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FogmakerFogmaker offers water mist fire suppression system

Fogmaker is a leader in water mist fire suppression systems for heavy equipment. The company offers a high-pressure fire suppression system utilizing water mist, specifically developed for engine compartments.

Fogmaker’s suppression system has a unique extinguishing performance as it both cools down and chokes the fire at the same time as the foam additive effectively prevents the fire from re-igniting.

Water mist generated under high pressure through patented nozzles has superior extinguishing capabilities in engine compartments compared to traditional low-pressure foam or dry chemical systems, says the company.

Brunette introduces RTL Log SingulatorBrunette introduces RTL Log Singulator

Brunette Machinery recently launched their newest log singulation technology, the patented Retract-to-Load (RTL) Log Singulator. With its patented pre-stage log positioning, robust design, heavy duty torque tube-drive assembly, and reinforced steps, the RTL Log Singulator has already proven to reduce maintenance costs and will deliver tighter log gap control to mills, says the company.

One of the most unique aspects of Brunette’s RTL Log Singulator is the patented Retract-to-Load feature. At the park or pre-load position, the log sits right above the conveyor and is ready to be dropped in. The reducer crank arm is sitting over the top of the stroke holding the log in position, creating a negative torque which reduces the load on the drive and increases the ability to close the gap between logs.

As the nose section retracts, the log is dropped into the conveyor, and another log takes its place in the queue at the Retract-to-Load pre-staging position. This reduces log gap, improves piece counts, and reduces maintenance costs on the log singulator, as well as the conveyors it feeds into.

With Brunette’s goal of reducing the overall maintenance costs of log singulation, the company has incorporated some key design features:

  • The extreme-duty torque-tube assembly has pre-machined endplates to eliminate alignment issues after a repair or replacement, and also has replaceable shafts should they ever be damaged by a failed bearing.
  • Each roller assembly features two spherical roller bearings and is assembled in a removable support housing. This allows for simple replacement of the rollers without risking any alignment of the machine.
  • Each step is made with ½” formed plate and reinforced with structural angles to create a robust shelf for both receiving and lifting logs.

Each RTL Log Singulator is custom built to suit the application’s needs. The RTL Log Singulator will fit within the same envelope as most existing log feeding devices currently being used by the industry.

Toromont Industries to acquire Hewitt Equipment

Toromont Industries has entered into an agreement to acquire the businesses and net operating assets of the Hewitt Group of companies for $1.0177 billion.

Hewitt Equipment is the authorized Caterpillar dealer for Quebec, Western Labrador and the Maritimes, as well as the Caterpillar lift truck dealer for most of Ontario. Hewitt is also the MaK dealer for Quebec, the Maritimes and the Eastern seaboard of the United States, from Maine to Virginia.

Headquartered in Pointe-Claire, Quebec, Hewitt sells, rents and services the full line of Caterpillar and other products through its six operating business entities: Hewitt Equipment, Atlantic Tractors, Location Hewitt/Hewitt Rentals, Hewitt Material Handling, Montreal Hydraulique and SITECH QM. Founded in 1952, Hewitt has 45 branches across Eastern Canada and employs more than 2,000 people. Hewitt is privately held.

Upon close of the acquisition, Toromont’s Caterpillar dealership will operate 120 branches in Nunavut, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland and Labrador, giving the company one of the largest sales territories in the Caterpillar dealer network. Toromont expects to maintain existing facilities, and under its decentralized business model, it says regional leadership will continue to run their businesses locally, empowered to make decisions in the best interests of their customers.

Axis introduces rotator direction change kit for harvester/processorsAxis introduces rotator direction change kit for harvester/processors

Many logging contractors struggle with equipment operators who are trained to operate the head in a certain direction. This can mean the contractor has to change the direction by switching oil lines that are on the rotate motor. This can happen often as operators move from machine to machine.

But Axis Forestry wanted contractors to be able to change the direction of the rotate motor on the head with an in-cab PLC, offering customers a package they can install themselves, easily and simply.

