DemoDEMO RETURNS TO B.C.—and it was great!

In what can rightly be described as one of the largest and most important forestry equipment events in Canada in years, the much-anticipated DEMO International 2016 show held September 22-24 in Maple Ridge, B.C. did not disappoint.

More than 7,300 visitors attended DEMO, much to the satisfaction of the wide variety of forest industry exhibitors, as well as service, research and development agencies, who took the opportunity to gather in one place, at one time, which delivered excellent value for DEMO participants, and for visitors.

At a time when time is money and money is tight within the forestry sector, the value of an event like DEMO to help those actively engaged in the industry to work more efficiently with today’s best tools cannot be understated.

DemoDEMO International is an “all live and in action, in-woods” equipment show, which features the latest technologies in equipment, products and services covering all aspects of woodlands operations. It is the flagship event of the Canadian Woodlands Forum and takes place every four years in a different location. This year, it returned to B.C. for the first time in 16 years, and was hosted by the Faculty of Forestry at the University of British Columbia (UBC), at the UBC Research Forest in Maple Ridge.

“It’s was a lot of hard work and planning,” says Mark Cusack, National Show Manager with show organizers, Master Promotions Ltd. “We had close to 150 exhibitors all moved in and set up around a 3.2 km loop of roadway that was specially built for the show.”

In addition to many Canadian participants, visitors registered from New Zealand, Australia, Finland, Brazil, the United Arab Emirates, India, the U.S., the United Kingdom, and France.

As is tradition with DEMO, the show itself and exhibitors generously carried out fundraising for a number of very worthy groups. The DEMO Conference silent auction raised $18,000, which was evenly divided between the Log a Load for Kids Foundation and Forests without Borders. John Deere donated an additional $2,300 for Log a Load, and Cat dealer Finning raised $1,150 for Log a Load. Quadco/Southstar made a $4,087 donation to the Malcolm Knapp Loon Lake Canadian Cancer Society Camp Goodtimes. Quadco/Southstar matched every dollar donated for the camp. The Ritchie Bros. auction brought in a total of $33,000 for the UBC Faculty of Forestry Field School Scholastic Award.

Here is a sample of the type and quality of exhibitors seen at this year’s DEMO International.


The Caterpillar booth at DEMO International was judged by UBC students participating in a pre-event technical conference as the booth that best portrays sustainable forest practices. The students used six criteria, including worker safety and ergonomics, as well as carbon emissions, fuel economy and energy efficiency, as part of their display evaluation criteria.

Caterpillar brought visitors up-to-speed on two new Cat forest machine models, the 538 and the 558. They are the first models in the 500 series to meet US EPA Tier 4 Final emission standards.

Both machines were unveiled at DEMO International and feature outstanding fuel efficiency and optimized work tools while increasing horsepower and swing torque, says the company.

Like other Cat Forest Machines, the 538 is available in a general forestry version for road building, stroke delimbing, grapple applications, site preparation and processing. Both the 538 and the 558 are available in a log loader configuration for log loading, shovel logging, butt-n-top/power clam applications, and millyard activities.

The Cat 538 and Cat 558 feature a new machine design, new engine, and optimized components and work tools to provide exceptional fuel savings and also excellent productivity. Machine and hydraulic performance are boosted by increased engine horsepower.

Both models boast rock-solid stability, and the 538 features a wider track gauge and heavy-duty counterweight to maximize stability and operator experience in diverse logging conditions.

Application versatility is enhanced with a purpose-built boom and stick arrangements and new grouser options.


Ponsse had a strong presence at DEMO International, demonstrating their new Ponsse model series harvesting solutions for steep slopes and Ponsse H8HD, which is a completely new harvester head model for big timber.

The new Ponsse H8HD harvester head is specifically designed for harvesting and processing big timber in demanding conditions. It continues the success of the smaller Ponsse H7HD harvester head and can be installed on the Ponsse Bear harvester and on over 20-tonne, track-based machines.

Ponsse says that this new harvester head model offers superior performance considering its size. A powerful feed, combined with its geometry which firmly supports larger trunks on feed rollers, guarantees extreme productivity and fuel economy. Thanks to the Opti automation system, it has excellent cutting precision, and trees are always fed directly to the specific length at maximum speed. 

