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John DeereJohn Deere

John Deere’s mid-sized G-series forwarders offer loggers the precision needed for difficult jobs in the woods, says the company. The models, including the 1110G, 1210G and 1510G, are available with Intelligent Boom Control (IBC). With IBC, boom operation is simplified, as it automatically controls the lift, slew, and extension of the boom based on the location of the grapple.

The mid-size models feature adaptive driveline control. A first for the forest industry, this software-based control system improves drivability and productivity. The operator selects the desired rpm setting (Eco, Normal, Power) for the operating conditions, and the system automatically adjusts the engine’s rpm’s to correspond with the engine load.

Additionally, G-series models feature a powerful Final Tier 4 engine and are equipped with the TimberMatic F-16 control system. The improved system features a configurable user interface, increasing operator efficiency. The 1210G and 1510G models are available in a long bogie version ideal for soft terrain.


Ponsse offers a new loader for its Elephant and ElephantKing forwarders. It says that the completely new Ponsse K121 loader offers a new level of efficiency and speed for load handling in tough conditions.

The new Ponsse K121 loader extends Ponsse’s loader series to a completely new size range. The new loader combines high slewing torque and lifting power, increased reach, and a new type of loader geometry that is easy to control. These innovations come together to create what Ponsse says is the most powerful loader on the market. It enables shorter loading and unloading times, facilitates working in conditions where load handling takes up a large proportion of the working time, and makes it easier to work on sites where large trees must be handled and on slopes that demand loaders that deliver great power.


Tigercat competes in three forwarder classes. The 1055C is a 14 tonne capacity machine designed to excel in both selective and final felling applications. The 1075C is a 20 tonne forwarder designed for long distance forwarding, steep slopes, scarifying and other tough applications. The 1085C is rated to carry a massive 25 tonne load and excels in severe duty applications and is especially well matched to steep slopes, says the company.

Tigercat’s exclusive low-wide bunk system combined with the new hooked crane improves visibility and decreases load/unload cycles while reducing the chance of the crane contacting the gate. Productivity is further enhanced by Tigercat’s high capacity grapples and ergonomic, quiet cab.

The 1055C and 1085C are equipped with Tigercat’s unique WideRange drive system. The Tigercat designed and manufactured driveline provides tractive effort that the company says is unmatched in the industry. WideRange provides sufficient tractive effort to carry large loads up steep slopes and achieves a maximum working speed of 7 km/hr.


Equipped with intuitive controls for smooth operation, the Barko 612 forwarder provides ample load capacity with excellent stability and maneuverability.

The forwarder is powered by a fuel-efficient 200-horsepower Volvo diesel engine and offers gross load capacity of 24,000 lbs. A joystick-controlled Kesla crane with extendable boom and bypass grapple makes loading simple. Excellent weight distribution assists with tackling steep grades, while low ground pressure minimizes ground disturbance.

The unit features a Dana 32,000 series six-speed Powershift transmission, rather than a hydrostatic transmission, to produce generally higher transport speeds and faster cycles. Other upgrades include increased cooling capacity, updated torque converters, and improved cab mounts and frame.

Eco LogEco Log

The new 14 ton Eco Log 574E forwarder and 20 ton Eco Log 594E forwarder are equipped with a new diesel engine from Volvo Penta. The D8 7.7 litre engine is said to provide high performance, reliability, fuel efficiency and low emissions.

The new cab design offers the operator a new driver experience with large high-visibility windows while the low-framed windows provide improved vision to the front wheels.

All Eco Log forwarders remain easy to service with tiltable cab, hood, tank and removable bellypan.

IQAN MD4 equipped, the control system consists of a larger display with touch functionality and with more integrated functions. Cranab loaders are offered on all forwarder models.

As well as the standard equipment, all forwarders may be ordered with various options.

The Canadian distributor is Scandinavian Forestry Inc in Moncton, New Brunswick.


TimberPro has released its newly-refreshed lineup of rubber-tired forwarders.

The new D series lineup is powered by the Cummins, high performance, L9 Stage V engine. This new engine comes standard with 338 hp and an optional 350 hp engine is also offered. TimberPro chose the Stage V engine over Tier 4 because of its simplified aftertreatment system which uses a single canister SCR. The new L9 engine is also more fuel efficient than its predecessor, while reducing maintenance costs with 1000 hour oil change intervals.

