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John DeereDeere expands tools to include Waratahproduction data

John Deere has expanded its TimberMatic Maps and TimberManager software to seamlessly incorporate data from the Waratah H-16 measuring system to increase job site visibility and visualization.

With this new capability, the TimberMatic Maps system collects production data from harvesting heads equipped with the Waratah H-16 system, providing real-time production data of processed timber linked to location through the in-cab monitor and synched to the cloud-based TimberManager. Job site progress data is then accessible to off-site managers or employees through a phone, tablet or computer using the TimberManager software.

The software pairing is available for John Deere tracked harvesters or forestry swing machines equipped with harvesting heads using the Waratah H-16 measuring system. Additionally, TimberMatic Maps and TimberManager are included on new machines ordered with a factory H-16 measuring system.

A retrofit option can be downloaded and installed at no additional charge on existing machines using the H-16 system. Machines must be equipped with 4G MTG and an active JDLink Telematics subscription.

New addition to MEC Dry Kiln team announced

MEC Dry Kiln President Yan Rondeau has announced the appointment of Jessy Ross as Sales and Marketing Manager.

With more than 12 years in the lumber industry, Ross has held a number of important positions in the industry and at VAB Solutions such as Sales and Marketing Coordinator and then Sales and Marketing Manager (VAB).

For many years, Ross also occupied the role of associate member on the Board of Directors on the Quebec Forest Industrial Council.

Opti-8 computerNew Opti 8 computer to come standard with Ponsse harvesters and forwarders

Ponsse Opti 8 is a state-of-the-art touch screen computer designed for Ponsse forest machines. User-friendliness, a large high resolution display, high ergonomics in the cabin and responsiveness form the basis of the technical and visual design of the Ponsse Opti 8 computer, all factors that improve working conditions for forest machine operators.

The new Opti 8 computer offers more power and memory than the previous version, resulting in faster and smoother operations. The storage capacity of the hard disk has been doubled to ensure the operation of future applications.

“The design of the Ponsse Opti 8 computer focuses, above all, on its use in a demanding forest machine environment. The computer is developed by Ponsse together with the Group’s technology company Epec,” says Markku Savolainen, Ponsse Plc´s Product Manager, Equipment Automation.

The Opti 8 computer will come standard in Ponsse harvesters and forwarders beginning in 2021.

Inland opens new Fort St. John facility at existing location

The Inland Group have announced the company has completed construction on their new Fort St. John, B.C. facility. Built on the existing 8.5-acre property located at 10611 Finning Frontage Road, the new facility is more than double the previous building size, sitting at 84,000 sq. ft.

The larger facility contains 25 service bays which will operate on heavy-duty trucks and equipment, and two wash bays. The parts department boasts 28,000 sq. ft., allowing for a spacious retail display area and a well-stocked parts warehouse.

The Fort St. John service department is equipped with a frame straightening bay for trucks and trailers, full truck and equipment service for maintenance and repair work, fabrication, full rig ups, and mobile service trucks for on-site service.

This investment represents Inland’s commitment to Fort St. John’s trucking, forestry, construction, utilities, and mining industries, says the company. Inland Fort St. John offers new and used heavy-duty trucks and equipment as well as complete business support through parts, service, and financing.

“The new facility allows for a better, more efficient workflow,” said Boyd McConnachie, vice-president of business development at Inland. “This means we can better serve our customers, in a faster more effective manner, which allows them to get back to their business sooner. At Inland we take pride in the fact that we consistently reinvest in our business and believe this strategy has provided and will continue to provide all stakeholders with an improved experience.”

Construction alongside the previous facility began in June 2019. In January 2020, the business moved into the new building, began the demolition of the previous building, and the new facility is now fully ready.

“We’d like to thank our customers and employees for their patience during the construction process,” said Jaret Pieper, general manager of Inland’s Fort St. John dealership. “One of the many things we’re excited for is better showcasing our product lines in the yard, which makes for a more engaging customer experience.”

