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The question, according to Rawlings, is whether a cookie cutter or custom horizontal grinder is better? During the company’s 44 years designing wood waste grinding systems, Rawlings has found that most of its clients are looking for a system that fits their budget as well as their application when making purchasing decisions. Not all machines are created equal and most models that come off the factory floor are duplicates of the same machine, the company says.

Rawlings offers a complete line-up of stationary electric-powered vertical and horizontal grinders in a full range of sizes and models. Each system can be designed with work platform decks, choice of belt, chain or vibrating infeed and outfeed conveyors, metal protection, and product screening and separation, all of which can be customized for specific operations.


Morbark recently debuted its 2400X and 3000X Wood Hog horizontal grinders.

Both machines can be equipped with tracks (XT models), and the 3000X can be built as a fifth wheel/dual-axle unit or pintle hitch/tri-axle unit (3000XP).

Ideal for niche markets like pallet recycling, sawmills, nurseries and tree care debris, both grinders are said to be perfect for processing yard waste, brush and other mixed woody feedstock into saleable product. Designed to be modular and available in multiple configurations for various applications, Morbark says that these grinders can take a business to the next level.

The standard width of both grinders puts them within the legal transport width in any country.

The 2400X comes standard with a 188 horsepower electronic diesel engine, while the 3000X has engine options from 350-577 horsepower. Both are available with electric power.

Continental Biomass IndustriesContinental Biomass Industries

Continental Biomass Industries (CBI) recently premiered its Magnum Force 6400CT horizontal grinder and chipper.

The 6400 is an extreme duty machine, engineered for resilience and high production when grinding whole trees, pallets, storm debris, logs, mulch, slash, and stumps.

The new cassette-style clam shell design allows end users to completely swap out rotors faster than any other grinder in its class, says CBI. Operators can go from grinding to chipping in half the time as before, and accept jobs with various material demands.

Four interchangeable rotors give this horizontal grinder the versatility needed to stay on top of changing markets, says the company. The 6400 can be converted into a whole tree chipper by installing the 2-pocket or 4-pocket rotor to produce fuel chips and microchip feedstock for producing wood pellets. For forestry debris and mulch processing, the forged drum rotor with 4” hammers and reversible tips provides top performance and maximum production.

The newest Magnum Force grinder is the 6400CT-SE, which is now available as a stationary electric unit.

The Magnum Force product line is available at these Canadian dealers, websites below.

Diamond Z ManufacturingDiamond Z Manufacturing

Diamond Z Manufacturing recently introduced its new Diamond Z DZH7000TKT horizontal grinder. The company says that this model is a significant development, describing it as the largest horizontal grinder available today, featuring the toughness and innovation that only a Diamond Z grinder can provide. Diamond Z Manufacturing says that it is a high-production machine that can tackle any challenge.


For 30 years, Rotochopper has been turning wood waste into profitable opportunities. Many of these opportunities can be found within the logging and sawmilling industries.

With up to 1050 horsepower, the Rotochopper B-66 L-Series and Rotochopper B-66 high-volume grinders efficiently process logging residue, cull logs, and whole trees, to deliver premium products like landscape mulch, playground cushion, fuel, and animal bedding.

The Rotochopper FP-66 is said to be uniquely scaled to the needs of forestry operations, packing high-volume features into a mid-sized grinder. Rotochopper says that its grinders are easy to operate and versatile, on tires or crawler tracks, wherever a customer needs to grind wood waste. The SB-24 E features an infeed and grinding chamber specially designed to efficiently process pliable slabwood, bark, and other feedstocks.


Bandit Industries says that its whole tree chippers throw chips with tremendous velocity, fully packing the largest trailers without the need for power-robbing auxiliary chip throwers. Even outfitted with a dedicated micro chip drum producing ¼” micro chips, Bandit whole tree chippers are able to fill trailers faster while producing a better end product. Customers can choose from disc or drum-style, with capacities ranging from 18” to 36”.

Featuring a powerful five-wheel feed system, the model 3090 takes Bandit’s unique Slide Box Feed System to the next level of power. This high-volume, 24” capacity chipper features a 30” by 36” throat opening, allowing it to pull in, crush and compress whole trees and forked branches with ease. It’s available with a standard or micro chip drum for biomass applications.


The Vermeer HG6800TX horizontal grinder offers a high horsepower engine on a tracked machine with a compact design. Featuring 950 hp in a 92,000-lb class, and an infeed design designed specifically for feeding larger materials such as whole trees and large stumps, the new grinder is built to power through tough materials with less operator interaction, according to the company.


The stationary, electric Peterson 5050H delimber debarker disc chipper produces high quality low bark content chips for wood pulp and pellets, processing whole trees in one continuous operation.

Equipped with a large feed throat, the 5050H can accept up to a 23” diameter single tree or multiple smaller stems.

The 5050H can be configured with a three or four pocket disc, with several optional sheave sizes to make precisely the chip required. Chipping production rates up to 136 tonnes per hour can be achieved depending on chip size and wood characteristics.

Peterson’s heavy-duty 66” diameter, 4¾” thick chipper disc has replaceable ½” wear plates. Traditional Babbitt-type knives or Key Knife components are available.

The stationary 5050H can be configured from 600 to 1000 hp at the disc depending on the needs of an application. An additional 600 hp electric motor powers the needs of the hydraulic system.

Logging and Sawmilling Journal

On the Cover:
Alberta forest company Millar Western recently invested in a new Andritz 35-tonne overhead portal crane for the log yard at their sawmill in Whitecourt, and some $10 million into completely modernizing the Whitecourt planer mill. Investments have also been made in the Whitecourt sawmill’s primary breakdown line. Read all about the upgrade beginning on page 18 of this issue (Cover shot by Tony Kryzanowski).

Biofuel projects planned for Alberta—and maybe Newfoundland
British biofuel company AEG has switched its focus to Western Canada and the U.S., but it is still interested in a biofuel plant for Newfoundland.

From farming to forestry…
The Lusted Family started out in farming, but made the transition to logging back in 1995, and has grown significantly since then—these days it has upwards of 20 pieces of equipment to do harvesting work in B.C.’s southern interior.

Millar Western starts its second century...with mill upgrades
Millar Western recently celebrated its 100th anniversary, and the Alberta forest products company has started its second century in business with a capital expenditures bang—by investing $36 million in its operations.

Equipment Combo
Logging contractor Ian Kerr is working with smaller Canadian and European logging equipment to thin the forests of B.C.’s West Kootenays region, leaving a light footprint—and achieving better wood utilization.

Canada’s Top Lumber Producers!
Logging and Sawmilling Journal’s annual ranking of Canada’s Top Lumber Producers, and industry outlook, co-ordinated with top ranked industry consultants Forest Economic Advisors (FEA).

Equipment evolution
Christian Roy followed a steady path toward becoming a mechanized logging contractor, with his equipment evolving—his highly efficient harvest team now consists of two Ponsse Scorpion harvesters and a Ponsse Elephant King forwarder.

The Edge
Included in this edition of The Edge, Canada’s leading publication on research in the forest industry, are stories from Alberta Innovates, Canadian Wood Fibre Centre (CWFC) and FPInnovations.

The Last Word
Canada has won the interim softwood lumber tariff fight, but a long term trade reset is needed, says Tony Kryzanowski.


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