Tech Update - Forwarders

Tigercat’s new 1055C, 1075C and 1085C forwardersTigercat

Tigercat’s new 1055C, 1075C and 1085C forwarders are powered by Tigercat FPT N67 engines which are fully supported by Tigercat, including all parts, service, warranty and technical support. With a simple and effective Selective Catalyst Reduction (SCR) system, the N67 Tier 4 final engine meets the latest emissions standards in North America and Europe.

Tigercat’s exclusive Low-Wide bunk system, combined with the new hooked crane, improves visibility and decreases load/unload cycles while reducing the chance of the crane contacting the gate. Productivity is further enhanced by Tigercat’s high capacity grapples and ergonomic, quiet cab.

The 1085C is equipped with Tigercat’s WideRange drive system. Unlike two-speed forwarder transmissions, WideRange is infinitely variable, providing extremely high tractive effort and a working speed of 7 km/h—much higher than the maximum speed in low range of conventional forwarders. The 1085C can carry a 20-tonne load up a 60 per cent slope, making it an ultimate steep slope forwarder, says the company.

Eco Log D series forwarderEco Log

Eco Log D series forwarders range in size from 10, 12, 14 and 19.5 tonne load capacity.

Due to its narrow stance, the mid-size 574D forwarder can be utilized in thinnings or with the bunks widened to the maximum position, used for final harvest blocks.

All models are equipped with the latest technology which provides each unit with maximum power and high performance while maintaining low fuel consumption.

John Deere E-Series forwarderJohn Deere

The John Deere E-Series forwarders, available in six different models with load capacities from 9 to 19 tonnes, offer a wide range of solutions for any application.

The 290-degree rotating cab provides an all-around view of the surroundings, and the auto-leveling capability keeps the operator balanced and comfortable, no matter how steep or uneven the terrain. Fatigue-beating enhancements, like ergonomic armrest-mounted controls, increase operator comfort and productivity.

The TimberMatic F-12 control system provides reliable, efficient control of all forwarder functions. New user-friendly software offers easy-to-learn patterns and operator-specific settings, enabling operators to get the most out of the machine. Additionally, the John Deere PowerTech Plus Tier 3 diesel engines offer uncompromised power and fuel efficiency, says the company. Optional Intelligent Boom Control enables faster cycle times and more precise operation, as well as accelerating the learning curve for operators.

The Cat 584HD forwarderCaterpillar

Cat forwarders load logs and transport them from the forest quickly with high hydraulic flow, state-of-the-art controls, and fast travel speeds.

The Cat 584HD forwarder is the most powerful machine in the family and meets the demanding requirements of forest harvesting. It provides comfort, controllability, and serviceability.

The Cat 584HD forwarder has a payload capacity of 20 metric tons, and its structures are designed for extended hours of use with the capability to be rebuilt for a second life.

The keys to productivity are a fast loader and tractive power to transport heavy loads quickly uphill, cycle after cycle. The Cat 584HD forwarder has both. It features one of the fastest, strongest, and most reliable cranes on the market. The Cat C7 274 hp engine with ACERT technology is paired with a hydrostatic propel system for maximum power on grade through wide engine rpm and ground speed range.

Barko 612 forwarderBarko

Equipped with intuitive controls for smooth operation, the Barko 612 forwarder provides ample load capacity with excellent stability and maneuverability.

The forwarder is powered by a fuel-efficient 200-hp Volvo diesel engine and offers gross load capacity of 24,000 lbs. A joystick-controlled Kesla crane with extendable boom and bypass grapple makes loading simple. Excellent weight distribution assists with tackling steep grades, while low ground pressure minimizes ground disturbance.

The unit features a Dana 32,000 Series six-speed powershift transmission, rather than hydrostatic, to produce generally higher transport speeds and faster cycles. Other upgrades include increased cooling capacity, updated torque converters, and improved cab mounts and frame.

The forwarder is equipped with a responsive Danfoss Plus+1 hydraulic control system. Power-demand joystick-controlled steering includes full oscillation lock and 40 degrees of side-to-side articulation. The spacious tilting cab offers heat and air conditioning.

Tanguay TG88E track forwarderTanguay

The Tanguay TG88E track forwarder is available as a clambunk or “L Boom” grapple configuration with a huge payload capacity of 35 tons.