The new product is the Axis Forestry inline solenoid operated directional spool valve that will change the direction of the pilot oil. A PLC with visual indications is installed in the cab so the operator can depress a switch or touch a screen to switch the direction.

WSM vertical grindersWSM vertical grinders described as ultimate grinding machines

WSM vertical feed grinders offer a simple yet highly effective design to process a wide range of feedstock at rates up to 150 tonnes per hour. These rugged grinders feature a heavy duty rotor with innovative disc and hammer configuration options that WSM says make its grinders the most efficient on the market. The optional pivot housing provides easy access to main wear components with all infeed components remaining in place.

Whatever the output requirements, WSM says it has the heavy duty vertical grinder to get the job done. From fine grinding of wood chips for pellet fuel or chipboard, to coarse grinding of bark or wood waste for mulch or biomass, WSM vertical grinders have the flexibility to provide the best solution for each application.

For a turnkey system, WSM’s complete biomass feedstock processing systems include bulk feeders, pre-screening and cleaning for low cost processing with reduced grinder wear and increased throughput, including all engineering and project management.

WSM says that its grinders and complete processing systems feature mill duty construction for dependable long term operation and optimal performance in the most demanding applications.

John Deere L-Series skiddersUpgrades to John Deere L-Series skidders increase power and performance

John Deere has updated its full line of L-Series skidders. Deere says that the L-Series models now boast best-in-class horsepower, a more impressive power-to-weight ratio, an improved engine after-treatment system, and new grapple and boom options.

Most notable are the upgrades to the engines to increase horsepower, offering customers more pulling power and faster multi-functioning capabilities, says the company. The 648L, 748L, 848L, and 948L models offer the maximum horsepower for each size class, with the 300 horsepower 948L skidder boasting the highest horsepower on the market, says the company. Enhancements to the 648L and 748L improve pulling power during skidding activities, and the 848L and 948L have better multi-functioning capabilities for increased handling performance.

The L-Series skidders now feature a simplified engine after-treatment system. Redundant temperature sensors have been removed, reducing harness complexity.

Another key improvement on the L-Series models is an extended boom reach option. Designed for steep or uneven terrain, the longer booms increase lift height and improve rearward and downward reach. The new booms also reduce interference with the arch and fenders during turning and contact of tongs on tires and fenders when rotating the grapple.

The L-Series skidders now offer a 17.5 square foot grapple option for all dual function models.

Albach Diamant 2000 chipper Albach Diamant 2000 chipper arrives in North America

The arrival of the Albach self-propelled mobile chipper is quickly revolutionizing the way North American biomass companies go about their business, says the company.

With travel speeds of 72 kilometres per hour, the Albach Diamant 2000 can be driven on highways from job to job, even hundreds of kilometres apart. Once at the tree stand, the full-time four-wheel drive allows the self-powered machine to navigate even rough terrain. One push of the button by the operator will then convert the Diamant 2000 from transportation mode to chipping mode in 20 seconds, and the machine’s aggressive infeed can immediately begin handling and processing timber.

The Diamant 2000 allows a tight control on the chip sizing—from microchips to 2.5”—using a mechanically-driven rotor equipped with six blades. For the accurate placement of chips, the extended-angle chute can be swiveled up to 270 degrees and adjusted up and down by up to 10’.

The mobile chipper comes equipped with a Volvo engine and two speed transmission. It has a turning radius of 8.5 metres and a maximum output of 380 cubic metres.

The crane’s maximum reach is 10.1 metres and its maximum lift at maximum reach is one tonne.

TigercatTigercat extends market for D-series shovel loggers

Tigercat has extended the release of the D-series shovel loggers to all markets.

The Tigercat FPT powered S855D and LS855D can be configured for Tier 2 or Tier 4f. Tigercat FPT engines offer improved reliability and lower long-term maintenance costs, says the company, and are fully supported by Tigercat and the Tigercat dealer network.

