New and Noted at B.C.’s Interior Logging Association 2018 Conference and Trade Show

By Tony Kryzanowski


This year marked the 60th anniversary of the Interior Logging Association (ILA) annual conference in British Columbia held in early May. There were 68 exhibitors and conference topics included such current issues as Winch Assist Logging and Best Management Practices, Scaling 101 - Your Profits, Understanding Logging Costs, and the particularly timely topic of Detection of Impairment in the Field and on the Road.

There were displays both indoors and out. Below are some of the new and noted equipment and technology that conference attendees saw at the site, at the PowWow Grounds, in Kamloops, B.C.

Integral EquipmentIntegral Equipment shares info on non-motorized grapple for cable yarders

B.C.-based Integral Equipment supplies Alpine yarders and grapples. These grapples are typically mated with their two-drum, mechanical interlock, excavator-mounted yarders.

The grapple open and rotate functions are hydraulically powered and controlled via remote electric signals. The grapple close function is controlled by the mainline. Hydraulic energy is stored in an accumulator and pressurized by a pump connected to one of the haulback/skyline sheaves as the carriage travels along the cable. Integral Equipment says advantages of its Alpine grapple carriages are light weight, low maintenance costs, ease of use, fast cycle times, no lift required for closing of grapple, and 360 degree rotation.

John DeereNew leveling harvester from John Deere

John Deere was well represented at the ILA show with a 959MH leveling tracked harvester.

The 900MH-series harvesters are now equipped with Final Tier 4 engines, offering fuel and fluid-efficient machines without sacrificing power and performance.

All of the 900MH series machines feature a redesigned engine enclosure, improving structural strength while maintaining excellent serviceability. In addition to all of the 900M-series and 900MH-series machines now boasting 330 horsepower, the 959MH harvester continues to have what John Deere describes as a best in class leveling envelope, maximizing operator comfort and performance requirements in demanding steep slope logging applications.

Other updates include an improved LED work lighting option, and expanded availability of the disc saw felling head option. This includes the 22” felling head, which is now available for all of the 900M-series tracked feller bunchers.

ELTEC presents FB317L with heavy-duty tilt system

The ELTEC FB317L is designed and purpose-built to deliver high productivity, consistent with the demands of a 24 hour-a-day, seven-day-a-week final felling application.

ELTEC says that this high capacity makes its FB317L able to handle a variety of different demanding harvesting applications with great performance. This new version of the ELTEC 310 series also features an extremely robust and resistant heavy-duty tilt system. It has a larger tilt angle, guaranteeing that the feller buncher works at the right angle, even in extreme forestry conditions.

Moreover, the tilt adjustment allows operators to set the platform at the best angle in order to provide the best options for logging applications. ELTEC says well designed structures and highest quality materials ensure durability with excellent capacity-to-weight ratio.

Operator comfort and safety are key highlights of this feller buncher, as it features the newly designed, extremely operator friendly, ELTEC FB317L cab. The ELTEC cab features a multi-adjustable air suspension seat, an enhanced operator comfort system and easy-to-read displays providing real time information on all machine functions.

On ELTEC FB317L feller bunchers and harvesters, air cleaning is performed in two stages, which are cyclone-type integral pre-cleaner and filter. The variable speed, reversible cooling fan is electronically-controlled and hydraulically-driven to reduce fuel consumption and noise. ELTEC says this feature makes the FB317L not only a high performing feller buncher, but also environmentally friendly.

CatNew CAT 548 and 548 LL forest machines show versatility

Caterpillar has two new Cat Forest Machine models, the 548 and the 548 LL.

The Cat 548 forestry excavator is configured for forestry tasks ranging from road building and site preparation to processing logs roadside or at a landing. The Cat 548 LL is configured as a log loader and can perform log handling tasks, such as shovel logging, loading, power clam/butt-n-top applications, and millyard activities.

The 548 and 548 LL are described by Cat as providing ultimate machine efficiency coupled with enhanced performance. Cat components, purpose-built upper and lower frames, and application-specific linkage configurations aim to increase machine uptime and reduce machine operating costs.

Hydraulic updates enable the 548 and 548 LL engine to run at a lower steady state rpm while maximizing power. Operating at a lower rpm provides significant fuel savings and lowers operating costs.

The 548 and 548 LL are powered by a Cat 204 hp C7.1 ACERT engine with increased horsepower that maintains maximum performance under load. Strong hydraulic horsepower allows the 548 and 548 LL to handle a variety of work tools.

Frontline Machinery adds CBI to equipment line

Chilliwack, B.C.-based, Frontline Machinery is a Canadian, family-owned and operated mobile heavy equipment supplier specializing in the aggregate processing, wood, biomass, and waste recycling industries since 2013.

The company was born after the family behind the business decided to evolve from a long history of working in the organics industry. After spending years there, they understood heavy equipment and the needs of the industry. With this expertise under their belt, they used their knowledge to make the most of the new endeavor, specializing in renting and selling grinders, shredders, crushers, and screeners.

It recently became a dealer for the CBI Equipment line of products.

Since its founding in 1988, Continental Biomass Industries (CBI) says it has changed the standard by which all wood grinder performance and support is now measured. Through a combination of state-of-the-art design, the latest in materials technology and unwavering commitment to quality and customer service, the CBI name has become synonymous with performance and reliability in a broad range of grinding, chipping and flailing applications the world over, says the company.

waratahWaratah unveils new measuring and control system

Waratah unveiled TimberRite H-16 at the ILA conference. It describes TimberRite H-16 as the next generation measuring and control system for all Waratah 200 - 400 and 600 series attachments.

