TECH UPDATE - Mulchers and Mulching Heads


The new Tigercat 480B mulcher is a high-powered track mulcher that offers superior durability and high uptime for large-scale, time-sensitive right-of-way and site preparation projects. It now features the robust and durable Tigercat FPT C13 Tier 4 final engine rated at 550 hp at 1800 rpm.

The recently introduced Tigercat 4061 mulching head features reinforced side covers and abrasion resistant skids. The housing is optimized with debris door cylinders mounted internally for protection and contains position references to aid in skid alignment.

Timing belts eliminate belt slip and provide efficient power transfer to the rotor, lowering maintenance time and costs associated with conventional v-belts. The 4061 wear liner requires no welding and the rotor does not need to be removed when servicing. There are also reversible and interchangeable shear bars for quick servicing. In addition, a tapered housing shields debris from potential build-up and easily accessible grease points make daily servicing even more convenient. The 4061 is available on Tigercat’s M726G and 480B mulchers.


PrimeTech, with its product line of five models from 160 to 600 horsepower, is able to offer the right size tracked mulcher for any job, says the company. Main applications include vegetation management, ROW clearing, land conversion, road reclamation, soil stabilization, and road construction and maintenance.

The flagship in PrimeTech’s product line is the new PT-475. It is powered by a Cat C13 engine producing 475 horsepower and it runs two dedicated Danfoss 130 cc, mulcher pumps. It is equipped with oversized, coarse-fin radiators, with a swing-out oil cooler, preventing them from getting plugged up and making cleaning easy.

The variable-pitch reversible fans help reduce the power absorbed by the fan, which eventually results in reduced fuel consumption. The mulching head features a new type of rock resistant drum.

New multi-task SFH/PM heads for sub-soiling, mulching and rock crushing are available. The oscillating undercarriage with its 36” swamp-type track pads adapts perfectly to uneven ground and assures a very low ground pressure of 0.36 kg/cm2/4.90 psi, meaning less wear and a longer working season in soft and swampy areas.


Rayco’s C200 machine is among the ultimate in compact, powerful mulchers, says the company.

The C200 is powered by a 200 horsepower Isuzu diesel engine and tips the scales at only 18,500 lbs. Due to its size and weight, the C200 can be transported to and from the job easily. Its narrow profile makes the C200 well-suited for ROW clearing on narrow lines as well as for use in larger scale clearing projects.

The C200 rides on a hi-track, steel undercarriage available with two-speed travel and is available with 20” single-grouser tracks for extreme traction or triple-grouser street pads for applications that require minimal soil disturbance. The hi-track undercarriage promotes longer track life, reduces debris packing in the track chain, and cleans easily to save maintenance time.

The C200 is purpose-built and comes with loader-style lift arms that provide a mulcher lift height of 8’. This makes it easier to mulch taller vegetation.

The operator cabin is comfortable and spacious, with a high-backed, heated seat with air-ride suspension. The rear fan is auto-reversing, reducing maintenance time. All gauges and controls are located on a large LCD display that includes a rearview camera.


Fecon Inc now offers the FTX128R rubber tracked mulcher. The new rubber undercarriage uses a heavy duty bogie roller system and metal imbedded rubber tracks. The FTX128R provides 23” of ground clearance, powerful steering, excellent traction, and 4.5 psi for responsive handling in soft, wet conditions.

The FTX128R is said to be ideal for right-of-way clearing where working on both sides of the road is necessary, or for moving a short distance to the next clearing site. The ride quality is smooth with excellent performance on or off pavement.

The FTX128R features attachment versatility with a quick attach coupler combined with up to 60 gpm of in-cab adjustable high flow and optional pressure adjustment.

Denis CimafDenis Cimaf

Denis Cimaf offers a new twist on mulching with its new tilt system for its DAH line of industrial boom-mounted mulchers for excavators and tracked feller-bunchers.

The ability to reach tougher spots with groundbreaking precision, the possibility to let gravity drive trees into the tilted rotor, and the advantage of grinding standing trees with less slash are all new techniques added by the tilt. Operators using it report productivity increases of up to 40 per cent over the same attachment without tilt.

Denis Cimaf Inc is already known for its industrial front-mounted and boom-mounted mulchers. The DAH boom-mount mulchers and the DAF front-mount mulchers feature original depth-control planar drum technology with cutting knives that can be sharpened. Each Denis Cimaf industrial attachment is tested after assembly and is installed and tuned by a Denis Cimaf technician with the owner/operator.