The S855D series shovel loggers are said to be a uniquely versatile solution for steep slope and sensitive site logging applications. The LS855D is a quick, nimble and powerful carrier—well suited to felling, pre-bunching and shovel logging on steep terrain, says the company. The LS855D is commonly equipped with a feller director boom and the Tigercat 5195 directional felling head for felling and shovel logging.

The LS855D is equipped with Tigercat’s patented leveling system, providing exceptional stability in steep slope applications. It uses two massive hydraulic cylinders and heavy steel sections for a solution that is both simple and robust. The unique geometry of the leveling system promotes balance, poise and stability on slopes. In addition, the ramped undercarriage allows the machines to easily drive up over rocks and stumps.

Jason FarmerJoeScan appoints Vice President of Engineering

JoeScan Inc, a market leader in 3-D laser scanning technology, has announced the appointment of Jason Farmer as vice-president of engineering. In his new role, Farmer will manage engineering, oversee product development and contribute to strategic direction.

“The market for JoeScan’s products is strong,” says Joey Nelson, President and founder of JoeScan. “The company has grown considerably over the past few years. Jason brings a wealth of engineering and management experience to our team that will help accelerate JoeScan’s growth.”

Farmer started his career at Aculight where he led numerous technology development programs in solid state lasers and non-linear optics. The success of these programs led him to co-found a spinoff company, nLight, with colleagues from Aculight. At nLight, Farmer held a series of technical and management roles in R&D, product development and business unit management. He was instrumental in helping the company raise venture capital from leading firms and growing the company to over 400 employees.

Logging and Sawmilling Journal
August/September 2017

On the Cover:
The Princeton, B.C. sawmill of Weyerhaeuser Canada has seen some major equipment upgrades in the last few years—but there is more to come, as the sawmill continues its efforts to make operations more efficient, and reduce costs. The two-line sawmill in the B.C. Interior turns out upwards of 300 million board feet of SPF lumber annually, and is undergoing a multi-year upgrade (Cover photo by Paul MacDonald).

Working to keep the risks of Climate Warming at bay
Warming climates up the risk of forest fires, and one community forest, in Burns Lake, B.C., is implementing a fire mitigation project that will help protect the town’s forest industry—and social assets.

Combo mill upgrade project
The Gilbert Smith Forest Products sawmill in Barriere, B.C. recently completed a lumber grading/sorting project that combines the lumber flow from the mill and planer through the same system, which required a good amount of ingenuity and resourcefulness since it involved combining new and used equipment.

Alberta forest industry update
Just in time for the Alberta Forest Products Association AGM in Jasper, Logging and Sawmilling Journal takes a look at what’s going on in the Alberta forest industry, and how the industry is dealing with the duties on lumber going to the industry’s #1 customer: the U.S.

Great equipment fit in the Gaspé
A new Ponsse ScorpionKing harvester is proving to be a great fit for brothers Jean François and Steve Lemieux, and their harvesting operation in Quebec’s Gaspé Region.

Mill Maintenance
Automatic lubrication is the best defense against mill downtime, say Roland Lorenz and David McDougall, of the Beka Group.

Major upgrade for Weyerhaeuser Princeton
Weyerhaeuser’s Princeton, B.C. sawmill is in the midst of a major upgrade that includes the front end of the mill and primary breakdown equipment.

Three important words in B.C. roadbuilding: diversify, diversify, diversify
B.C. roadbuilding outfit Black River Contracting does a fair amount of work for the forest industry, but company owner Kelly Sunderman finds it’s best to diversify their workload—and they may find themselves doing some work associated with the Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion, if it gets the go-ahead.

A Finnish focus in the forest
Ontario’s Shuniah Forest Products carries out logging the Finnish-Canadian family way, with a strong focus on their employees, teamwork—and their award-winning safety program.

The Edge
Included in this edition of The Edge, Canada’s leading publication on research in the forest industry, are stories from the Canadian Wood Fibre Centre, Alberta Innovates and Alberta Agriculture.

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