Ponsse H8HD is also available with a top saw for processing curvy trees with a lot of branches.

A full range of new Ponsse machines were in action at DEMO International, including the Ponsse Bear harvester, a powerhouse for demanding logging sites, and the Ponsse ElephantKing forwarder demonstrated working on slopes.

John DeereJohn Deere

Setting a new industry standard for the swing machine market, the highly anticipated John Deere 3154/3156G and 3754/3756G swing machines shown at DEMO offer operators increased productivity, durability and reliability.

From loading to processing big wood, the G series swing machines help loggers efficiently power through jobs.

The most notable improvement on the G-series swing machines is the completely redesigned cab, which is equipped with features to increase operator comfort. The larger side-entry cab and the elevated rear-entry, climate-controlled cab are more spacious than their predecessors and include fatigue-reducing features, such as excellent window clarity, ergonomic controls and isolation mounting to boost operator productivity throughout long days.

In addition to the redesigned cabs, the new G-series swing machines offer a host of features designed to improve machine uptime and performance. The 3154G and 3156G models feature a larger hydraulic pump and hydraulic cooling package, along with a 9.0-litre engine, improving multi-functioning performance and providing better reliability, durability and productivity in big wood applications.

The G-series machines also offer significant undercarriage improvements, including larger lower rollers and a longer track frame option on the 3754G and 3756G machines. The updates to the 3754G and 3756G machines place more track on the ground, offering increased stability and operator comfort, boosting lift capacity and extending roller and track life. Additionally, the 3756G machines are now available with integrated hydraulic plumbing for Waratah processing heads, offering loggers a factory-installed solution across both models.


The Waratah HTH 623C 4X4 shown at DEMO International is described as a good match for big wood or small wood. The high torque, four wheel drive system provides outstanding performance in any application. Multi-tree processing features, such as dual diameters, independent log shuffling and Waratah’s dual laser find-end system with auto stem alignment help with productivity, while eliminating trim waste. Easy maintenance features such as bolt-on datum plates, drive arm stoppers and centralized greasing stations provide simple field serviceability and overall component longevity.

Turn it, place it, load it with the Waratah HTH 624CW (Control Wrist) built from Waratah’s HTH 624C. The control wrist option provides versatility along with complete control of the processor. There is no requirement for a heel rack when loading or shovel logging as the carrier’s tool cylinder provides the power and control to turn, place and load those stems. The dedicated power grapple top, configured with single or dual rotate motors, provides high quality rotate torque to address any situation. Depending on application, Waratah offers two delimb-arm options that will meet specific needs for processing, loading and shovel logging.


Tigercat made the most of the unique opportunity that DEMO International offered to unveil four new products: two new skidders, a new harvesting head, and forestry carrier.

They also offered a draw for a new 2016 Dodge Challenger, and the winner was Shawn Nicholson from Kaatza Logging Ltd.

DEMO offered a close look at Tigercat’s new 632E skidder and its 625E, six-wheel skidder.

Tigercat says that the 632E takes the capabilities of its skidders to a whole new level with larger rear axles, hydraulic cylinders and main pump. The 632E features the largest grapple available in the industry today and sets a new standard for extreme productivity in timber extraction in the toughest conditions. The 632E can be equipped with grapples with an enclosed area up to 23 square feet (2.1 square meters). This is the largest grapple offered on any four wheel skidder.

Tigercat continues to evolve its six wheel skidders with the introduction of the 625E. It combines the front-end of the large 620E four wheel skidder with the back end of the small, nimble 615E six wheel skidder. The result is a six wheeled skidder suited to soft or steep terrain with excellent traction and low ground pressures. It gives loggers a “medium-sized” option with the agility of the 615E but the higher pulling power of the 620E.

Tigercat’s new 570 is the latest addition to its harvesting head line-up. It is a two-wheel drive harvesting head best suited to in-stand harvesting with an optimal range of 6”-20” diameter using Tigercat’s H845-series, H822-series, H855-series carriers or a 20-25 tonne forestry excavator. With independent knife arms, the 570 harvesting head excels in tough timber with large limbs and poor stem form.

The 570 uses a two-wheel drive system incorporating many features that provide the utmost in performance and durability. The wheel arms, pins, bushings, cylinders and motors are the same as the larger Tigercat 575 head for strength and long life. The hydraulic hoses are larger than similarly sized competing heads to increase performance and reduce losses.