The D-series continues to use TimberPro’s revolutionary continuous swing, which allows the operator to work 360 degrees around the machine. D series forwarders are offered in two designs: the TF830 20 ton and the TF840 24 ton. The new TF800 D series is configurable as a forwarder, clam bunk skidder and as a combo machine.


Logset forwarders are designed to withstand the harshest conditions and are built from components from leading suppliers. All Logset forest machines are equipped with Agco Sisu Power’s efficient, low fuel consumption, common rail engines, Loglift-loaders and NAF drive train. The main suppliers of hydraulic components are Sauer and Rexroth.

Its forwarders have spacious and modern cabins with excellent sound insulation, and the visibility from the cabin is unobstructed in both the drive and load modes. Titan forwarders are equipped with Logset’s Total Operation Control (TOC) system. The TOC controls the main functions, such as the engine, crane, transmission, lights and air conditioning, cruise control as well as some optional functions.

Agco Sisu Power has developed custom-made engine software for Logset in accordance with the requirements of their forest machines. The software, together with the Logset TOC control software, optimizes fuel injection in accordance with the prevailing engine load, hydraulic pressure and oil flow requirements in all possible circumstances. The engine responds quickly to changing conditions to balance power, torque and engine revs.


Komatsu America Corp. offers a complete line of forwarders which are said to provide high levels of performance, productivity, operator comfort, convenience, and serviceability. The 845, 855, 875 and 895 models have rated payload capacities of 12, 14, 16 and 20 metric tons respectively, to provide broad market coverage. All models feature rugged cranes, grapples and load spaces designed for high productivity in demanding forestry applications. The 845, 855 and 895 can be equipped with Komatsu’s patented FlexGate headboard which “flexes” when hit by logs or cranes, for increased reliability and durability.

Each model has a powerful, fuel-efficient engine and a robust drive train with Komatsu’s Comfort Bogie axles to provide high tractive effort that can handle the roughest terrain. A modern, spacious, full-featured cab offers superior visibility and operator comfort, says the company. The 855, 875 and 895 can be equipped with Komatsu’s unique Comfort Ride hydraulic cab suspension option which significantly reduces shocks, vibration and swaying to further increase operator comfort.


The Tanguay TG88E is a large grapple skidder that has been designed to perform in extreme ground conditions. The large 45 square foot grapple is mounted on a dual boom set with over 16’ reach. These booms fold upon themselves over the main frame and distribute the load over the rear tandems.

This grapple skidder features: extremely low ground pressure for minimum ground disturbance; faster loading time and higher productivity on short skid distance; and it is easier to load and skid the large and long trees typically found in Western North American timber stands.

The machine can also push itself with its boom in difficult ground conditions and is easier and faster to unload at roadside in downhill slope conditions.


The Rottne F11D is the company’s new eight wheel forwarder with a 12 tonne load capacity, and is said to be a strong workhorse which with its high tractive force provides a soft and flexible operation in tough terrain. The low centre of gravity provides the forwarder with great stability.

The frame has the same design as the larger Rottne forwarders and the central joint, which has a 45 degree steering angle, is located only 40 cm in front of the machine’s centre point. This means that the wagon has very good tracking, says the company. As the Rottne F11D is a small forwarder with large wheels, it has low ground pressure and good bearing capacity.

The cab is the same on all Rottne forwarders with high comfort and a modern design. It can be equipped with the cab suspension system Comfort Line which gives the operator smooth and impact-free terrain driving. The crane is a Rottne RK85 with several extension options and a reach of 7.5 to 9.3 metres.


With the 208F model series, HSM offers forwarders from the 14 ton class up to the 20 ton class that can be customized according to the customer’s exact needs. Strong cranes, flexible bunks, tiltable crane pillars, bogie lift, traction winch, clambunk and much more are available directly from the manufacturer. The forwarder is powered with a Volvo Tier 4 Final, six cylinder, 260 hp engine. A wide range of cranes with net lifting torque from 70 kNm to 270 kNm are available.

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May/June 2018

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