TECH-UPDATE: Canter head and knife systems

Key KnifeKey Knife

Key Knife says that its high performing customer base is the driving force behind its latest product evolution, HY2 SPIRAL.

The new chipping solution was developed to aid mills in their effort to increase canter feed rates to unprecedented levels, some in excess of 900 fpm.

HY2 SPIRAL heads use a spiral knife configuration that produces a smooth cutting action, especially prominent in large depths of cuts. Also, the SPIRAL configuration uses a shared high capacity gullet design that is critical when removing material at high rates.

Key Knife says that many of its customers have already upgraded from their first-gen HY2 heads to HY2 SPIRAL heads, and are achieving new production records, as well as benefitting from improved board finish and chip quality.

HY2 SPIRAL heads are value-engineered to deliver the highest level of performance and reliability, while keeping operating costs low, says the company. Consumable parts are standardized to allow for rotation, and to keep inventory costs low. The long lasting Ridge XL Knife is rehonable, in many cases multiple times, which significantly reduces knife costs. Additional value adding features that significantly prolong part life include a new hard surface on counterknives, and extended counterknives that protect segments from wear.

New Brunswick’s GL Wood ProductsLINCK

At LIGNA 2019 in May in Hannover, Germany, LINCK will present a new generation of cutter heads for its chipper canters. The number of knives of this three-step cutter head can vary between three and six depending on the requested chip length. For producing fine chips, the number of knives in the first step can be doubled.

In contrast to the previous knife disc which has a truncated cone shape, the new generation cutter head is designed with a cylindrical outer disc. This flattening leads to a reduced disc diameter. The rollers in front of and behind the chipper canter can thus move closer to allow a better guiding of short logs.

This new generation includes all well-known advantages of today’s available cutter heads, such as guide disc, the possibility to change from saw rings to dressing knives, the use of regrindable knives and the production of high quality chips.

New Brunswick’s GL Wood ProductsComact

Comact, a division of the BID Group, has launched its propriety disposable chipping knife system and new line of chipping heads.

Comact says that Blade 4.0 is the most advanced disposable chipping knife system on the market. The unique patent pending clamping design ensures quick and accurate positioning of the blade in the holder. Knife changes are easier and faster, while cleaning of the contact surfaces is reduced to a minimum, saving time and money.

Developed at its new, state-of-the-art Research and Development Centre, specific attention was given to the quality of the steel to create a more durable knife edge that resists wear and abrasion. Lumber finish is improved while knife changes and downtime are reduced.

BID Group chipping head designs are available in various versions: conical, cylindrical and profiling.

With over 35 years of experience and facilities throughout North America, BID Group is a leading integrated supplier of turnkey solutions for equipment, technology, data analytics, and service to the forest products industry. The BLADE 4.0 disposable chipping knife system and chipping heads now add a personalized tooling solution to the company’s offering.

AndritzAndritz Iggesund Tools

Innovation is the mantra at Andritz Iggesund Tools. Since it pioneered the solid canter head with its disposable TurnKnife system in 2003 called the Powerhead, the company has delivered over 700 chipping heads to mills all over North America.

Andritz Iggesund Tools has optimized the design of its chipping heads and TurnKnife System, introducing its Next Generation Powerhead (NG) to ensure that its mill customers have the absolute best options for canter heads.

Larger face plates to keep the cant stable, knife counts up to 10, ability to work with feed speeds over 700 fpm, and improved chip evacuation are just a few improvements on the Powerhead NG.

Andritz Iggesund Tools delivers its heads to all of the OEM suppliers of canter lines to help them meet customer demands from either a new processing line or a revamped one.

Andrtiz Iggesund Tools says that its Powerhead NG has proven to be the most economical, trouble-free chipping head available to mills today. With its durable construction, and coupled with its TurnKnife System, this gives mills the worry-free operations they need, the company says.

Logging and Sawmilling Journal
March 2019

On the Cover:
Saskatchewan’s Freedom Logging harvests about 283,000 cubic metres annually, primarily for the Tolko OSB plant near Meadow Lake, and the logging outfit has a long association with John Deere equipment, including Deere skidders, as the backbone of their logging fleet. Read all about the operation beginning on page 44 of this issue. (Cover photo by Tony Kryzanowski)

Fighting wildfires—at the community level
Local governments in B.C. are doing what they can to reduce the devastating effects wildfires can have on forests—and the communities within those forests.

Solid safety record on steep slopes
B.C. coastal logging operation CoastFibre has invested big time in steep slope logging equipment—and that investment has paid off in a solid safety record.

BC Saw Filers’ Convention coming up
Logging and Sawmilling Journal previews the upcoming BC Saw Filers’ Convention, to be held in Kamloops, B.C. April 25 to 27, which promises to be a great exhibition of all the latest in technology, products and services in saw filing.

Top Lumber Producers – Who’s on Top?
Logging and Sawmilling Journal’s exclusive annual listing of Canada’s Top Lumber Producers, produced in co-operation with industry consultants, FEA Group.

Fitting all the pieces together ...
Working with a solid crew—and employing Tigercat, Rottne and Log Max equipment—New Brunswick logger Carter Dixon is finding he has all the pieces for a successful logging operation.

Dealing with substance abuse…in the sawmill
Ontario sawmill reps have identified substance abuse as the top health and safety risk in the workplace—and now have some action suggestions on how to deal with it.

Building the base…
Saskatchewan’s Freedom Logging started operations in the jaws of the economic downturn, and has gradually built its volume—and its equipment base—to the point that it now has more than triple the cut that it started with, in 2008.

Equipment evolution
Ontario logger Dave Quehl has made the move into cut-to-length harvesting, and his equipment line-up has evolved—with a Caterpillar 521B tracked harvester with a Quadco 5660 head and John Deere 1510E forwarder now fitting the bill.

Catching a great wood products market
New Brunswick’s GL Wood Products has established a very unique market niche: producing lumber components for fish boxes for shipping smoked and salted fish to overseas markets.

The Edge
Included in this edition of The Edge, Canada’s leading publication on research in the forest industry, are stories from the Canadian Wood Fibre Centre and FPInnovations.

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