The 880D logger from Tigercat is a heavy duty, purpose-built forestry carrier that can be configured for multiple uses including loading, shovel logging and roadside processing. High horsepower and robust construction mean it can handle the toughest jobs with ease. The 880D stands out from converted excavators in durability and productive capacity.

The 880D now shares a common, high-reliability manifold with all Tigercat 800 series machines to enable common service parts across models. The modular design simplifies maintenance.


The display sponsored by Olofsfors at DEMO was a good example of the excellent tech transfer opportunities the event offered.

The company says replacing tire chains with Olofsfors ECO-Wheel Tracks means that equipment owners can say goodbye to unnecessary hours taken up by maintaining chains, adding that ECO-Wheel Tracks provide superior traction with reduced spin and grab, less maintenance and less ground disturbance, and are a very economical alternative to conventional tire chains.

KOVAX, described as an all-around track, provides good traction, good flotation, and is suited for most operating conditions. It is the company’s newest track model and fits most machines. KOVAX is available with cured cross members for additional flotation on sensitive ground and easier machine turning, and is available in three different link systems to fit any size machine.

Iggesund ForestIggesund Forest

Iggesund Forest, an Olofsfors company is one of the world´s largest manufacturers of harvester bars. They have designed and produced harvester bars in their factory since 1986 and offer a new range of 3/4” harvester bars that are manufactured from the highest quality steel for maximum durability. These bars are mostly fitted to large harvesting heads or grapple saws for demanding conditions.

The company says its Blue Line series is the result of more than 30 years of development, testing and manufacturing harvester bars for the logging industry. Its .404” solid harvester bar uses a unique metal alloy and improved tempering process to make them stronger and tougher. It also features lubrication holes and a specially hardened nose sprocket for optimal performance.

The R9 is a new and improved 3/4” pitch solid harvester bar. It also features a high quality metal alloy in the bar and nose sprocket for increased wear and life. It is available in many different motor mounts and features a unique, wide tapered, replaceable, HD nose tip.


The biggest Doosan log loader yet, shown at DEMO International, the DX380LL-5 creates new opportunities for shovel logging and log loading operations.

Designed to provide high swing torque and impressive reach at ground level, the DX380LL-5 comes standard with a forestry cab with excellent all-around visibility, including a standard rearview camera. Boom, arm and heel cylinder guards and machine guarding help to minimize damage and machine downtime.

The engine is rated at 318 gross horsepower, operating weight is 113,500 lbs., and the working reach is 44’.

Doosan’s new and improved DX225LL-5 log loader features a Tier 4-compliant, non-DPF Doosan engine. It is enhanced with robust heel, arm and boom cylinder guards and an auto-shutdown feature. The engine delivers 167 gross horsepower, it weighs 68,123 lbs., and the working reach is 36’1”.

Axis ForestryAxis Forestry

Axis Forestry provided DEMO International visitors with an introduction to its new X25 Rebel processor. The company describes this head as a turning point in the industry that challenges all conventional standards and forces change.

With its lightweight frame, the X25 Rebel features high torque hydraulics and a state of the art Cypress Controller.

Among its prominent features are: 360 degree continuous rotation; enclosed oil lines; thru-hose stick adapter; high flow simple hydraulics; 3/4” or .404” top saw with auto-tension and auto-chain release; patent pending direct drive measuring; and bolt-on delimber knives.


Loggers know that every job requires the right tool, which is why DEMO International represents such a valuable resource.

Among the tools presented was the KTI TreeKing processor. Manufactured by Kaymor Machining and Welding, the processor is described as having a unique design that increases productivity by decreasing fibre damage and downtime, allowing multi-stemming, all the while raising the bar with incredible accuracy and reliability.

Kaymor says the KTI TreeKing is able to decrease downtime with less moving parts, simplified construction and interchangeable components.

It has up to an eight stem processing capacity, up to 30” processing capability, and delivers up to 18,000 ft/lbs of delimbing force.

Great West Equipment - Falcon Winch AssistGreat West Equipment - Falcon Winch Assist

Here is another example from DEMO International of new tools to assist loggers, offered by Great West Equipment. Practical and versatile, the Falcon Winch Assist system can to be fitted to any excavator over 27 tonnes.

