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Dr. Reza VakiliPierce introduces the PD5500M delimber

The new PD5500M delimber represents the best of both worlds, says Pierce: the design integrity of industry-leading Pierce and Denharco stroke delimbers, plus the genius of new cutting edge processing technology.

The delimber features wireless communication, and operators may never have to replace a boom cable again, says the company.

Instead of transmitting information through a cable that can easily be damaged, information can be sent right to the head wirelessly. The PD5500M has even more features to help operators work safely and productively, including a high powered variable displacement cable drive system offering both speed and torque when needed most and curtain-style hose hangers that minimize hose damage. The delimber has a safe and simple cab-operated transport system, and LED worklights light up the work zone. All of this and more is powered by Pierce’s colour touch screen Z5 control system, specifically designed for the stroke delimber application.

EacomEACOM selects Autolog for lumber grading at Elk Lake sawmill

EACOM has successfully completed the installation of a new lumber grading system in its Elk Lake planer mill, in Ontario.

The equipment was manufactured by Quebec-based Autolog Inc. and features the latest technology in lumber grading. With this recent project, the replacement of the two saw lines and edger, as well as the reconfiguration of the co-products handling system, EACOM has invested over $13 million into the Elk Lake Sawmill since 2012.

EACOM has a strong focus on continuous improvements and is committed to maintaining competitive operations to position the company for resilience and growth. The company currently owns seven sawmills, a remanufacturing facility, and a partnership operation in an engineered I-joist plant for a total of 1000 employees.

John Deere knuckleboom loadersNew grapples enhance productivity of John Deere knuckleboom loaders

The John Deere 437E and 337E knuckleboom loaders are now equipped with new grapples manufactured by John Deere to further improve productivity and machine durability.

The E-Series machines deliver five per cent more swing torque and lift force over previous models, and the new grapple complements these features by improving rotator torque and response times, as well as enabling higher side loads and rotator lift capacity. The new grapple, available with a 48” or 52” opening, is made with a more durable cast design and a larger, more robust rotator, providing loggers with a heavy-duty machine designed to withstand the toughest jobs, says the company.

It has a rotator lift capacity of 123,000 lbs, rotator torque of 36,200 pounds/inch and is built with high impact and wear-resistant custom steel.

husqvarnaHusqvarna introduces professional grade battery-powered pole saw

Husqvarna offers a telescopic battery-powered pole saw designed for professional use. The company says that this telescopic pole saw has a reach of five metres and performance that surpasses its gas-powered equivalents. Its lightweight design, excellent ergonomics and quiet operation makes this professional pole saw ideal to use in any location at any time of day, says the company.

TigercatTigercat upgrades 880 forestry carrier with new ‘D’ series

The Tigercat 880D supersedes the highly successful Tigercat 880—a heavy duty, purpose-built forestry carrier that can be configured for loading, shovel logging or processing.

The 880 stands out vs. converted excavators, with higher horsepower, more robust construction and superior productivity, says Tigercat.

The D-series has been upgraded to the Tigercat FPT N67 engine outputting 308 hp at 2000 rpm. The engine is available in Tier 2 and Tier 4f configurations. Both deliver excellent fuel economy in a simple and reliable package, says the company.

The swing bearing diameter has been increased from 54” to 62”. The larger bearing provides increased capacity and swing torque. The twin swing drive system reduces gear tooth loads. A massive single-piece, forged pedestal strengthens the undercarriage and improves durability.

The 880D logger now shares the modular main hydraulic valve with all other Tigercat 800 series carriers, for improved parts commonality. With the ability to easily swap out a valve section, the modular design simplifies maintenance.

Another advantage of the 880D logger over competing excavator-based carriers is Tigercat’s forest duty undercarriage. Long frames and a wide stance carbody provide excellent stability, the company says. Track components are co-designed with Berco to provide maximum durability in forestry applications.

The 880D has plenty of cooling capacity with an automatic variable speed fan for improved fuel efficiency and an automatic reversing cycle to clean the heat exchangers. Another fuel saving feature is the energy recovery swing system. A closed loop drive feeds power back to the engine when swing decelerates, reducing fuel consumption and recovering energy for other machine functions.

WSM Pin ChipperNew WSM Pin Chipper expands supply and reduces fibre cost

The new WSM Pin Chipper is a high capacity fibre preparation machine that converts lower value mill residuals like shavings, hogged wood and alternate fibre supply sources into a high percentage of “pin chips” with long fibre length for use in the pulp and paper industry.

The WSM Pin Chipper is available in rotor diameters of 42”, 48”, and 60” and rotor lengths from 36” to 88” long, and typically operates with 200 to 800 horsepower. Modular and adjustable tooling includes either rigid or swing hammers with replaceable tips. Combined with modular sizing screens, this allows for adjustment to product sizing. It features field-proven performance at rates up to 75 tonnes per hour (tph), and when combined with a WSM pre-screen, the processing rate is confirmed at rates of over 150 tph. WSM offers complete infeed and outfeed options to help supplement chip supply with lower cost fibre from the WSM Pin Chipper.

