Buffalo and Ponsse Elephant forwarders. The minimum loader requirement is Ponsse K90+.

The firefighting equipment is delivered to the fire location as a single package and after it has been connected to forest machine hydraulics, the equipment is ready to operate. The 10 m³ water tank of the firefighting equipment can be filled with its own pump from a natural water source or the tank of a fire truck. The water cannon has a range of 47 metres and a turning radius of 360 degrees.

Remsoft partners up to integrate forest operations planning data in the Cloud

Remsoft, a forestry planning and optimization software provider, is partnering with Safe Software FME certified data integration specialists Locus and Consortech to automate data integration in the Remsoft Operations Cloud.

The company says that forest product companies often work within multiple systems, spreadsheets, and different data formats. The resulting data fragmentation hampers efficiency, effective decision making, and the ability to rapidly respond to changing conditions that could affect harvest levels and product delivery.

Through the partnerships with Locus, an Australian and New Zealand-based consultancy focused on unlocking the power of FME to solve enterprise data challenges, and Consortech, a North American leader in geospatial data integration and FME expert, forest product companies can now automatically transform and connect data from different sources via Safe Software’s FME technology to the Remsoft Operations Cloud.

Forestry companies that want to make more effective use of their data to improve operational planning decisions have a clearer and faster path with Remsoft Operations and Safe Software’s FME data integration platform, says Remsoft.

CV Technology releases Interceptor-QV explosion isolation device

CV Technology now offers a new explosion isolation device called the Interceptor-QV.

It uses a patented system where a differential pressure switch continuously monitors the pressure drop across the mesh cartridge, alerting operators if buildup of dust occurs on the mesh.

CV Technology specializes in complete explosion and fire protection solutions for the prevention and mitigation of explosions and fire hazards that result from the manufacturing and handling of dry bulk materials, such as in the forest industry.

The core feature of the Interceptor-QV is the stainless-steel mesh cartridge which is based on the tried-and-true flameless Quench Tubes that the company has been applying for over 25 years.

“Everyone at CV Technology is excited to introduce a product to the marketplace which draws upon our over 25 years of experience with passive flameless explosion protection that allows our clients to protect their personnel and process from the effects of a deflagration while simultaneously solving the problem of discharging clean air to the exterior of their facility,” says Bob Cudnik, vice-president, Technical Services and Quality Assurance. “With the Interceptor-QV you get the protection you need while safely and efficiently returning clean air to the facility, thereby reducing HVAC costs and building air make-up issues.”

WaratahRotochopper celebrates its 30th anniversary

Rotochopper is celebrating 30 years of delivering innovative waste grinding solutions.

The Rotochopper brand has long been synonymous with “Perfect In One Pass” grinding precision and simplicity, says the company.

The Rotochopper brand began when two companies from different industries joined forces to manufacture unique recycling equipment. Co-founders Fred Peltz and Vince Hundt established the company’s core values of customer-centricity and “Perfect In One Pass” engineering that continue to define Rotochopper today.

“For 30 years the people of central Minnesota who are Rotochopper have been inventing and building machines that solve problems,” says Hundt.

Rotochopper’s product offerings have expanded over the last three decades in response to its customers’ evolving business and operational needs. Today, their horizontal grinders are at work in a broad range of businesses including wood waste.

Logging and Sawmilling Journal

January/February 2021

On the Cover:
Logging contractor Tyler Backer of Pro Link Logging has seen a technological revolution within British Columbia’s forest industry, and says he’s always got an eye open for new harvesting equipment developments and techniques that might enhance Pro Link Logging’s efficiency. Read all about his logging approach—and the equipment he executes that approach with, such as this Hitachi 260 processor —beginning on page 18 of this issue (photo courtesy of Pro Link Logging).

B.C. partnership steps up to the plate in training equipment operators
The City of Quesnel, B.C. and partners are looking to step up to the plate to train logging equipment operators on harvesting methods new to most B.C. loggers.

Virtual convention coming up
The BC Council of Forest Industries’ Annual Convention is going virtual for 2021, and we talk with COFI CEO Susan Yurkovich about the compelling speakers and the important issues in forestry that will be discussed at the convention in April—and what new U.S. President Joe Biden might mean for the industry.

Dealing with changing logging logistics
Logging contractor Tyler Backer is dealing with changing logging logistics in the B.C. Interior these days, such as working in steeper ground—but he has the dedicated people and tough iron to successfully take it all on.

Landrich 2.0 is launched
The Landrich harvester 2.0 version has been launched by New Brunswick’s A. Landry Fabrication, and the new machine features a number of improvements suggested by very loyal customers of the original Landrich harvester.

Enhancing pellet production—and quality—at Pinnacle
Pinnacle Renewable Energy recently completed a $30 million investment package in B.C.’s Cariboo region designed to enhance pellet production efficiency—and product quality.

Big recovery boost for Quebec mill with upgrade
The Bois CFM Inc. sawmill in Sainte-Florence, Quebec recently installed a new optimized primary and secondary line from USNR to meet growing customer demand, that will move its production to the next level.

Included in this edition of The Edge, Canada’s leading publication on research in the forest industry, are stories from the Canadian Wood Fibre Centre (CWFC), FPInnovations and the Faculty of Forestry of University of B.C.

 The Last Word
Jim Stirling takes a look ahead for the forest industry, beyond the recent elections, and COVID-19.


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