With the features, capabilities, and scanning options that make it a leader in the industry, USNR says that its bucking optimizer combines dense 3D scan data with the power of today’s high speed computers to let users get the maximum value from every stem.

The system is fully customizable to fit exact needs. It completely models downstream machine centres with capabilities for fixed pattern breakdown, removing waste pieces from the middle of the stem, configurable routing codes for log sorts, and more to help increase grade, recovery, and value.

The Lasar2 sensor is a full-coverage, high-resolution, 3D scanner ideal for large transverse deck bucking systems. Commonly combined with USNR’s bucking optimizer, Lasar2 rapidly scans logs and stems with unparalleled resolution and data density and is immune to high levels of ambient light.

For over 40 years, USNR has been a leader in scanning, optimization, and process control technologies, with hundreds of systems operating around the world.

Endurance EquipmentEndurance Equipment

Endurance Equipment says that its stem merchandizer is an ultimate high speed stem breakdown system.

It processes stems into fully optimized blocks at rates of up to 14 tree length stems per minute. With its transverse configuration, the vertical carriage saw modules cut stems into optimized blocks in one continuous motion, without stem repositioning.

It comes with a rotary positioner. The electric gate pre-positions the next stem to be cut during the sawing cycle.

Blocks are optimized/cut to suit breakdown equipment specific to the mill. Block lengths are always dimensionally consistent and overcut can easily be changed as needed.

Defect cuts can be removed anywhere along the stem length transversely without lineal stem movement. The operator can perform lily pad cuts on an as-needed basis or automatically via the bucking software.

Log sizes from 3” to 38” diameter and stem lengths to 70” can be processed.

Stem merchandizing is offered in a variety of configurations and sizes to suit the customer’s layout and production requirements.


LogPro says that it has been a leader in the innovation of high speed merchandizer systems for more than two decades. With those years of experience, it has refined its system for safety, performance and durability, adding that more mills continue to choose its log bucking system because it is among the most accurate and highest producing systems available today.

Ensuring the safety of both operators and the investment, the LogPro design incorporates redundant positioning measuring systems, a safety gate system, balanced saw arms to naturally retract in a power failure emergency and electro mechanical safety brakes on travel drives. These improvements eliminate historical concerns with hydraulic linear cylinders.

Electric powered designs offer smooth and accurate bucking at high piece rates of up to 16 stems per minute, and the all-electric design reduces energy consumption by at least 40 per cent over previous systems. With saws positioned via flux vector electronic drives with encoder feedback, merchandized length accuracy is reliable and consistent. If needed, the infinite travel of electric saw module positioning allows most mills to easily expand for higher throughput by adding additional shifting saws.


Established in Quebec City in 1920, S.Huot Inc has specialized over the years in log handling and processing in the front end of sawmills, including slashing systems.

Based on the species and quality of sawmill logs, S.Huot says that it might be an option to choose an optimized slashing system where companies will get the most out of the logs, and therefore be more efficient and reduce costs.

Each and every log is scanned and positioned on the slasher deck before going to the slasher where it will be cut to get the most out of it.

Such a system could allow sawmills to cut waste up to 10 per cent, meaning more quality lumber with the same supply. S.Huot says that the system pays for itself.

West Coast industrialWest Coast Industrial

West Coast Industrial’s log bucking systems allow the wood industry to cut any length log and anywhere, with no limitations of log location in relation to steel carrying arms. They are robustly built to last. West Coast Industrial has an exclusive sequential segment discharge option to control block gap in the mill. Delivery is still available in 2019.


Springer-Microtec’s stem merchandizing system integrates state-of-the-art Microtec scanning and optimization and reliable Springer high speed mechanical bucking to achieve the best possible merchandizer solution for this all important first processing decision in the sawmill.

The Microtec Logeye Multi-sensor log scanner uses 3D scanning, high-res color and X-ray technologies to determine the true shape and internal quality of the stem, either before or after the debarker. The Logeye scanner has the added benefit of being the first and only log scanner in North America in use for government certified volume measurement, allowing new possibilities for automatic log scaling. Microtec’s iNTEROPT optimizer then optimizes the bucking of each full length stem into saw or veneer blocks, using user-defined cutting pattern, quality and shape parameters. Every possible combination of active block products is evaluated for both external geometric and internal defects to produce the highest value for each stem.

The execution of the optimal bucking solution is then implemented by Springer’s high speed merchandizer, featuring dual log pushers and up to eight moveable saws. The unique waste handling design ensures efficient processing of waste pieces, from wafers of a few inches through to longer block lengths, solving what Microtec says has traditionally been a trouble area in transverse merchandizers.

versatile fab & machine Ltd.Versatile Fab & Machine Ltd.

With 35 years of experience designing and fabricating merchandizing systems, Versatile Fab & Machine understands the unique needs of each mill when it comes to log diet, log volume and production requirements.

In addition to turnkey merchandizers and retrofits to existing bucking systems, the company offers log sorting and conveying systems, all-electric traveling saws, defect chop saws and electric log singulators. Log lengths are optimized in the merchandizer through the infinitely variable traveling saws at shifting speeds of 120” to 150” per second.

The cost effective system is shop assembled prior to shipping using off-the-shelf mechanical components for ease of maintenance. The VFM merchandizer offers exceptional access for maintenance and saw filing personnel, for saw changes and regular maintenance. The saw system comes completely pre-wired with “J” boxes for the controls and MCC power. No hydraulics are involved in the VFM merchandizer except for a positioning bumper (if required)

Logging and Sawmilling Journal
October 2018

On the Cover:
Fallers in B.C’s coastal forest industry work in tough ground—and safety is paramount. E&B Helicopters has the back of fallers, and the forest companies, operating on the coast, through providing air transportation and emergency evacuation services. Its Medevac (Medical Evacuation) capable helicopters are able to get in to spots where B.C.’s Air Ambulance Service machines can’t reach. Read all about E&B and its president, Ed Wilcock, and the services it offers to fallers beginning on page 14 of this issue. (Cover photo courtesy of BC Forest Safety Council).

Newfoundland’s new forestry voice
The new Newfoundland and Labrador Forest Industry Association will be better able to present industry’s case to the provincial government—and present it with a common voice.

Rebound at Rutherglen
Columbia Forest Products’ Rutherglen, Ontario veneer mill has reopened and is now looking at expanded production, thanks to a rebound in plywood production—and demand for veneer from a soon-to-be-expanded Columbia plywood plant.

The Go-to-Guys for loggers
E&B Helicopters provides air transportation to coastal forest industry companies, being the go-to-guys for getting loggers to work in remote areas—and sometimes being the first responders in case of serious accidents.

Continuing to battle the beetle in B.C.
The mountain pine beetle infestation in B.C. may be in the forest industry’s rear mirror, but it now has the spruce bark beetle to deal with, and loggers are well into the salvage and control measure mode.

Nine-axle trucks get traction in B.C.
It’s been a bit of a haul, but nine-axle logging trucks have finally gained traction in B.C. now that the rigs’ potential benefits are better understood and appreciated.

Stacking ‘em up in Saskatchewan
A new Sennebogen 830 M-T log handler’s stacking ability has boosted yard capacity for Saskatchewan’s Edgewood Forest Products—and is helping the mill feed the appetite of its new sawline.

The Edge
Included in this edition of The Edge, Canada’s leading publication on research in the forest industry, are stories from the Canadian Wood Fibre Centre, Alberta Innovates and FPInnovations.

The Last Word
Short rotation woody crop deployment in Canada is now at a crossroads, says Tony Kryzanowski.


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