Wellons Canada has been a leading supplier of lumber drying technology for over 40 years. They provide full turnkey continuous dry kiln (CDK) installations.

Offering both greenfield and batch kiln conversion options, Wellons’ CDK drying technology provides significant advantages over traditional batch kilns, says the company. These include providing production guarantees that are always met or exceeded; increased annual drying production; up to 30 per cent thermal energy recovery; improved grade recovery; lower standard deviation on target moisture content; optimal utilization with the kiln always 100 per cent full of lumber; and, more consistent lumber feed through the planer.


Valutec is one of the world’s leading suppliers of timber kilns with more than 4,000 delivered kilns throughout its history. A strong focus on research and development has resulted in more than 20 international patents in technical solutions and guiding principles for drying and control systems.

In recent years, Valutec says that its TC continuous kilns have changed the way sawmills operate with a never-seen-before combination of flexibility, capacity and quality. In a TC kiln, the timber is dried during transport through a number of zones with separate climates.

In November, Valutec will start up its first TC kiln in North America at Pleasant River Lumber in Maine.

“We visited several Swedish sawmills that were using Valutec products and they exceeded our highest expectations in terms of the details, quality of design and energy efficiency,” says Jason Brochu, owner of Pleasant River Lumber. “At the end of the day, it was a very easy decision. Valutec has a product that will position us at the leading edge throughout North America when it comes to drying technology.”

Wagner MetersWagner Meters

Proven for over 50 years in hundreds of mills worldwide, Wagner’s moisture measurement systems and moisture analysis software have provided solutions to minimize wet claims and maximize profits. Providing critical moisture quality control data, mills can also rely on these valuable tools to alleviate product degrade due to overdrying. Using state of the art electromagnetic wave technology, the MC4000 includes recent innovations for in-kiln moisture measurement.

The MC4000 Advanced In-Kiln Moisture Measurement System enables the kiln operator to monitor the moisture content (MC) of each charge and develop consistent drying time schedules for improved kiln performance and reduced operating costs.


USNR says its Counter Flow Kilns are the largest and most flexible in the industry. They use heating systems that produce 40 mm BTUs from a variety of fuel sources including steam, shavings, green fuel, and natural gas. This flexibility allows mills to burn the fuel that gives them the most savings. 

The USNR Green Fuel Burner “gasifier” can be manufactured as a hybrid burner using a combination of green sawdust and natural gas independently in the same system. Mills can switch between fuel sources to take advantage of price fluctuations and other market conditions. Having more fuel source options also lets companies continue drying through quarterly clean outs by using gas.

USNR has manufactured dry kilns for over 100 years, and today has the largest installed base in North America, says the company.

DelTech ManufacturingDelTech Manufacturing

BID Group’s DelTech Manufacturing division is a primary manufacturer of Continuous Wood “Dual Path” Dry (DPK) kiln systems, coupled with biomass-fueled energy systems, consisting of dry and green sawdust burner systems, with steam, thermal oil and/or hotwater as an energy souce.

DelTech says that it is the leader in the design, manufacturing and installation of DPK systems with over 47 operating installations and with seven systems under construction.

The DelTech system is designed around many customer oriented solutions, allowing for flexibility in the drying process, with the objective of assisting the customer’s base to achieve a higher productivity rate, lower standard deviation, lower energy consumption per unit dried, resulting in an increased grade recovery. DelTech says that it is committed to bringing innovative and economical solutions to the industry with continuous in-house R&D and collaboration with industry professionals.


Eberl is a German-based kiln manufacturer that has been manufacturing high efficiency vacuum kilns and specialty container-type kilns since 1999. The company now has over 550 installations world-wide drying a variety of high value wood products including dimension stock, live edge slabs and large dimension timbers. This technology is now available in Canada.

Steaming certain hardwoods for color control can also be conducted with the vacuum kilns. The container kilns are primarily designed for drying thinner stock material, heat treating pallets and lumber, and drying firewood.

