New and Noted at Timber Processing & Energy Expo

By Tony Kryzanowski

The Timber Processing & Energy Expo was recently held in Portland, Oregon, featuring new machinery and technologies from the industry’s leading equipment manufacturers and suppliers, with over 100,000 square feet of exhibition space at the Portland Exposition Center.

Here are some of the highlights from Logging and Sawmilling Journal’s attendance, support and reporting of the TP&EE.

Bid GroupBID Group unveils new Variable Tool Opening debarker

Described as the first true debarking innovation in decades, the BID Group presented its new Variable Tool Opening (VTO) debarker at TP&EE, offered through its COMACT subsidiary.

BID Group says that the VTO offers ultra-high speed and unmatched results in removing bark, while minimizing tear-out and damage to logs.

It has all-electric actuation with no air seal, which contributes to a much higher rim speed. The result is more feet processed per minute. BID Group says that VTO offers the highest possible debarking speeds in today’s market.

It also features a closed loop servo arm control.

A log optimizer installed on the front end of the VTO measures incoming log diameters to pre-position debarker arms to match log profiles as they enter the debarker, resulting in reduced bark content in chips.

The VTO also features a flare butt reducer module with four hour-glass shaped chip heads. The module is capable of working at the same speed as the debarker.

New Autolog GEN 3 log optimizerNew Autolog GEN 3 log optimizer available in January

Autolog’s new GEN 3 log optimizer will be available in January. The company offered a live demonstration of the unit at TP&EE.

It can scan density to 1/2” at 650 ft/min.

It can also replicate any curve sawing from a downstream machine and offers live simulation to compare side by side solutions from live production logs, optimized with different parameters. This provides the advantage of better optimized sawing solutions. An easy comparison tool allows users to analyze multiple simulation results and choose the best solution.

The operator also has the option of choosing a solution based on a risk factor, such as rotation error.

Mechanical log movement is minimized by using the last solution, controlled by a maximum loss factor.

The GEN 3 log optimizer will work with all types of optimized primary log breakdown units, such as log turning, log sorting, chipper canter, twin, quad, etc.

Signode BXT3 hand-held plastic strap tensionerSignode BXT3 hand-held plastic strap tensioner is user friendly with wide tension range

Signode’s battery-powered, BXT3 hand-held plastic strap tensioner works in a wide range of applications, from situations where minimal tension is required to higher tension requirements.

The BXT3 has an intuitive user interface that allows for quick setting adjustments to accommodate production changes quickly and easily. For pressure-sensitive packages, tension levels can be adjusted by pressing a button.

A built-in strap alignment indicator confirms that the strap is inserted and aligned properly before tensioning, minimizing the occurrence of misaligned strap joints. A real-time indication of applied tension provides further confirmation of accurate cycling.

Signode says that a perfectly balanced design, coupled with one-button operation and touchpad adjustments, makes the BXT3 simple to operate.

Bruks Siwertell air elevated conveyerBruks Siwertell air elevated conveyer eliminates idlers and reduces maintenance

The newly-merged entity of Bruks Siwertell introduced its new innovative enclosed conveyor design called the Belt Conveyor at TP&EE, providing a mitigation measure to the issue of dust generation in mills.

The Belt Conveyor is composed of a standard belt supported on a bed of pressurized air over a formed steel trough. This new design eliminates idlers and all the maintenance issues associated with traditional conveyor designs.

The company says most importantly, this innovative design eliminates the safety and environmental issues caused by dust, and mitigates housekeeping that is commonly generated by other conveyor designs.

The Belt Conveyor is described as a simple cradle system that supports the formed carrying trough and covers. A central air manifold provides the air pressure to suspend the belt.

JoescanJoeScan honours contest winner Galloway Lumber

At JoeScan’s TP&EE booth, a group of sawmill industry leaders gathered to toast Galloway Lumber, the winner of the Longest Running JoeScan contest. The announcement ended the months-long search for the longest continually operating JoeScan 3D laser scanner.

With champagne and beer glasses held high, marketing manager Brad Michael and JoeScan founder and president Joey Nelson spoke to the crowd packed around their booth.

During the ceremony, Nelson identified the winning scan head. “This is really special because it’s the very first JoeScan ever installed. It’s still running great, almost sixteen years later.”

The winning scanner first went to work on the bucking line at Galloway’s British Columbia sawmill in February of 2003, or just over 5700 days ago.

“If this isn’t a testament to our ‘Made for Sawmills’ motto, I don’t know what is,” Michael said.

Although there was only one winner in the contest, JoeScan was quick to acknowledge all of the sawmills and systems integrators that have worked with them over the years. “From our oldest partners to our newest friends, you’re the reason we’re here today,” Michael said. “Here’s to sixteen more years of successful sawmill scanning.”

Metal Detectors Inc’s MP5000-XMetal Detectors Inc’s MP5000-X elevates metal detection sensitivity

Metal pieces and wood processing equipment don’t mix. Metal Detectors Inc (MDI) now offers its new MP5000-X digital search coil with new coil geometry for improved stability, clean target signals and improved sensitivity.

It delivers higher signal resolution which improves sensitivity and superior target identification and discrimination, along with expanded environmental interference rejection, and greater stability in extreme temperatures.

MDI has integrated its popular phase calibration board in the MP5000-X, which the company says now makes calibration a breeze.

Brunette features CBI Magnum Force horizontal grinderBrunette features CBI Magnum Force horizontal grinder

In addition to their exhibit area inside, Brunette Machinery displayed the new CBI Magnum Force Stationary electric horizontal grinder/chipper outside the front entrance of the TP&EE.