The TimberRite H-16 system is the next step in Waratah’s highly successful TimberRite platform. Precise and accurate, it sets a new standard in improved operational performance and productivity, says the company. The H-16 system builds on the specialized configurability of earlier TimberRite systems, which are adjustability for tree species and applications, and optimization, using robust new technology, and providing a range of new customer-focused features and advances.

TimberRite H-16 has improvements in the following key areas: hardware, user experience, and configuration; production reporting, data management, and data transfer; measuring accuracy and optimization; head performance and operational productivity; individual operator settings and access levels; service lock capabilities; and, troubleshooting, help, and diagnostic capabilities.

H-16 is a fully expandable system which can be configured both as pre-selection priority bucking or value optimization bucking. Pre-selection priority bucking is the standard version, where target lengths and diameter limits can be pre-selected for various tree species while the system keeps track of what’s been cut. The value optimization version has greater flexibility to meet sophisticated wood market demands. Target lengths and diameter limits can be set up for various tree species, and control/grade buttons assigned. The system not only keeps track of what’s been cut, but also assigns log assortment priority to get the most value from the tree processed and/or harvested.

Munden Truck & Equipment highlights truck and trailer repair

While traditionally known as a trucking contractor to the forest industry, Munden Ventures Ltd has spent the last decade developing a rapidly expanding truck and trailer repair business under the Munden Truck & Equipment Company (MT&E) banner. They promoted that fact at the ILA conference and trade show.

Now the focus of the company’s growth, MT&E employs 15 full time mechanics, three people in its all-makes parts department, two shop managers and a service writer. The company provides a wide range of services from government-certified CVIP inspections, engine diagnostics, welding and fabricating, PM program development and monitoring, to routine servicing and emergency repairs.

The Mundens differentiate themselves by providing a unique level of service, open seven days a week, 7 am to midnight everyday, which the company says is the most hours of any shop in the region. This includes emergency roadside services which the company provides with one of its four service trucks.

“Being in the trucking industry ourselves, we understand the cost of downtime and the importance of providing our customers service when they need it—not just when most shops are open,” says Nolan Munden, the company’s service writer and from the fourth generation of family ownership.

Munden continues to expand the envelope of services they provide and for the last three years have been building petroleum and water body tank trucks as well as offering the related regulatory inspections and repairs. Most recently, the company launched its hydraulic hose assembly department.

“We just keep offering the new services that our customers are asking us for—on the schedule that they want,” says Nick Scott, Munden’s Service Manager.

Barko 270BBarko 270B purpose-built processor offers good fuel economy

The Barko 270B processor is purpose-built for its application, which the company says provides several performance advantages over equipment commonly used for processing jobs.

The 270B features a dangle head boom configuration for picking, delimbing, cut-to-length harvesting, and stacking.

Powered by a 225 hp Cummins Tier 4 Final diesel engine with SCR aftertreatment, Barko says that the 270B offers excellent fuel economy and features large fuel and DEF tanks for longer job cycles between refills. A 36” diameter auto reversing fan with automatic blade pitch control further optimizes engine efficiency.

The hydraulic system on the 270B is designed to keep power constantly available, allowing operators to instantaneously shift from function to function without any of the delayed reactions common with the hydraulics on other machines.

Dual swing drives provide continuous rotation and high swing torque of 58,384 ft-lbs. Bare pin maximum lift capacity is 31,150 lbs.

ILAILA attendees introduced to TIMBERMAX winch-assist system

Canadian-based Inovforest displayed their TIMBERMAX traction-winch system at the ILA conference.

It is described as robust, powerful and reliable. The compact spooling system makes it compatible with a wide range of different machines and configurations, each with their own operating limits. For contractors looking to access additional fibre in steep and difficult terrain, Inovforest says that the TIMBERMAX offers the simplest, least expensive and most versatile solution.

It improves productivity and reduces costs in areas where conventional forest machines reach their traction and stability limits, as well as in areas where yarders are too expensive and hand falling crews are not available. It also provides a tool to improve productivity, even to allow for logging in deeper snow, as well as the opportunity to extend the logging season, reduce soil disturbance in wet or sensitive areas or to continue logging in wet and/or steep ground conditions.

Cypress Robotics and Axis Forestry demonstrate animated repair and install guides

Cypress Robotics and Axis Forestry have teamed up to develop Smart Manuals.

With this technology, equipment owners can use the tablet from the Cypress Robotics Grip n’Rip processor head controller to display animated guides on how to repair or install components.

Using the camera from the tablet, Axis Forestry advises owners to hover over the physical item where more information is needed, and an animated exploded view of the item’s sub-components will be visible on the tablet. This way, owners can study how parts are assembled in detail, plus they can order parts directly from the tablet.

Watch in amazement as screws, bolts, washers, and sub-assembly parts are lifted and removed from the physical item. Axis Forestry says that this technology will rapidly speed up troubleshooting, installations and removals and repair work.

This significant advancement in service guide and parts manual technology is offered for hire by the team at Cypress Robotics. Axis Forestry says that this technology is perfect for manufacturers who want to offer advanced and simple to use technology for their service teams, parts persons, and customers.

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