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Waratah FL-95 headWaratah FL-95 head delivers productivity boost

Purpose built for being tethered on steep slopes, the new Waratah FL-95 felling head delivers a productivity boost unrivaled in the industry, says the company. Innovative application solutions make the new FL-95 best in class, it says.

Designed for the most extreme applications, the FL-95 features a steep slope specific tilt design for increased chassis rotation which allows effective felling on 65 degree slopes without hitting the attachment stops. A 62 inch grapple opening with the industry’s first fully retractable saw box will maximize capacity while increasing productivity by reducing turns to roadside when shovel logging, saving fuel and, most importantly, improving the bottom line.

TractionlineTractionline appoints B.C. dealers for winch assist system

Frank Chandler, President of Technical Forest Solutions, has announced that their New Zealand-developed winch assist harvesting system will be handled in B.C. by Woodland Equipment in the Interior and Coastal Heavy Repair on Vancouver Island. This excavator-based, twin cable system incorporates a tension monitoring system and multiple redundancies.

MillTech Inventory Management Solutions, Inc. new name of ISIS Wood Product Solutions Inc

ISIS Wood Product Solutions, Inc. has officially changed its name to MillTech Inventory Management Solutions, Inc., due to world events beyond the company’s control.

MillTech—a leading supplier of wood products inventory software—changed its name from ISIS Wood Product Solutions to distance itself from any connotations associated with the Islamic State of Iraq, sometimes referred to as ISIS.

The name MillTech itself was chosen to better align the company’s name with MillTech’s long time focus on and success in supplying inventory software to lumber mills and other companies of the wood products producing or manufacturing segment of the forest industry.

MillTech is a Vancouver-based company that for 12 years as ISIS—and now as MillTech—has been developing and implementing inventory management systems at wood products companies throughout North America and New Zealand. These companies include sawmills, remanufacturers, engineered wood companies, flooring manufacturers and moulding and millwork companies, both hardwood and softwood.

Integrated Environmental Solutions changes name to SonicAire

Integrated Environmental Solutions (IES) has changed its name to SonicAire as part of a re-branding initiative designed to clarify the company’s commitment to producing an engineered solution to fugitive combustible dust through their line of SonicAire fans.

“Our fans have strong reputations in the marketplace for keeping plants continually compliant with OSHA standards by eliminating overhead fugitive combustible dust buildup,” says SonicAire president Brad Carr. “Ensuring that SonicAire fans are at the core of our corporate identity is important to us as our company continues to expand. We like to keep it simple, and let our SonicAire fans speak for themselves.”

The comprehensive re-branding efforts reach across all aspects of the company and include a new logo.

New PT-175 forestry mulcher from PrimeTech

PrimeTech recently introduced the latest version of its 160 HP tracked, self-propelled carrier (prime mover) for vegetation management and land clearing: the PT-175.

PrimeTech says it has changed the game once again with this new improved tracked carrier. The redesign was made keeping in mind input and feedback from customers, who mulch every day and who know what works best.

In its new form, the PT-175 preserves the features of the previous model, but also introduces New PT-175 forestry mulcher from PrimeTechimprovements.

The PT-175 is now available with remote control. Remote control technology enables the PT-175 to operate in dangerous conditions and on very steep slopes. It is able to perform uphill, downhill and sideways, without putting the operator into risky and unsafe situations and avoiding an uncomfortable seating position for the operator due to continuous driving sideways on slopes and ditches.

An innovative remote control ensures accurate guidance of the vehicle at a range of up to 1000 meters. All of the controls and displays the operator would normally see in the cab are on the remote-control unit, too. The runtime of the batteries reaches up to 10 hours. Moreover, the tilting remote control unit can be opened by a manual pump, which allows easy access and inspecting of all components located underneath.

The frame redesign looked at making the PT-175 leaner, with the result that the engine compartment is now more accessible.

SellickSellick breaks ground on new manufacturing plant

At the young age of 97 years, Walter Sellick along with sons, Howard Sellick - President, David Sellick - Vice President, and grandson, Colin Sellick - Systems Manager, recently broke ground on a new multi-million dollar, 120,000 square feet facility in Harrow, Ontario.

“In order to compete on a global scale, we needed to expand and build a state-of-the-art plant,” said Howard Sellick.

Sellick Equipment has been manufacturing rough terrain and truck mounted forklifts for over 47 years to a variety of industries including building supply yards and engineered wood products, automotive recycling, oil field services, mining and military applications. In recent years, a new generation of forklifts was introduced featuring enhanced ergonomics, environmentally-friendly diesel engines and increased lift capacities.

Fredriksson appointed business development director at Wallingford’s

Wallingford’s Inc, a manufacturer and international wholesaler of tire chains, saw bars, tracks, as well as logging and industrial supplies, has announced the appointment of Urban Fredriksson of Trois-Rivieres, Quebec, as the company’s director of international business development.

Urban was born in Stockholm, and later moved to Canada, where he has now lived for more than 35 years.

