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Olofsfors is a Swedish-based company founded in 1762 with North American operations in Brantford, Ontario.

The company says it is the market leader in bogie tracks for cut-to-length (CTL) machinery and wheel tracks for skidders and wheeled feller bunchers.

Under the brand name ECO-Tracks, Olofsfors offers a wide range of track models and linkage systems for various machine configurations and ground conditions. Most track models are now available in the next generation of curved cross members for increased flotation, less ground disturbance and easier machine turning.

The track assortment ranges from traction-only, flotation-only, and all around. With five different link systems, Olofsfors says it has the most track options available on the market today. The link systems range from 22 mm (7/8”) to 30 mm (1-3/16”) with the 26 mm (1”) being the most popular.

New for 2020 is a larger 29 mm (1-1/8”) link system. It features a 29 mm (1-1/8”) link and wider and thicker link hook for increased lifetime.

Olofsfors has nine families of track models.

The All-Around tracks are ECO-Track and KovaX. Both of these models provide good traction along with good flotation, says the company.

The Traction tracks include EX, OF and EVO with EX providing the most traction.

The Flotation tracks consist of Baltic, U and CoverX, with CoverX being the newest addition. It features exceptional flotation along with good traction. The cross member sits higher on the tire and has raised ridges on the leading edges to increase traction. Lastly is Combination, where loggers can mix and match track profiles to get the perfect track.

Wallingford's Inc.Wallingford’s Inc

Wallingford’s Inc offers BABAC chains manufactured at its factory in Maine.

BABAC forestry chains are hand-assembled and built with 10B21, through-hardened, boron alloy steel with a full line of patterns for all tire sizes used on skidders, forwarders and harvesters.

BABAC has computer design capability and specializes in custom tire chain applications and odd tire sizes such as the dual 35.5-32 5 diamond chain shown here.

Wallingford’s Inc also distributes Veriga GreenTRACKS for harvesters, forwarders and six-wheel grapple skidders. GreenTRACKS are offered in four different plate designs to suit different terrains. Veriga’s link system comes with a 26 x 30 mm or 30 x 35 mm pin size with an oblong design that reduces surface wear and extends service life, as well as a twist inhibiting side rail. All GreenTRACKs are put through a specialized heat treatment process and are manufactured in Europe.

Nordic Traction GroupNordic Traction Group

The Nordic Traction Group has recently established a new presence in North America, Nordic Traction Inc. The newly incorporated company has warehouses already established across Canada and the U.S., and will provide direct access for the company’s dealers to Clark Tracks products, as well as OFA tire chains.

Recognizing the unique challenges that loggers in North America encounter, Clark Tracks has brought the toughest, most durable, and best performing tracks from their portfolio.

Additionally, Clark Tracks have designed and built specialized products for the North American market, like FXS and FXT, already building upon the reputation of the worldwide success of the base FX track model, a durable all-season, all-terrain model favoured by the most demanding loggers in Europe and South America. FXS features a durable cross member, low maintenance, long life and patented Haggis links with double extra-wide paddle spikes for unbeatable climbing and traction, says the company. The FXT was developed for the frozen slopes of northern Canada, where a standard spike doesn’t achieve sufficient ground penetration for secure grip—the FXT has a pointed stud that pierces even frozen ground to achieve excellent grip, traction and a long maintenance-free service life.


By asymmetrically arranging the spikes in the chain mesh, Pewag has developed a new generation of forestry chains. The innovative spike arrangement increases grip and stability, says the company.

They also offer non-metal traction options.

Pewag says that it is a full-range supplier of tracks and traction chains for forestry machines. Working in forests and on rough terrain is always a challenge. Man and machine alike must overcome a multitude of obstacles, deal with unexpected situations, and make sure to protect the environment and the subsoil at the same time. Pewag describes itself as the right partner for this endeavor.

To ensure the outstanding quality of its range of product offerings, the company says that all of its production facilities are still based in Central Europe, allowing it to maintain an overview of the entire manufacturing process as well as to offer forestry tracks, traction and choker chains that create innovative solutions while also living up to the highest quality standards.

Their main Canadian office and warehouse is located in Edmonton, with representation across Canada.

Western EquipmentWestern Equipment

Established in 1947, Western Equipment is one of British Columbia’s leading industrial distributors, supplying the province’s resource-based industries. Western Equipment carries one of the largest inventories of tire chains in Western Canada. It carries the Trygg brand of tire chain. Trygg is known worldwide as a leader in manufacturing top quality long lasting tire chains made with high quality European steel. Trygg chains are used by the transport, forestry, construction, oil and gas, and farming industries.

Western Equipment’s tire chain inventory includes sizes to fit everything from snowblowers, ATVs, cars, light and heavy trucks, loaders, graders, skidders and all other types of heavy equipment. It has seven branches located throughout B.C., enabling the company to get its products to customers in a quick and efficient manner.

Rud ChainRud Chain

Rud Chain describes its forestry tire chains as enabling forestry machinery to operate in tough terrain. It offers versatile, robust chains for many applications, aiming for strong grip, optimal traction and tire protection in off-road conditions.

Its products are working in many professional and extreme forestry applications.

Many factors should be taken into account when selecting the right tire chain such as where the chains are going to be used, how often they will be used, the vehicle’s design, and the expectation of a comfortable ride, says the company. RUD offers a variety of snow and traction chains with different fitting systems.

Logging and Sawmilling Journal

November 2020

On the Cover:
With equipment such as this Eltec harvester, Freya Logging, based in Prince George, B.C., has proven itself to be a versatile and diversified log harvesting contractor, handy attributes to have during a period of industry transition. Freya has demonstrated a willingness to take on a range of logging assignments in the B.C. Interior. Read all about the outfit beginning on page 8 of this issue (Cover photo courtesy of Freya Logging).

Win/win deal = getting more fibre out of the forest
A new fibre supply agreement in B.C.’s Cariboo region is leading to better forest resource utilization for the Esk’etemc First Nation, and more fibre for wood pellet producer, Pinnacle Renewable Energy.

Freya Logging tackles range of harvesting jobs
Freya Logging has proven to be a versatile and diversified logging contractor in the B.C. Interior, taking on a range of harvesting work, including commercial thinning, with a variety of equipment.

Making a mark with mill upgrade
A major investment in Alberta’s Foothills Forest Products is being described as a pivotal moment in the sawmill’s history.

Not your typical wood pellets …
The new Skeena Bioenergy plant in B.C. is not a typical wood pellet operation—using proven European equipment, it is turning out high quality wood pellets from a feedstock of Western Hemlock, not SPF.

Training for work—and a career—in the forest industry
A recently developed program in northwestern Ontario is helping to train First Nations members as equipment operators for work—and a career—in the forest industry.

Included in this edition of The Edge, Canada’s leading publication on research in the forest industry, are stories from the Canadian Wood Fibre Centre (CWFC) and FPInnovations.

 The Last Word
Tony Kryzanowski notes that a recent wood biomaterial supply agreement with a major player in the global cosmetics industry is massively important to the forestry sector.


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