Powered by a 400 hp engine, the eight-wheel-drive TG88E comes with a choice of track width up to 60” wide for low ground pressure. The reliable and proven 100 per cent hydrostatic drive provides incredible manoeuvrability and perfect traction for minimum ground disturbance, says the company.

The TG88 clambunk and its powerful loader with a swing planetary is the machine of choice for economically loading and skidding tree length to roadside on long distances.

The “L Boom” grapple skidder version is also very productive over shorter distances.

It is an effective and safe alternative to challenging steep slopes, and wet and deep snow logging conditions where conventional ground base skidding is not even possible to consider.

Designed and manufactured in Canada, the TG88E is by far the world’s largest forwarder.

TimberPro’s newly-released C-series forwarderTimberPro

TimberPro’s newly-released C-series forwarders add to the company’s already powerful, efficient and user-friendly line of equipment.

The famous TimberPro continuous rotation upper turntable is a unique design that offers real advantages over Scandinavian-style forwarders, says the company. Being able to work over all sides of the machine and having the operator swing with the boom allows for increased efficiency. TimberPro wheeled machines can be configured as forwarders, harvesters, skidders or as a combo, allowing the machine to be converted from a harvester to a forwarder in under 15 minutes, all without losing any machine efficiency. The new C-series features a larger cab, an energy recovering hydrostatic swing system for smooth and powerful operation, standard high output LED light package, standard Bluetooth-enabled stereo, an IQAN MD4 control system, and increased serviceability.

Komatsu’s 855.1 forwarderKomatsu

Komatsu’s 855.1 forwarder with 14-tonne capacity, 865 forwarder with 15-tonne capacity, and 895 forwarder with 20-tonne capacity provide greater productivity, operator comfort, and fuel economy than prior models.

All Komatsu forwarders feature powerful, fuel efficient Tier 4 Interim engines, HST transmissions, “Comfort Bogie” axle systems, spacious cabs and other technological advances.

The robust chassis designs have rugged bunks and adjustable wideners providing high capacity bunk space. The HST transmission automatically responds to increased tractive effort in every driving situation. This HST in combination with Komatsu Comfort Bogie portal axles creates an ideal combination of traction, speed, and comfort in rough terrain.

The spacious cab offers excellent visibility in all directions, multiple storage areas and exceptional fit and finish to create an ideal ergonomic work environment, says Komatsu. The 855.1 offers the revolutionary Komatsu Comfort Ride hydraulic cab suspension option providing superior operator driving comfort in the most difficult terrain. The user-friendly MaxiXplorer machine control system integrates and monitors all machine systems and functions.

Rottne F18 forwarderRottne

The Rottne F18 forwarder is described as safe, stable and powerful.

It is a large forwarder with a load capacity of 18 tonnes, providing more efficient transport for long forwarding distances. Adjustable load area is also available as an optional extra. The portal bogies, with large wide wheels, provide excellent bearing capacity and smooth and gentle travel.

The wagon is available in two frame lengths and the load area has a very low centre of gravity.

It comes equipped with a JD 6090 HFC 09 Power Tech PSS, Final Tier 4 (FT4) engine, with output of 278 hp at 1700 rpm. The transmission is a D5-controlled, hydrostatic/mechanical system with full capacity control and automatic gearbox.

The chassis has an articulated joint with slew bearing and frame lock. It comes with bolted welded load bunks.


PONSSE ActiveFrame is a new cabin suspension system for forwarder 8-wheelers. It has a simple and functional structure, suspending any sideways movement directed at the driver effectively and unnoticeably.

As a result, driving is very comfortable and any stress on the body is much reduced. Productivity increases as the cabin suspension system helps the driver keep going even after a long shift. Comfort in driving allows the driver to use higher speeds, particularly when driving an empty load, and working with the crane is more efficient as the system keeps the cabin horizontal even in rough terrain.

The solution is technologically close to the Scorpion leveling system, in which separate sensors have been replaced by reliable components built in the control module. Thanks to the dual frame structure, the pivot point of the ActiveFrame suspension system is very low at the level of the bogie axle. This eliminates any swinging directed at the driver as efficiently as possible.

PONSSE ActiveFrame is available for the PONSSE Buffalo, Elephant and ElephantKing. Maximum angle of leveling in ElephantKing and Elephant is 6 degrees and in Buffalo 7 degrees.