Inland’s Fort St. John location is open six days a week, with service hours between 7 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. on Monday to Friday and 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on Saturdays. The branch phone number is 250-785-6105.

Eco LogEco Log adds to equipment line-up with 584F forwarder

With a loading capacity of 16 tonnes, the Eco Log 584F enters the stage as the sixth forwarder model in the Eco Log range. This makes the newcomer the second largest forwarder in the machine line-up, as it complements the existing models in the larger segment, specifically, the 574F and 594F.

Eco Log says that its merger with Gremo this past spring has resulted in one of the broadest and most comprehensive forwarder ranges on the market, covering a loading capacity from 8.5 to 20 tonnes.

Among the Eco Log 584F features are a wide load carrier that enables high loading capacity of 16 tonnes; a Stage V Volvo Penta engine; an updated driveline with a new, more powerful bogie customized for high traction and load capacity that distinguishes the Eco Log 584F from other forwarders of the same size; and, a new range of hydraulic pumps with a standard pump displacement of 175 cubic centimetres or optional 210-cc pump (10.7 cu in or optional 12.8 cu in). This enables the unit to be used with a wider choice of cranes. Improved oil flow makes it possible to perform simultaneous movements, increasing capacity as well as flexibility.

STC Battler bootSTC Battler boot offers protection for chainsaw operators

The new STC Battler boot offers superior chainsaw bite protection in addition to the great comfort and unmatched durability of the STC boots line.

The company says that STC Battler boot offers quality and protection superior to anything currently available on the Canadian market. From the antimicrobial treatment, to the padded collar and tongue for added comfort, to the waterproof leather upper with sealed seams, the STC Battler boot allows those who wear them to do their jobs safely.

The Battler includes multiple layers offering a protection against chainsaw cuts; it is CSA certified, class 3; composite toe protector and puncture-resistant insole; and waterproof and breathable Drylock II membrane.

Forest sector applauds Made-In-Canada biodegradable face mask innovation

FPInnovations has announced the successful completion of Phase 1 in the development of a safe, locally produced, single-use face mask that is 100 per cent biodegradable.

The Forest Products Association of Canada (FPAC) says that it applauds this important milestone which will allow the industry to create Canadian-made Personal Protective Equipment.

“When President Trump moved to block that shipment of medical masks at our shared border in early April, it was a call to action about how we need to continue to stick to our principles of supporting free and fair trade, but at the same time we must do more to leverage our natural resources and Canadian innovation to be more self-sufficient—to find Canadian made solutions for Canadians,” says FPAC President and CEO Derek Nighbor.

Kirk Forbes now sole owner of Brunette Machinery

Kirk Forbes has concluded the purchase of shares from his business partners and is now the sole owner of Brunette Machinery Co as the company celebrates over 75 years as a leader in supplying quality equipment to the forestry industry.

This move brings the company back to its family roots. Forbes continues as President and CEO as he leads the company into the next era while investing in growth, product innovation, customers and its people. Brunette Machinery says that this move will strengthen its position as a market leader for machinery in the North American forestry products and biomass industries.

“Nothing changes for us day-to-day,” says Forbes. “We are the same company, have the same leadership, and the same amazing people looking after our customers. We are in a great position to capitalize on our growth potential both organically and through strategic acquisitions and partnerships.”

Doosan DX300LL-5 and DX380LL-5Two new road builders added to Doosan forestry equipment lineup

Doosan has extended its log loader product offering with two new road builders.

The new DX300LL-5 and DX380LL-5 road builders are designed for use in forestry and logging applications. Within the forestry industry, they are operated in access road development, timber harvesting, log loading and mill work.

These models are iterations of the current DX300LL-5 and DX380LL-5 log loaders. They provide a package designed to perform road building tasks.