One innovation that has developed strong interest is the Eberl V-Premium, high efficiency, heat pump vacuum kiln. The energy saving heat pump V-Premium vacuum kiln is well-suited for clients with no or limited on-site thermal capacity such as steam or hot water.

All Eberl vacuum kilns accept standard stickered lumber packs. Kiln capacities can range from 1,500 to 30,000 board feet.


One of the biggest cost factors in producing lumber is thermal energy. With Muehlboeck’s drying systems Type 1003, already in operation at many sawmills, these costs are reduced by about half, says the company. The energy in the exhaust air is used for the drying process in a different part of the kiln.

The automated door system ensures heat loss is greatly reduced, but more importantly high capacity, high quality lumber output is guaranteed.

Muehlboeck’s innovative continuous dry kiln (CDK) systems, such as Dynamic & Flow, also bring logistic yard benefits due to automatic unidirectional lumber transport with custom-made buffers for loading and unloading, which reduces operating costs by eliminating the need for nighttime forklift operation.

Because of these advantages, Delco Forest Products Ltd in New Brunswick decided on one of Muehlboeck’s largest CDK’s for 100 million board feet. Installation is currently being completed.

EBI ElectricEBI Electric

Since 1995, EBI Electric says that it has been a manufacturer of a top quality brand of high temperature, totally enclosed, dry kiln duty motors of unsurpassed durability and long-term reliability.

From 1 to 30 horsepower, 900, 1200 and 1800 RPM, EBI motors are used by lumber dry kiln manufacturers and sawmills in North and South America, Europe and Australia.

EBI dry kiln duty motors are available through a North American distributor network for quick availability. They are built in NEMA or IEC frames for North American or European dry kiln users.

EBI kiln motors are rated at 120oC (248oF) ambient temperature. They come with regreasable or sealed bearings and with custom length connection wires depending on each customer preference.

Nova Dry KilnNova Dry Kiln

Nova Dry Kiln is a world-wide manufacturer of lumber dry kiln systems. They are designed to produce a brighter, higher quality, kiln dried product using the company’s unique calibrated powered exhaust.

The small and medium size dry kiln systems are suitable for installation in any climate, including high wind load and high snow load. R-20 insulation is standard.

The lightweight door design consists of an aluminum frame and stretch skin aluminum panels with moisture-resistant insulation. A tight door seal enables conditioning and equalization of lumber without reintroducing moisture into the chamber. Nova Dry Kilns are designed by woodworkers for woodworkers, says the company.

Brunner HildebrandBrunner Hildebrand

Brunner Hildebrand has been serving the lumber industry for almost 70 years and has developed unique products, such as the world´s largest vacuum dryer HIGH VAC or the Hildebrand Continuous Kiln Alexander.

Recently, the company introduced brand new Hildebrand Weight Precision Technology (HWPT), which is capable of weighing entire lumber stacks in wireless mode. In contrast to the former Brunner Hildebrand in-kiln-probe-system, this is a massive improvement because it produces more accurate results and it may easily be integrated into the daily work routine by using weighing devices looking just like regular 4x4s. Customers benefit by a superb level of accuracy and its practical implementation, says the company.

The latest kiln development by Brunner Hildebrand is the HCK, the all-rounder among continuous kilns. It is designed for mills that produce large volumes of lumber, such as dimension SPF. It features individual drying zones, which are customized to the drying state and moisture of the lumber passing through.


Smithco says that its propellers are the industry standard for a reason. High quality, high performance, and unrivaled expertise combine to make Smithco products an excellent value, the company says. It has even added custom hardware options for applications that may need extra corrosion resistance or special materials.

Smithco has decades of knowledge and expertise, and it offers engineering and application support to its customers to ensure that they get the airflow they need in their kilns. The company works closely with its customers at the design stage, and also with sawmills operating Smithco propellers.