The RAPTOR 300r is said to be a unique machine for right-of-way maintenance as well as mulching operations on rough or swampy terrain. Its undercarriage with rubber tracks adapts to all types of ground or obstacles and allows the operator to easily cross roads. Prinoth says that it is the perfect combination of efficiency and mobility, enabling the operator to work reliably and productively.

The Cat C7.1, 275 horsepower, Tier 4 final engine output is mechanically connected to the rotor of the mulcher with a PTO. It is a highly efficient, low ground pressure machine with all modern features. The 3-point linkage allows for attachment flexibility.

Among its features are: rubber tracks, delivering low ground pressure of 3.77 psi; excellent all-terrain mobility so that it can be used in all soil conditions, even up to four feet in water; a cabin featuring maximum comfort and safety standards; maximum power to the mulching head with no hydraulic or cooling losses; and a standard three-point linkage with PTO allowing for other attachments like a blade, chipper or snow blower.


Supertrak has launched a new line of Tier 4 power packs to fit tracked excavators from 12 tonne to 30 tonne class.

These power packs range from 140 horsepower to 450 horsepower, depending on excavator base carriers. Supertrak’s new SK350PP is designed to match equal weight of traditional standard counterweight for ease of machine transportation and is equipped with a Cat C9.3 Tier 4 engine delivering 100 gpm @ 5500 psi.

Supertrak’s cooling system features a heavy-duty hi-debris combination charge air, radiator, and oil cooler. Roof louvers push air out of the enclosure quickly. The SK350PP features a large intake area with optional debris screens.

Not only can this power pack be track mounted, it can be built as a standalone power unit for job sites. With a track mounted power pack equipped with a mulcher, it becomes a very high production land management machine. Depending on excavator reach, the operator can clear and maintain the steep side slope of remote areas, ditch banks, power lines and gas lines. When the power pack is not in use, the excavator will perform all day-to-day functions as normal.


The Barko 930B and 937B industrial tractors are said to deliver optimal hydraulic horsepower to mulching heads for effortless land clearing, right-of-way maintenance, and site prep.

Highly maneuverable and built to withstand rough terrain, the machine rips its way through the most demanding right-of-way land clearing and site prep jobs, says the company. The 930B is powered by a 320 horsepower Cummins QSL9 Tier 4 final diesel engine, while the 937 features an upgrade to a 380 horsepower engine.

Unlike loop systems that can waste fuel, Barko’s load sensing hydraulic system automatically adjusts attachment performance according to the load, resulting in better fuel efficiency, increased productivity and low total cost of operation, says the company. The tractors’ unique 45-degree articulation joint withstands extreme stress and tough terrain, while their maneuverable design provides a turning radius of 15’ 9” for tight spaces. Barko’s exclusive quick attach system also allows for fast attachment changes on the go.

FAE Group SpAFAE Group SpA

The SFH mulcher, featuring solid construction and high versatility, can be used with tractors with power up to 500 horsepower. It grinds trees up to 45 cm and stones up to 35 cm diameter, and reaches 40 cm in depth. The transmission with side gearbox, which converts the speed into shredding power, together with the tool options and the rotor, make the SFH model unique, says the company.

The new mulcher for excavators UML/S/EX/VT joins existing UMO/EX and UMM/EX mulchers, positioning itself exactly in between. It is designed to fit perfectly into the category of the most commonly used 20 to 25 tonne excavators, and combines the compactness of the UML/EX with the robustness of the UMM/EX. It completes the company’s land clearing product line.


MeriCrusher now offers the MJF S mulcher with power frame, rotating sizing screen and modular design.

With working widths from .8 to 4.8 meters, and available in PTO and hydraulic versions, with a range of 50 to 768 horsepower, it has a true working depth of up to 16”.

Quality Finnish engineering and manufacturing has come to North America, says the company, with full factory support and a complete stock of spare and wear parts.

Minnesota-based Crushing Mechanics says that there is simply nothing else like it for land clearing.

St. George Co.St George Co.

In 1989, the St George Company introduced one of the first excavator-mounted mulchers to the market. Years of mulching machinery experience have helped develop the present offering to what the company says is the most advanced excavator mulchers on the market, the Seven Excavator mulcher line.

