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Alliance Tire to supplyJohn Deere forestry models

Alliance Tire Americas Inc (ATA) says that its Primex brand forestry tires are now offered on John Deere’s 640L-II, 648L-II, 748L-II, 848L-II and 948L-II log skidders and on Deere’s 643L-II and 848L-II wheeled feller-bunchers.

Alliance forestry tires have been original equipment (OE) fitments on Deere’s forwarders built in Europe and on several other top forestry equipment brands manufactured in the U.S. for years. ATA says that its Alliance and Primex forestry tires are highly regarded in the replacement market for logging tires and are in widespread use.

“The forestry market is rough—from the challenges to the tires to the competitiveness of the industry,” says Eric Lasko, OE Account Manager for ATA. “It’s exciting to see new machinery rolling off the line on Primex LogMonster, Primex LogStomper Xtremes and on our line of Alliance 342, 343 and 346 logging tires.”

The company achieved Partner Level status as a supplier to John Deere in 2017 and 2018.

Lim Geomatics and FPInnovations sign licensing agreement for FPDat II and FPTrak

Lim Geomatics has assumed the licensing, operation, and support for FPDat II and FPTrak, the integrated platform developed by FPInnovations to improve the performance of harvesting equipment and decrease the overall cost of forest operations.

All existing customers who use the platform to plan, execute, and monitor harvests across Canada can expect a smooth transition without interruption or impact to their day-to-day operations, says the company. Lim Geomatics has domain expertise with the development and maintenance of smart tracking geospatial systems for the forest industry.

Clients may continue to contact their distributors for new purchases and technical support. Furthermore, all user agreements and warranties remain in effect and have been assigned to Lim Geomatics as of January 1, 2020 and are fully valid.

“This agreement reflects the direction FPInnovations is heading,” says Neil Huff, Vice President, Business Development at FPInnovations. “We develop the technology and then study the market to determine a strategy that best supports its commercialization. We have found the perfect partner in Lim Geomatics to continue to upgrade and scale up the platform. Moving forward, our members and the industry will benefit from the availability of the best and latest technology out there.”

AFPAAFPA announces Love Alberta Forests campaign

The Alberta Forest Products Association (AFPA) has launched a ‘Love Alberta Forests’ campaign.

Specifically, the campaign encourages Albertans to talk about sustainability practices including planting, making 200-year plans, and supporting research.

Forest companies plant two trees for every one that is harvested. AFPA members have planted two billion trees in the last 20 years.

Companies also make detailed plans before they harvest that include sustainable harvesting levels, prompt replanting of harvested areas, and considerations for water, wildlife, recreation, and a host of other ecological values.

Alberta forest companies also support extensive research into the province’s forests, including wildlife, water, and mitigation of pests like the mountain pine beetle.

“We are very excited to launch this campaign,” says Paul Whittaker, AFPA President and CEO. “Forestry professionals and forest companies are incredibly passionate about our forests. We have people who have established decades-long careers in our industry and companies that have been handed down through multiple generations.

“This is only possible because we love what we do and we love our forests. The steps that have been taken by past generations have ensured a sustainable resource for us today, and we’re working hard every day to make practices even better.”

The campaign website is

wallingfordWallingford’s Inc. expands Orbit saw chain line

Wallingford’s Inc. is expanding its Orbit saw chain offerings to include both 3/4” and 3/8” pitch chain.

Wallingford’s Inc. launched Orbit saw chain this past March with .404 pitch harvester chain. Orbit saw chain is manufactured with high quality alloy steel and offers professionals with what the company calls the best balance of quality and value in the industry.

The Orbit 3/4” pitch saw chain has micro radius semi-chisel cutters and increased kerf width similar to Orbit .404 pitch chain. The company’s Orbit 3/8” pitch saw chain is full chisel, non-safety chainsaw chain, expanding its offerings to professional loggers using handheld saws.

All Orbit saw chain is manufactured with enhanced multi-layered chrome plating providing excellent durability and wear resistance and complements Wallingford’s Inc.’s line-up of GB harvester bars and ProTOP chainsaw bars with a complete line-up of Orbit harvester and professional chainsaw chain, says the company.

Tigercat announces new line of power clam grapples

Tigercat’s new power clam grapple series is designed for use on its 875 and 880D loggers.

There are three models: the PC08, PC10 and PC12. They are sized for load capacities of 0.8 square metres (8 sq ft), 0.9 square metres (10 sq ft) and 1.1 square metres (12 sq ft).

