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The Wheeler Equipment Super 88 swing yarderWheeler Equipment

The Wheeler Equipment Super 88 swing yarder ships at 93,800 lbs with lines and fuel.

It is equipped with a twin disc TD-44-1131 transmission, with four speeds forward and four speeds reverse, and a twin disc 8FLW 1601 single stage torque converter. It also has a 6090HF485, 350 hp, 2200 rpm, John Deere engine.

The intermediate drive shaft assembly, which includes the straw drum unit, is driven by a belt from the power plant.

The rear main, haulback, and strawline drums are equipped with hydraulic actuated clutches and hydraulic parking brakes. The front main is equipped with a hydraulic actuated clutch and a spring set parking brake. The front main can be rotated in the opposite direction from the rear main to pull slack for a dropline carriage or to operate a grapple. The haulback drum is interlocked to the main drum by means of clutches and two gears, one for inhaul and one for outhaul.

Two guy drums are standard, each powered in either direction by an independent hydraulic motor and chain drive. Guy drums are held in place by spring set, hydraulic released dogs. The guy lines are used to raise and lower the boom and “A” frame.

The swing unit assembly is powered by a vane-type hydraulic motor, with gears and pinions housed in a fabricated steel case.

Technical Forest SolutionsTechnical Forest Solutions

New Zealand’s EMS has introduced a hydraulic mobile yarder called Harvestline to the North American market.

The Harvestline mobile yarder, in conjunction with a motorized grapple carriage called the Hawkeye, has been operating in New Zealand for several years and is proven technology, providing good results for its customers, says the company. The Harvestline and Hawkeye are now available in the United States and Canada through North American distributor, Technical Forest Solutions, through its U.S. and a Canadian dealer network. The Harvestline mobile yarding system is a purpose-built hydraulic driven yarding system that provides high cycle times, good pulling power, quick mobilization, precise control and no guy lines. The Harvestline is a fully integrated operating system, making it extremely easy to operate. The operator interfaces with the Harvestline using a 15” monitor that also displays the video footage from the onboard camera in the grapple carriage.

Technical Forest SolutionsMadill Equipment

Madill says its purpose-built logging equipment has set the standard in performance, productivity and longevity for over 60 years. Its heritage of rugged, tried and true forestry machines ensures both reliability and durability for the most demanding logging environments, according to the company.

The Madill 124 is a large, fully interlocking swing yarder powered by a Volvo D13 Tier IV 469 hp turbocharged engine, mated to an Allison 4500 OFS, fully automatic, powershift-capable, transmission with auto lock-up torque converter.

A large, multi-function display provides the operator with critical engine and winch information while supporting custom set-up for many yarding operations. The 124 uses a forestry undercarriage, boasts a 60’ yarding boom and offers three guy lines and equal drum reversing as standard. Ideally suited to grapple logging, Madill says that this is the premium swing yarder in the industry.

Technical Forest SolutionsIntegral Equipment

B.C.-based Integral Equipment is supplying the Alpine shovel yarder and Alpine grapple carriage to North America. Although new to North America, the Alpine product line has been thoroughly tested globally, says the company.

The latest model is a two-drum interlock with an optional third drum skyline which mounts on an excavator, mated with the Alpine grapple carriage. This swinging yarder system can yard 450 metres with a 3/4” superswage haulback and mainline, without the need for guy lines.  

The Alpine winch’s drive system is what sets it apart, according to the company. The technology in the winches provides smooth lift, high speeds, and braking without producing excessive hydraulic heat and wear and tear. 

Technical Forest SolutionsTeleforest

Teleforest Inc manufactures and sells the Sky-Log system, a unique concept to transport logs in hard-to-reach areas.

The premium Sky-Log has a self-propelled carriage with a remote-controlled and laser-guided hook. The carriage moves on a free hanging cable between two excavators connected by winches and masts. The force of gravity is an advantage for tree hauling downhill. It reduces operational costs by 40 per cent, says the company.

The excavators’ and anchorless masts’ mobility results in effective equipment utilization. Sky-Log allows operations in flat, damp areas, marshlands and mountain slopes. Teleforest says that this product differs from others by: reducing costs of operation; ease of operation; and improving worker safety and equipment mobility.

Technical Forest SolutionsT-Mar Industries

For years, an aging fleet of log yarders on the B.C. Coast has provided loggers with a productive and reliable method of retrieving logs from rugged terrain.

These machines are coming to the end of their days, and with demand for wood products increasing, suitable replacement equipment is tough to find. This concern has been echoed by loggers around the globe. This is where the story of T-Mar’s Log Champ Yarders begins.

T-Mar Industries says that it has designed completely new swing yarders from the ground up. Jim Mantle, Ed Hughes and the T-Mar engineering team have drawn on their years of experience in yarder design to manufacture the most modern, versatile and the most efficient yarders possible.

Designed for steep slope logging, the Log Champ 550 and 650 yarders are built in B.C.

Logging and Sawmilling Journal
September 2018

On the Cover:
A new Sennebogen 830 M-T at the Cameron River Logistics operation in northern B.C. moves 16-foot CTL logs from truck to rail for the Dunkley sawmill. Watch for the next issue of Logging and Sawmilling Journal, and a feature story on how a Sennebogen 830 M-T log handler’s stacking ability has boosted yard capacity for Saskatchewan’s Edgewood Forest Products (Photo courtesy of Sennebogen).

Securing safer sawmills
Forest industry veteran—and safety advocate—Kerry Douglas has seen safety become a higher priority over the course of his 48-year career, with more focus on mill safety, especially in areas like dust containment.

B.C.’s Conifex Timber goes south…
B.C.-based Conifex Timber is doubling its production capacity with major sawmill investments in the U.S. South—including a significant upgrade to its El Dorado mill.

Capital investment delivers production boost
Ontario sawmiller Lavern Heideman & Sons has invested $17 million in its operations, and it has paid off big time, with an expected production boost of 60 per cent.

Idaho mill gets high tech makeover
The Idaho sawmill of Woodgrain Millwork is definitely on the upswing, thanks to a high tech makeover with equipment from suppliers, including HewSaw and Bosch Rexroth.

Going full tilt…
Tilt Contracting’s Russ Parsons has grown his operation, thanks to a strong focus on having logging equipment that delivers on B.C.’s steep slopes—and counts himself fortunate for having a solid crew, both at work and on the home front.

Upping veneer volume
Family-owned ATCO Wood Products has been able to double its production of veneer products over the last five years, with a series of smaller equipment upgrades and changes—and a team approach at the company.

Sawmilling is sometimes like a box of chocolates…
Operating a small sawmill for Saskatchewan’s Vernon Heatwole can be like Forest Gump’s box of chocolates, in that he never knows what kind of unusual lumber order the next phone call will bring.

Keeping their options open—even with logging equipment
Maintaining their independence and keeping their options open—including being open to buying and selling equipment at any time—has paid off for veteran logging operation D & L Rehn Contracting.

Mountains of wood residue
A hog fuel working group that had sought workable solutions to the problems presented by the growing volumes of wood residues on the B.C. Coast has found there are no easy solutions to dealing with these mini-mountains of residual wood.

Saskatchewan sawmiller Dean Christiansen has taken a leap forward in equipment with an upgrade to a Wood-Mizer LT70 electric band sawmill, which has allowed him to double his production potential.

The Edge
Included in this edition of The Edge, Canada’s leading publication on research in the forest industry, are stories from the Canadian Wood Fibre Centre and Alberta Innovates.

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Tech Update: Yarders

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