Seven mulchers feature a high density tungsten carbide hammer design with more hammer blades on the rotor and replaceable counter blades, resulting in long hammer life, lower horsepower requirements, and the production of fine “Class 1” mulch, according to the company. The production of Class 1 mulch will allow a contractor to meet the most demanding mulching specifications. Class 1 mulch makes for better ground cover and returns to nature quicker.

In construction, Seven mulchers feature dual carriage, main roller bearings that are external loading, a fully enclosed body welded from Strenx 700 high tensile steel, and 3/4” thick Hardox 450 steel skid pads, giving the mulcher a long productive life in the toughest of conditions. To fit most any excavator, a full range of fixed and variable hydraulic motors are available.

Seven mulchers are available for excavators 5 to 45 tonnes, with mulcher widths from 3’ to 6’ wide. Wood material up to 10” can be mulched.


The SEPPI MAXSOIL 350 is described as the world’s largest stone crusher and forestry tiller. It is a multi-function soil tiller, forestry mulcher and stone crusher. It tills soils, mulches stumps and roots and crushes rocks. Working in the 300 to 450 horsepower class, it tills soil as deep as 14”, mulches wood up to 20”, and crushes stones up to 16”. It is available in 8’ and 11.5’ working widths.


TMC CANCELA’s new line of TRiADVANCE mulchers are said to combine the best advanced technologies and TMC patents, with a vision and philosophy that strives for maximum performance. TRiADVANCE integrates system guarantees that with a machine overload, the tractor will be protected from power outages, downtime or transmission shaft breakage. The aligned system of the gearbox is patented by TMC CANCELA, which ensures perfect alignment of the transmission for any position of the machine. The TMC CANCELA system works with hammers of three by two cut levels combined with counter blades—two fixed and two with hydraulic position control. This configuration guarantees an excellent finish on any surface mulching, the company says.


The BRON family of mulchers are built tough to handle all mulching and land clearing requirements.

With sizes ranging from 275 horsepower to 700 horsepower, the BRON mulchers have the power to perform, says the company. All of the company’s mulchers are equipped with hydraulic tilting cabs, heavy duty final drives and high efficiency cooling packages. Oscillating track frames and low ground clearance allow these mulchers to perform in most ground conditions.

Designed with operator comfort in mind, all operator stations are equipped with joystick mounted air ride seats. Heat and air conditioning are standard, as are rear-mounted cameras. Fire suppression systems, hydraulic winches and positive air shutoffs are available options.

Logging and Sawmilling Journal
March/April 2017

On the Cover:
When Munden Ventures Ltd. of Kamloops, B.C. moved into logging, they made some well-thought out equipment purchases, and established solid supplier relationships with the B.C. John Deere dealer, Brandt Tractor, and Woodland Equipment, the Hyundai dealership. Munden Ventures sub-contacts out its processing (pictured on the cover) to Randy Janzen who is a Hyundai/Waratah guy (Cover photo courtesy of Randy Janzen).

Spotlight – More taxes for the forest industry?
Alberta has recently rolled out a carbon tax, and the federal government has proposed a national minimum price on carbon. How will these additional costs impact the Alberta and Canadian forest industries, considering all parts of the industry, from logging right through to the sawmill, are significant energy users?

Solid business move into logging
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B.C. Saw Filer’s Preview:
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WOOD MARKETS’ annual survey of top Canadian lumber producers highlights the ongoing healthy market conditions coupled with mill expansions—and a change in the country’s top lumber producer, with West Fraser coming out on top, beating out Canfor.

From hobby sawmill to workhorse
The Kanigan Family in B.C. may have started Gold Island Forest Products as a hobby sawmill, but these days the mill has been ramped up considerably—with numerous upgrades—and now specializes in producing high quality custom cut cedar/fir lumber and timber products.

Canada North Resources Expo show coming up in May!
If you’re looking for equipment, machinery, products or technology in the forest and resource sector, the Canada North Resources Expo show—being held May 26-27 at the CN Centre in Prince George, B.C.—is the place to be, and Logging and Sawmilling Journal will there front and centre, as the Official Show Guide.

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Included in this edition of The Edge, Canada’s leading publication on research in the forest industry, are stories from the Canadian Wood Fibre Centre, Alberta Innovates, FPInnovations and Alberta Agriculture and Forestry.

The Last Word
Canada should focus on EU markets with the new Comprehensive Economic Trade Agreement (CETA) deal, while we wait for Trump’s take on softwood lumber, says Tony Kryzanowski.


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Mulchers and mulching heads

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