The single drum 1-1/8 “ rope provides continuous traction support for felling and shovelling machines on slopes up to 50 degrees/110 percent.

The Falcon Winch Assist has the option of 500 to 650 metres of rope length.

Multiple safety features and operating alarms give the operator the safety and security to concentrate on the task at hand.

Designed to be a multi-purpose machine, the Falcon Winch Assist can be used effectively for digging, loading and shovelling.

The Falcon Winch Assist allows crews to attach the winch system to either a new or a used machine. It can be used to extend the lifespan of a used machine to ensure the lowest cost of capital.


The next big thing in forestry will likely be biomass production. DEMO International featured the Bandit Industries, Beast Model 4680XP Track unit, described as the ultimate self-propelled grinding solution for high-production, no-compromise projects, where wheeled units simply can’t reach.

It is available with engine options up to 1200 horsepower and a 45” X 60” mill opening. The machine’s Cat 325 EL steel-track undercarriage is said to be perfect for rugged terrain or big processing yards where debris and other material makes wheeled vehicles virtually impossible to use. Whether turning large piles of waste wood into larger mulch piles, processing bulky chunk wood, or cleaning up storm damage and debris after natural disasters, the Model 4680XP is a good option. Key features include: 2-speed folding discharge; hydraulically activated screen that opens to reduce damage to the mill from debris; numerous tooth/screen combinations; radio remote control with tether backup; and, a dust suppression system.

T-Mar EquipmentT-Mar Equipment

Swing yarding is common practice on the West Coast, and it too was well represented at DEMO International.

T-Mar Equipment featured their Log-Champ 650 yarder. Jim Mantle, Ed Hughes and their engineering staff have drawn on their years of experience in yarder design to create what they say is the safest, most productive and most efficient yarder ever built. It features a regenerative 7/8” winch with same speed reversing, 1800’ mainline capacity, 3800’ haulback capacity, 4500’ strawline capacity, new generation 136 Wichita water cooled slip clutch, Lebus style lagging on all drums, and 100,000 lbs. line pull.

It comes equipped with a Cat 475 horsepower C15 engine with direct gear drive, Cat CX31 powershift transmission with five forward speeds and reverse, no chain case, automatic shifting, automatic progressive hydraulic cooling fan, and a fan reverse option.

Heavy Equipment RepairHeavy Equipment Repair - TracBuster

More new and interesting technology from DEMO International—especially for those annoying equipment track issues.

Tracbuster, offered by Heavy Equipment Repair, may be your portable track pin repair solution. It is a tool that evolved from a need. The need is for a contractor to be able to remove, repair, and install pins and assemble links in crawler tracks. Its compact size, ease of operation, and safe design make it a preferred choice in the field.

It’s been said that 50 per cent of operating costs of track-driven equipment come from the undercarriage. Tracbuster is an investment in a tool that will minimize downtime and improve the bottom line, says the company.


Four new Hitachi Foresters were introduced at DEMO. These included the ZX210F-6, the ZX260F-6, and ZX310F-6, and the ZX370F-6.

Available as either a forestry excavator or a log loader, Hitachi says these new Foresters feature completely redesigned cabs, new FT4 engines, excellent uptime, improved durability along with reduced cost of operation, and improved productivity.

A new machine control system allows the machines to be factory ‘tuned’ to increase productivity while reducing fluid consumption.

Processor configurations are designed for seamless integration and optimization with Waratah heads, a feature that is available on all four models.

Operators will quietly go about their business with less fatigue in larger, isolation mounted stations that feature increased size and 3” of additional leg room.

Ground level access to all filters and test ports on the two smaller models, and a tilt down service door on the two larger models, make servicing easy.

The ZX210F-6 has a net horsepower of 164 hp, the ZX260F-6 a net horsepower of 177 hp, the ZX310F-6 a net horsepower of 249 hp, and the ZX370F-6, a net horsepower of 271 hp.

Nokian TyresNokian Tyres/Kal-Tire

Nokian Tyres has been a world leader in forestry tires for decades. It keeps on leaning forward with new innovations, developed with machine manufacturers, tested and proven in rough forests.