Smithco’s focus on customer service means it keeps lead times short. It keeps a large stock of its most common products, and can even provide custom propeller diameters with surprisingly fast turnaround time.


Nyle Dry Kilns has over 42 years of experience in the lumber industry. Selling more than 7,500 kilns worldwide to date, they have made their mark as a leading manufacturer of dry kiln solutions, offering dehumidification, indirect gas as well as steam and hot water kilns. Nyle specializes in dehumidification units for their many advantages. They are efficient both from a cost-to-purchase and a cost-to-own basis. Their high energy efficiency means operating costs can be up to 60 per cent less than other conventional lumber kilns in some cases. Nyle units are known for their superior drying capability, easy to use controls, and long life. Because all their units and components are built in-house, Nyle is able to perform highly custom services to fit any need.


Lignomat provides networked kiln and pre-dryer control systems.

Users can control access from any popular web browser running on any computer or mobile device. The system can be accessed locally on user networks or remotely via the user’s VPN. A touchscreen panel is available as an option.

The Lignomat system automatically sends alerts on select critical kiln conditions via email or text message, giving personnel the information they need to take immediate action.

It also allows users to optimize moisture content-based schedules with integrated sample scales and integrated interactive sample spreadsheets.

finna groupFinna Sensors

Did you know your mill can save as much as 10% on its energy costs, just by optimizing its lumber drying and control strategies? The KilnScout wireless in-kiln moisture meter from Finna Sensors gives you the power of optimization by reporting accurate lumber moisture content during kiln drying. Powered by direct in-kiln moisture content input, KilnScout features real-time moisture and temperature readings, advanced reporting software and remote monitoring options to optimize batch and continuous kilns. No more costly manual feedback loop between planer and kiln. Now, KilnScout’s real-time readings control drying, save energy, improve grade recovery and increase profit.

Logging and Sawmilling Journal
October 2019

On the Cover:
James and Susan Willis manage J.A. Willis Contracting with ambition, strict business acumen, with a focus on efficient and productive equipment and highly motivated operators—it’s a powerful formula. Part of their core equipment is a Tigercat 845 harvester James first started using in B.C.—and continues to use in the logging operation they now run in New Brunswick, which now has a staggering 70,000 hours on it. The Willis logging operation also includes some recently acquired equipment such as the new Peterbilt truck with BWS quad trailer pictured on the cover. Read all about the Willis operation beginning on page 18 of this issue (Cover photo by George Fullerton).

B.C. hard hit by mill closures, curtailments
British Columbia—particular the Interior of the province—has been hit hard by sawmill closures and curtailments, and it is having a definite, and big, ripple effect on the logging sector, says the new general manager of the Interior Logging Association, Todd Chamberlain.

First Nations keeping the wood flow happening
First Nations and Métis communities are playing a key role in keeping the wood flow happening at Tolko Industries’ OSB plant in High Prairie Alberta, with a First Nations corporation managing all the log yard activities at the operation.

Opting for off-species
New Brunswick’s Tony Boyd took a somewhat circuitous route to sawmilling, via the trades and logging, but he’s now established a solid business producing custom wood products from a variety of off-species in the region.

A logging package that delivers
James Willis has logged in the West and East, working with the same dependable, productive Tigercat 845 buncher, though these days he has a new Log Max 6000V head, and opted for the Rotobec continuous rotator, a package that delivers the goods.

Taking care of business
B.C.’s Homalco First Nation is looking to build up its forestry operations, to make optimum use of their logging equipment—and to continue to grow its business and provide jobs and training for the band’s members.

The Edge
Included in this edition of The Edge, Canada’s leading publication on research in the forest industry, are stories from Alberta Innovates, Canadian Wood Fibre Centre (CWFC) and FPInnovations.

The Last Word
Canada’s softwood lumber negotiating strategy is hurting, not helping, forestry workers, says Tony Kryzanowski.


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