Logset GT forwarderLogset

Logset GT forwarders have been developed with the customer in mind, says the company. For Logset, that means providing the best quality to maximize durability and minimize maintenance costs. High quality components from leading suppliers prolong the lifespan of the GT forwarders and reduce maintenance costs. The latest technical solutions bring durability and economy, and also diminish the need for service. Research and development of more than 20 years has made Logset GT forwarders’ chassis sturdy, but with optimal weight distribution for smooth movement in the roughest terrains. Logset GT forwarders have spacious and modern cabins, with well-placed controls that eliminate any unnecessary reaching or straining. The air suspension seat can be equipped with automatic leveling and an effective ventilation system. The visibility from the cabin offers an unobstructed view, both for driving and loading.

The cabin has excellent sound insulation, says the company. Automatic air conditioning provides cabin comfort all year round. The air-intake filter ensures that the air is pure and fresh.

HSM ForwarderHSM

German manufacturer HSM is now offering a wide range of forwarders in Canada.

With a 238 hp FPT engine, it has no problem carrying loads from 11 tons to 20 tons, says the company. HSM’s Bigfoot forwarder, with its 940 mm wide tire, is the best solution for wet terrain.

For 10 years, HSM has been a forerunner in steep slope technology. HSM says that the Force Synchro-Drive with the powerful HSM winch makes it the ultimate choice for slope specialists. It is available with a cable length capacity up to 500 m and a pulling force up to 15 tons. The heavy-duty construction and the Rexroth hydraulic drive components offer a reliable and powerful solution for loggers.

HSM offers a wide range of cranes that deliver 102 kNm to 173 kNm of lift. The HSM high speed drive offers a smooth transmission at a low speed of the diesel engine, which provides outstanding fuel consumption, says the company.

The Ecommand control system is user-friendly and offers extended settings and diagnostic possibilities to the owner’s service team and drivers. The Econnect remote diagnostic system is available to support customers and maximizes uptime.

The Canadian HSM forwarder importer InovForest is now building service in B.C.

Logging and Sawmilling Journal
May/June 2016

On the Cover:
On the B.C. Coast, it’s about getting the wood to the water, but before it hits the water, it needs to be harvested in the woods. And this September will see the full range of harvesting equipment working at the DEMO 2016 show being held in Maple Ridge, B.C. Please see the preview story on DEMO, beginning on page 28 of this issue. (Photo of B.C. dryland sort by Paul MacDonald).

Beetle attack: but this time it’s the spruce beetle
As if the B.C. Interior has not been hit hard enough by the mountain pine beetle, there have been recent increases in the spruce beetle population in the Central Interior of B.C. Details on what is being done to fight/contain the latest scourge in the forests.

Sawmill muscle
EACOM Timber partnered with equipment supplier Autolog to optimize the company’s Val D’Or and Timmins sawmills, achieving value uplift at both operations, strengthening them and giving them more market resilience.

Logging partners in profit
An award-winning logging partnership between the Quatsino First Nation and Western Forest Products on the B.C. Coast is delivering efficiencies—and profits—to the two partners.

A (sawmill) offer you can’t refuse
Weyerhaeuser Canada made Alberta sawmill owner Guido Unger a (good) offer he couldn’t refuse: the purchase of a used USNR line that will allow his sawmill to ramp up production considerably.

Coming in September: DEMO 2016
Full details on the upcoming largest logging equipment show in Canada this year: DEMO 2016, being held in Maple Ridge, B.C. from Sept. 22-24, with all of the major logging equipment manufacturers represented.

Hands-on harvesting approach
Nova Scotia logger John Dorey has been recognized by the Canadian Woodlands Forum for his hands-on approach to meeting the needs of woodlands clients, and excelling at partial harvesting.

Getting more control over log hauling
Weyerhaeuser’s Grande Prairie, Alberta timberlands operation is phasing in more tire pressure-controlled equipped log haul trucks, allowing them to increase their access on steep logging roads, even in bad weather.

Variable Tire Pressure Control 101: What are its benefits?

More chips to go...
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Urban logging in Alberta
Alberta’s Shawn Moore has moved beyond the oil patch, and his tree removal business has now morphed into doing urban logging—and they’re diverting trees from the landfill.

The Edge
Included in this edition of The Edge, Canada’s leading publication on research in the forest industry, are stories from the Canadian Wood Fibre Centre and Alberta Innovates - Bio Solutions.

The Last Word
Winters aren’t what they used to be, and that simple fact is impacting the forest industry, says Jim Stirling.


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