Using fatigue-resistant welded construction, Tigercat power clam grapples feature durable box-style tongs fabricated from high strength steel. All weld-on tine tips are made from abrasion-resistant steel and can be replaced. The jaw profile rolls the logs into the grapple to quickly achieve a full load capacity. The profile is also designed to grip a single 150 mm (6”) diameter stem when completely closed.

Routing the hoses over the boom and under the connecting pin maximizes boom hose protection. The unique cylinder guard design allows easy hose access and reduces the need for large covers.

A multi-section proportional control valve provides generous flow and enhanced timing as spools can be independently tuned. The fixed displacement piston motor is coupled with a two-stage planetary gearbox that provides ample rotational speed and torque.

A Tigercat-designed crossover relief valve, directly bolted to the piston motor, features a float setting and provides charged make-up oil for smoother control, and to prevent jerky stops.

Canadian Institute Of Forestry announces Mark Pearson as executive director

The Canadian Institute of Forestry (CIF) has appointed Mark Pearson as Executive Director.

With over 20 years of executive-level experience in Canada’s public service, CIF says that Pearson’s leadership and strategic thinking will ensure effective engagement with the current membership while inspiring confidence and pride for future members to join the CIF.

“Mark is uniquely qualified to advance the knowledge, skills, sections and networks for our membership and help strengthen the Institute and Canada’s forest sector,” says Luc Rainville, President of CIF.

Formed in 1908, the CIF is the national voice of forest practitioners and many others with a professional interest in forestry. The Institute’s 19 sections strive to provide national leadership in forestry, promote competency among forestry professionals, and foster public awareness of Canadian and international forestry issues.

Nokian TyresNokian Tyres offers digital tire monitoring system

The vehicles we drive and work with are becoming increasingly digital—from fleet management and remote diagnostics to data driven logistics, autonomous vehicles, Internet of Things and much more. But while the tires are a crucial factor in a safe, efficient and economical operation, they have been all but invisible in terms of gathering digital real-time data.

The new Nokian Tyres Intuitu solution makes tapping into this data easy and simple, allowing owners to get more out of their tires while worrying less.

As a forerunner in special tires, Nokian Tyres has taken the first step towards digital, real-time tire management. Nokian Tyres Intuitu combines sensor-equipped smart tires with a mobile application that records the sensor data from tires, keeping the user informed with vital tire pressure and temperature data.

Logging and Sawmilling Journal

On the Cover:
In terms of operations and equipment, the status quo does not work for Andrew Johnson of Wolf Lake Logging and A&K Timber—he’s all about constantly improving his logging operations on B.C.’s Vancouver Island. The latest example of the constant improvements is now at work: the John Deere 959ML tilting hoe chucker/shovel logger (Cover photo by Paul MacDonald).

New forest management standards for FSC
The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) has launched a new national forest management standard, and it includes new or changed requirements in areas such as aboriginal rights and woodland caribou recovery.

New Deere hoe chucker gets coastal workout
Andrew Johnson of Wolf Lake Logging and A&K Timber is all about constantly improving his logging operations on Vancouver Island, and the latest example of the constant improvements was recently put to work: the John Deere 959ML tilting hoe chucker.

Small sawmill prepares for big investment
Ontario’s Papasay sawmill is preparing for some significant equipment investments as they continue the move into value-added wood products.

Hoe chucking in the Rockies—with Chucky
Alberta’s Caber Logging works in some very high elevation areas in the Rockies—where mountain goats call home—and they are using some specialized equipment, including their own home-built hoe chucker, nicknamed “Chucky”.

Fibre win all the way around
A new program in the B.C. Interior is providing jobs in the bush, improving wood fibre utilization and includes delivering fibre to a pulp mill on Vancouver Island—a win all the way around.

Getting the forestry-related digital help you need—now
B.C.-based Tolko Industries has partnered with Epilogue Systems, a developer of a digital adoption platform called Opus, to centralize and standardize documentation, giving employees access to an easy-to-use, single-source portal to quickly obtain information.

The Edge
Included in this edition of The Edge, Canada’s leading publication on research in the forest industry, are stories from Alberta Innovates, Canadian Wood Fibre Centre (CWFC) and FPInnovations.

Tech Update
We take a look at the latest equipment in Hydraulic Grapple Carriages.

The Last Word
The new B.C.-based federal Environment Minister must seek a balance with natural resources, says Tony Kryzanowski.


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