Nokian Logger King LS-2 is a new skidder tire made for the hardest conditions and the biggest machinery. It has the ruggedness to offer a long, trouble free service life as well as some clever features to speed up daily work. Its ultra-durable, high-strength multi-layer textile carcass with wide steel breakers offers excellent puncture resistance, also in the shoulder area.

Nokian Logger King LS-2 features an aggressive tread design with excellent self-cleaning properties. This ensures good grip even on mud and wet surfaces. Its special rubber compound in the bead area minimizes rim slip and unique single wire bead construction makes on-site assembly easier.

Link BeltLink-Belt Company LLC

Link-Belt Forestry brought its new Link-Belt 5040 forestry machine to DEMO International. This purpose-built unit features a powerful, fuel-efficient Final Tier 4 engine that doesn’t require a DPF, matched to a larger fuel tank that helps operators work longer.

The 5040 forestry machine offers improved cycle times, more swing torque, and better fuel economy.

More specifically, it features 30 per cent faster boom-down/arm-in, 4 per cent faster boom up/swing, and up to 7 per cent bonus lifting capacity due to wider lifting area and fuel tank placement on counterweight.

Heavy-duty components built for the woods include house doors, covers, protective guards, reinforced boom foot revolving frame, thicker undercarriage, and a factory-fabricated attachment with optimized heel.

Ecoforst GMBHEcoforst GMBH

A young, dynamic and highly motivated team can be found behind the name Ecoforst, represented at DEMO International. It focuses on simplifying timber harvesting in steep and difficult-to-access terrain. Based on the team’s own experiences of working many years in tree felling, a solution-orientated approach has been at the centre of the construction of the company’s T-WINCH. 

The idea of the construction of an innovative traction winch was born for work safety, while keeping tree damage to a minimum. It allows access to rough terrain while considering all necessary ecological values.

In all places where unsecured operations lead to increased risk for human and machine, the solid T-WINCH traction winch assistant can be used. 

Not only is the application of the traction winch a considerable cost saving for equipment owners because of the verifiable reduction of fuel consumption, but the use of T-WINCH also represents an environmentally-conscious approach in the field of timber harvesting. 

The winch’s construction, together with the functional design, ensures approved and reliable operation, says the company.

John DeereHSM

Until recently, fully mechanized short timber technology was not available for steep slopes. As a result, there is now a strong demand for suitable, high performance machinery that operates with as little ground damage as possible on sharp gradients at risk of erosion.

In recent years, HSM has spurred on steep gradient technology for wheel machines with several innovative solutions and invested further in this technology to satisfy the growing demands of its customers and to contribute towards their success. The “Force Synchro Drive” from HSM has helped HSM to make enormous strides forward. It was introduced for the first time in 2010 with the HSW-15 auxiliary traction winches. The increased cable capacity, the higher cable pulling forces and the more powerful drive system with optimized efficiency facilitate safe and quick manoeuvring on steep gradients

This drive system was presented at DEMO with HSM’s 208FC20 slope forwarder. It features a 6.7 litre, Iveco NEF 6-cylinder Common Rail/EuroMot Tier 3 engine, rated at 238 horsepower at 2200 rpm. It also features a hydrostatic-mechanical transmission.


At DEMO, Weldco-Beales Manufacturing (WBM) introduced its new HCL (Horizontal Cylinder and Linkage) Clam Grapples, designed to handle high volume cut-to-length wood in loading and unloading applications. The company says this grapple is the first in the industry to combine the performance and versatility of a basket style (bunching) jaw arrangement with the proven efficiency of a “power tilt/controlled head” excavator grapple. The jaws are designed to lift and roll the load into a tight round bundle, minimizing stem crossing to achieve faster fill times. Its single, 5000 psi, high pressure horizontal cylinder and timing linkage (HCL) keeps the jaws synchronized at all times, and delivers power to the jaw that needs it most during the loading cycle.

The HCL Clam Grapple features Weldco Flexdrive, a new configurable 360 degree continuous high torque rotation system. Customers can mix and match components to generate the desired speeds and torques. It is available in five standard chassis sizes to match the machine class and six motor configurations per class for optimum torque requirements.


Komatsu’s PC390LL-10 Log Loader drew lots of attention from loggers at DEMO 2016 with its impressive shovel logging (hoe-chucking) performance with large diameter logs on sloped terrain. The PC390LL-10 features a highly productive 42-foot reach live heel logging boom and a rugged high and wide undercarriage. Its swing and final drive systems use components from larger-size Komatsu excavators for higher performance, durability and reliability.