The machine features interchangeable rotors for either grinding or chipping, a large open-ended feed conveyor for long length material and a unique “Intelligrind Variable Feed System” that automatically adjusts the feed speed of the planetary high-torque feed roller motors for continuous feed based on load. The Intelligrind communication system, with radio remote control, provides real-time system diagnostics, performance measurements, and operating program adjustments. It also monitors fluid levels, temperatures, pressure and issues alerts when needed. With extreme duty frame fabrication and a design engineered for long wear life and easy maintenance, the CBI Magnum Force grinder/chipper offers the lowest cost of operation available, says the company.

Key Knife ILS guide alignment systemKey Knife ILS guide alignment system delivers multiple sawing benefits

With Key Knife’s ILS guide alignment system, water blocks are adjusted on a spherical surface for precise 360° adjustment, ensuring exact 90° alignment of guides to arbor. Benefits include increased recovery by eliminating a saw step, increased lumber quality by reducing lumber deviation, increased production by reducing saw changes and eliminating mid-shift changes, prolonged saw and guide life, and quick and easy guide alignment. The system is custom designed and manufactured to each machine’s specifications, and works with single, double and quad saw systems.

Raptor Integration Log Profiler XRaptor Integration Log Profiler X auto grader offers scanning and machine learning

Raptor Integration offers custom scanning and control systems, employing an array of X-ray, vision, and laser technologies throughout the sawmill and planer mill with the goal of producing the highest lumber grade and value possible.

The company’s Log Profiler X uses RemaSawco’s unique dual plane scanning technique with movement compensation to scan logs with high precision.

Movement compensation ensures that vibration and sideways log movement do not influence the measurement accuracy.

The result is an accurate 3-D model of each log. With the real 3D shape of the log, Raptor Integration says that X-ray, visual and under bark measurement accuracy is raised to a new level.

The Log Profiler X is an X-ray measurement system with 3D true shape modeling, movement compensation, visual scanning and under bark measurement.

Its software features metal detection, bucking optimization, primary breakdown optimization, species identification, scaling and supplier revenue calculation, and log sorting.

Miller electric drive planerMiller electric drive planer designed with ruggedness and durability in mind

The Miller planer is a high-speed, ribbon feed system that is capable of planing at speeds over 3000 ft/min.

This electric drive planer is said to be very robust and was designed for ease of maintenance. Miller says that it is also very operator friendly, as the bottom planer rolls can be leveled, aligned and removed from the side of the machine.

The infeed and planer system offer axial servo positioning in 12 positions and this is accomplished with electric servo actuators and tensioning from pneumatic cylinders.

Electric servo setworks control the top, left, and right cutterheads and the main bed plate.

The planer is capable of top, bottom, left and right side head auto jointing.

PromacPromac rolls aim for improved log control and maintenance time savings

The Promac Group offers log turner and infeed rolls that aim for better log control and easier maintenance.

Their hourglass rolls achieve better log control with easy to maintain hold down rolls. For maintenance ease, the rolls are designed with the ability to change teeth without changing the entire roll. When the teeth wear, it is also possible to simply flip them over to extend their use. Also, during this maintenance procedure, there is no need to remove the roll from the pivot arm, thus saving the bearings and time.

With Promac’s log-turner spiked rolls, there is no need to remove log turner spiked rolls out of the frame, which also saves time, money and bearings. These spiked log-turner rolls fit any length, diameter or hub.

They feature Promac’s popular B-loc hubs, spikes are hardened to RC 50-54, and every spike is threaded with Red Loctite.

Royal CylindersRoyal Cylinders launches new electric cylinders

Royal actuators, offered by Westcoast Cylinders in New Westminster, B.C., have been used in heavy duty applications in the resource sector since 1960. Recently, the company launched its new E-series electric roller screw, describing it as the strongest electric cylinder on the market.

Royal says that electric actuators offer a number of performance benefits compared to hydraulic and pneumatic actuators. These include higher positional accuracy; direct control of the actuator without external influences as each actuator is independently controlled; it eliminates fluid leaks; it has high energy efficiency as energy is only consumed during operation and not while idling; very high stiffness, thus eliminating bounce or give during operation; low maintenance needs; and, less noise for quieter operation.

The Royal E-series electric roller screw has a solid, one piece output shaft for maximum strength and flawless finish, described as the strongest shaft on the market. In addition, the unit utilizes a bronze scraper to remove any accumulated debris on the output shaft in order to prevent internal contamination. It has trunnion industrial mounts that come with wearable pins and the plate mounts are oversized for more support. The steel housing construction is designed around Royal’s hydraulic cylinder line.

It is also designed for high impact forces.

Logging and Sawmilling Journal
November 2018

On the Cover:
It can take loggers time to get used to a new location when they move their equipment—new terrain, different timber, and perhaps different weather conditions. But Swiss logger Beni Brunner had to get used to a whole new country and continent when he set up logging operations in the B.C. Interior with his Valentini remote control tower yarder. Read all about Brunner’s B.C. experiences beginning on page 10 of this issue. (Cover photo by Paul MacDonald)

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Logging in B.C., Swiss style
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Waste-not sawmill
B.C.’s Kyahwood Forest Products has a green waste-not approach to business: it uses trim ends for its feedstock, the plant’s residuals are used for manufacturing wood pellets, and some of the sawdust generated at Kyahwood is used to heat the mill.

Forest planning tools can generate big $ savings
Alberta’s Millar Western Forest Products says there is the potential to save millions of dollars in its woodland operations with new forest planning tools.

Hobby sawmill takes off
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