Northern PlasticsNorthern Plastics offers durable polyurethane spider roll

Spider or flapper rolls are used for material handling in sawmills, such as for moving boards sideways to trimmers or other applications.

Northern Plastics Ltd offers a spider roll made of durable, polyurethane construction with keyed drive. It is compressible for even pressure on variable thickness pieces, and segmented for even pressure across the face of the pieces.

The spider roll is non-marking and there is no need to sequence press rolls between pieces. This design and material results in less wear and tear on the press roll frame and pivot, and provides better feeding accuracy and increased throughput, with reduced gap between pieces.

Wood-Mizer introduces Vortex sawdust-removal bandsaw bladeWood-Mizer introduces Vortex sawdust-removal bandsaw blade

Wood-Mizer has developed a groundbreaking Vortex sawdust-removal bandsaw blade. Wood-Mizer’s new Vortex blade is engineered for pallet producers who need boards as free from excess sawdust as possible.

The Vortex blade removes dust while sawing to minimize or eliminate the need for sawdust removal after the lumber is processed. This extremely unique blade profile has generated positive results in high-production pallet factory tests. Pallet producer Jeff Coomer of Indiana-based Coomer & Sons Sawmill tested the blade.

“The Vortex blade was getting 98 to 99 per cent of the dust off, “ he says. “It was impressive how much dust it took off (compared to) a typical saw blade.”

The Wood-Mizer Vortex blade is now available to order in .042 X 1¼” at any length.

Tsubaki acquires Dia-Saw Manufacturing

Tsubaki of Canada Limited has acquired Dia-Saw Manufacturing Ltd, located in Maple Ridge, B.C.

Dia-Saw has been serving customers in Western Canada since 1988. Starting as a manufacturer of shake and shingle mill equipment, they evolved into a leading manufacturer of sprockets and related drive components.

“The addition of Dia-Saw gives us a manufacturing base in British Columbia and will significantly enhance our ability to serve the market,” says Jos Sueters, vice-president of Tsubaki of Canada Limited. “We are also very pleased that David Dueck, the president of Dia-Saw, will be staying on to help us grow our business. We look forward to working with and learning from Dave.”

Tsubaki of Canada Limited is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Tsubakimoto Chain Co. of Japan.

BGR Saws promotes Dan Betteridge to Senior Sales Manager

BGR Saws has appointed Dan Betteridge as its Senior Manager – Sales, West Coast/Equipment Sales.

Betteridge has 25 years of experience in the wood industry, primarily in the sales, service and product development of state-of-the-art saw manufacturing and saw maintenance machinery. He also has broad experience in the saw sale business with BGR Saws. BGR Saws’ philosophy is not just to hire sales people, but actual experienced technical advisors to bring value and help sawmills to achieve better performance.

“I’ve been a BGR Saws team member for over a decade,” says Betteridge. “Since I share the BGR Saws passion for achieving the very best performance and value at each and every sawmill and sawmill filing room, taking on this new position is a natural choice for me.”

Logging and Sawmilling Journal
February 2017

On the Cover:
The theme for the upcoming Council of Forest Industries (COFI) convention in April is “Forestry for the Planet. Forest Products for the World” which helps underline the renewable nature of wood and its suitability for green-conscious building construction. But a big topic of discussion is going to be what Canada can do to strike a new softwood lumber deal with the U.S. Read all about the convention beginning on page 10. (Cover photo courtesy of Resolute Forest Products)

A new beetle battle in B.C.
In the wake of the mountain pine beetle, spruce beetles have become a big concern in the B.C. Interior, prompting a two-day spruce beetle summit held recently in Prince George, to keep all the parties in the loop about this latest beetle battle.

COFI Conference Preview
The upcoming Council of Forest Industries (COFI) convention in April will be looking at the challenges now facing the industry, including how to get a new lumber deal with the U.S.—but these challenges are being tackled by an industry that’s resilient, creative and successful, says COFI President and CEO Susan Yurkovich.

Back on track… after The Beast
The growth plan at Fort McMurray’s Northland Forest Products is back on track, after being temporarily interrupted by the massive wildfire—called The Beast—that hit the city this past spring.

Milling for the movies
The Brooks sawmill, in the Rocky Mountain foothills of Alberta, has developed a varied client list—including supplying wood products to the recent hit movie, The Revenant.

Bigger—and better
Alberta logging contractor Corey Stoneman finds that when it comes to choosing equipment for the stump-side processing he does for Spray Lakes Sawmills in the eastern slopes of the Rockies, bigger is definitely better.

New work standards for sawmill planers
New work standards for sawmill planers in B.C. are expected to make the work environment safer—and contribute to an increase in planer efficiency.

Cutting its own path
Simpson Lumber Co. has cut its own path to success in B.C.’s Robson Valley, focusing on Doug fir timbers, specialty and custom cuts—with the bonus being a very short commute for mill owner, Larry Simpson.

The Edge
Included in this edition of The Edge, Canada’s leading publication on research in the forest industry, are stories from the Canadian Wood Fibre Centre and Alberta Innovates.

The Last Word
Getting the B.C. forest industry to a bright future is going to take some doing, with a falling timber cut, says Jim Stirling.


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