The road builders feature design elements to enhance machine durability and reliability. The DX300LL-5 and DX380LL-5 road builders’ undercarriages can forge across rough terrain. The high, wide undercarriage travels across exposed stumps, brush and forest foliage. Heavy duty track links and full-length track guiding guards increase undercarriage durability.

SPOT X satellite messagingSPOT X satellite messaging is spot on

By Anthony Robinson

Travelling throughout British Columbia and having both SMS and email capability while out of cell range has always been a desire for me, so when Globalstar Canada offered Logging and Sawmilling Journal a SPOT X review unit, I jumped at the opportunity.

SPOT X uses satellite communication to allow users to send SMS and email messages to any phone number or email address worldwide, without the requirement of mobile phone service. In short—you can text from the backcountry. The device also provides S.O.S.

The SPOT X unit arrived promptly and soon after opening the neat packaging I had logged on to the online account and started to familiarize myself with the functionality of the unit. The SPOT X seamlessly paired with my iPhone and I was able to sync contacts and send messages to my partner, Hannah, easily—I checked the functionality even before leaving the comforts of home. Before I left home, the Firmware needed updating on the SPOT X unit, so I connected with my computer with the provided USB connector, and completed the straightforward process—it took less than 10 minutes.

On a recent hunting trip into the Okanagan region, I found the SPOT X unit very useful. I used the Check-In function to send Hannah back in North Vancouver regular and quick updates, indicating I was safe and sound.

When I had more time, I was able to send more detailed updates using either my iPhone or the integrated keyboard on the unit itself. The Waypoint functionality was also very useful when walking through large tracks of unmarked forest. The unit held a battery charge for long periods of time with the built-in lithium battery, and when it needed charging, it was a simple USB used through an external battery pack or the charger in my vehicle—I found this super useful, as I always have a spare external battery pack with me on such trips so this was super easy.

The SPOT X is resistant to impact, dust, and water which gave me a lot of confidence while I was in the backcountry.

While I didn’t use the SOS function on the SPOT X, this is certainly a feature that gives not only me but my loved ones an added level of comfort and safety when heading out of cell range—and something that may save a life one day. Great piece of mind, I say. No pun intended, but I found the SPOT X to be spot on, in terms of ease of use and functionality.

Logging and Sawmilling Journal

November 2020

On the Cover:
With equipment such as this Eltec harvester, Freya Logging, based in Prince George, B.C., has proven itself to be a versatile and diversified log harvesting contractor, handy attributes to have during a period of industry transition. Freya has demonstrated a willingness to take on a range of logging assignments in the B.C. Interior. Read all about the outfit beginning on page 8 of this issue (Cover photo courtesy of Freya Logging).

Win/win deal = getting more fibre out of the forest
A new fibre supply agreement in B.C.’s Cariboo region is leading to better forest resource utilization for the Esk’etemc First Nation, and more fibre for wood pellet producer, Pinnacle Renewable Energy.

Freya Logging tackles range of harvesting jobs
Freya Logging has proven to be a versatile and diversified logging contractor in the B.C. Interior, taking on a range of harvesting work, including commercial thinning, with a variety of equipment.

Making a mark with mill upgrade
A major investment in Alberta’s Foothills Forest Products is being described as a pivotal moment in the sawmill’s history.

Not your typical wood pellets …
The new Skeena Bioenergy plant in B.C. is not a typical wood pellet operation—using proven European equipment, it is turning out high quality wood pellets from a feedstock of Western Hemlock, not SPF.

Training for work—and a career—in the forest industry
A recently developed program in northwestern Ontario is helping to train First Nations members as equipment operators for work—and a career—in the forest industry.

Included in this edition of The Edge, Canada’s leading publication on research in the forest industry, are stories from the Canadian Wood Fibre Centre (CWFC) and FPInnovations.

 The Last Word
Tony Kryzanowski notes that a recent wood biomaterial supply agreement with a major player in the global cosmetics industry is massively important to the forestry sector.


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