Cannon Bar WorksCannon Bar Works

At DEMO, Cannon Bar Works Ltd. displayed their full line of ¾” pitch and .404” pitch harvester bars, along with their chainsaw bars and examples of repair work done under their bar repair program.

Cannon Bar Works Ltd. has been an industry leader in innovation and quality since 1955. All Cannon Bars are manufactured in Langley, B.C., with repair work done in Langley, as well. Cannon Bars are individually made by skilled craftsmen to ensure all quality standards are met and exceeded, says the company.


At Peterson’s DEMO booth, show attendees were able to talk with company staff about Peterson horizontal grinders, chippers, flails, blowers and screening/conveying equipment. The company featured the Peterson 5000H whole tree chipper, 4810F chain flail debarker, a 4310B drum chipper and 5710D horizontal grinder at the show. “We had a great show with attendees visiting us from all around the world,” said Michael Spreadbury, Marketing Manager for Peterson. “Demo International was an outstanding opportunity for us to show off our world-class equipment in a rugged and challenging environment.”


At its DEMO display, Rotochopper featured its industrial grinding equipment that turns waste materials into engineered fibre products like colored landscape mulch, animal bedding, and compost. With its equipment, the company opens new opportunities for low grade resources like wood waste, agricultural residue, sorted construction debris, yard waste, and forestry slash with practical equipment solutions. It designs grinding equipment with one simple goal—maximizing the value of raw materials. Its formula for long-term customer success is equally simple: supply the grinding equipment that produces engineered fibre products at the lowest operating costs.

Pierce PacificPierce Pacific

Pierce Pacific’s state-of-the-art Grapple Processor (GP) combines grappling and processing features into one innovative work tool. The Pierce GP, featured at the Demo show, is said to be a revolutionary new way for loggers to gain utility and productivity from a single machine. The patented innovation is the only one of its kind to sort, load and shovel like a grapple—and delimb, measure and cut like a processor. The Pierce GP allows a single unit to accomplish tasks that normally tie up two machines, offering loggers significant savings in time, fuel, labor and maintenance costs, not to mention radically improved equipment utilization. The Pierce GP represents the company’s pioneering spirit, innovative engineering and state-of-the-art technology, and is a significant industry advance to loggers large and small.

Logging and Sawmilling Journal
October 2016

On the Cover:
The re-opening of the plywood plant in Cochrane has brought 125 jobs back to the northeastern Ontario town. In addition to the plant facilities, the deal to re-open the plant includes a guaranteed wood supply, with a provincial allocation of 200,000 cubic metres annually of veneer quality aspen logs. (Cover photo courtesy of Rockshield Engineered Wood Products)

Seeking more balanced timber allocation in the B.C. Interior
B.C.’s Interior Lumber Manufacturers’ Association is encouraging the provincial government to consider a more balanced approach to timber allocation, where commodity dimension lumber sawmills and value added wood product manufacturers each have access to the fibre flow they require to succeed.

New Grapple Camera offers bird’s eye view
A new Grapple Camera from B.C.’s T-Mar Industries is allowing loggers to achieve safer and more productive grapple yarding operations, offering a bird’s eye view of choker settings—in high def, no less.

Coffee-powered plywood
The re-opening of the plywood plant in Cochrane, Ontario has brought a good number of jobs and economic activity back to the community—and it all started over a cup of coffee.

Double win: more production and uptime
Alberta logger Ted Freake is looking for more production per shift and uptime, and he’s confident he can achieve both with his new LogMax ProCut 2330 processing head—the first such head in Canada.

The Edge
Included in this edition of The Edge, Canada’s leading publication on research in the forest industry, are stories from the Canadian Wood Fibre Centre, Alberta Innovates - Bio Solutions and FPInnovations.

What was new at … DEMO 2016
Logging and Sawmilling Journal was there at the most successful DEMO show in years, held in Maple Ridge, B.C. in September. We highlight what was new in logging equipment and services in this issue.

The Last Word
The forest sector could contribute more to GHG reductions—and make money—with an aggressive plantation program, says Tony Kryzanowski.

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