Urban has been a part of the North American as well as the global logging industry for the past 20 years with manufacturers such as GB Harvester Bars, HSP Grapples and Envirosys Chain Grease system. He provides his customers with superior customer service and expertise, says the company.

Urban will be serving dealers across Canada with proven brands such as GB Bars, BABAC, and Clark Tracks. He will also be supporting dealer needs across Europe for BABAC Traction Products.

Wallingford’s has been serving the logging industry since 1975. International headquarters are in Oakland, Maine. It also has a European Union distribution facility in Holland and a Canadian distribution center in Edmonton.

Nokian SkidderNew skidder tires from Nokian

Nokian Logger King LS-2 is the ultimate workhorse for full-tree forestry work, says Nokian Tires. The completely new design provides features in a very robust form.

Logger King is targeted for use on skidders and it comes in five sizes of 23.1-26, 28L-26, 24.5-32, 30.5L-32 and 35.5L-32. The two largest sizes also have an extreme version available for the most demanding forestry work.

With this product, Nokian Tires wanted to focus on durability and long service life without compromising traction capabilities.

The new product comes in two versions: Logger King LS-2 and Logger King LS-2 Extreme. The standard version is suitable for the majority of environments and machines starting from small to medium sized skidders.

Both versions feature a new rubber compound resulting from many years of testing in the most demanding conditions all over the world. Logger King LS-2 Extreme has a more robust carcass structure and extra steel layers giving it a high ply rating and ultimate protection against punctures. The extreme version is for the most severe environments and the strongest and heaviest machines. The biggest size in the range, 35.5L-32, is available only in the extreme version.

Tigercat S855D and LS855D shovel loggersTigercat S855D and LS855D shovel loggers now available in Canada

Tigercat has released its D-series shovel loggers in North America.

Operating at 282 hp, the Tigercat FPT powered S855D and LS855D meet Tier 4 emission requirements. Tigercat FPT engines offer improved reliability and lower long-term maintenance costs, says the company, and are fully supported by Tigercat and the Tigercat dealer network.

The S855D series shovel loggers are a uniquely versatile solution for steep slope and sensitive site logging applications. The LS855D is a quick, nimble and powerful carrier—well suited to felling, pre-bunching and shovel logging on steep terrain. The LS855D is commonly equipped with a feller director boom and the Tigercat 5195 directional felling head for felling and shovel logging.

Alternatively, the carriers can be equipped with a live heel boom system and grapple for pure shovel logging.

Unlike excavator-based shovel loggers with add-on forestry packages, the S855D and LS855D are purpose-built for heavy duty forestry applications. The efficient hydraulic system is optimized for shovel logging and felling with a directional felling head.

The LS855D is equipped with Tigercat’s patented leveling system, providing exceptional stability in steep slope applications, says the company.

Forest Products Association of Canada has new CEO

Derek Nighbor is the new CEO of the Forest Products Association of Canada (FPAC).

Nighbor had been senior vice-president of Food & Consumer Products of Canada where he oversaw federal, provincial and territorial government relations, community and corporate partnerships and membership development. Before this, he was senior vice-president with the Retail Council of Canada, and served as chief of staff to the Ontario’s Consumer and Business Services Minister.

“From coast-to-coast, the forestry industry is quintessentially Canadian. As a native of the Ottawa Valley, I have seen first-hand how important the sector is to local communities,” Nighbor says. “It’s about sustainable growth, good jobs, thoughtful partnerships and expanding export markets. I am proud to join FPAC and look forward to working with its members and many partners along the value chain so the industry can reach its full potential.”

Caterpillar unveils new seat suspension technology for wheel skidders

Caterpillar Forest Products has introduced what it calls a revolutionary seat suspension technology for D Series wheel skidders that will provide unmatched comfort for machine operators, and help improve the bottom line for logging contractors.

The Cat Advanced Ride Management (Cat ARM) seat suspension system is a semi-active suspension that dampens vibration and minimizes end stop events, significantly improving operator comfort. Semi-active means the suspension can adjust the rate of damping in real time, a breakthrough technology. The suspension senses the suspension motion and adjusts its rate of damping in response to changing ground conditions. Cat ARM automatically applies higher damping in rough ground conditions like those found in clearcut applications and applies lower damping under smoother conditions, such as well-kept skid trails.

The benefits of Cat ARM include a stabilized operator who experiences a smoother ride, reducing fatigue as well as virtual elimination of end stop events, reducing accelerations that the operator may be exposed to by up to 80 per cent.

Carbotech wins Arbec Forest Products contract

Carbotech is the chosen supplier to Arbec Forest Products in Quebec of major modifications to its sawmill stacking line in Parent, Quebec. The modifications will consist of installing Carbotech’s cutting-edge, high-speed, dual-forked stacker and its row preparation. Carbotech will also be installing their fully automated stick placer system to optimize stacking efficiency. The equipment installation will be completed by Carbotech later this year.

Under new ownership and boasting a new management team, Carbotech says its main goal is to be attentive to clients’ needs by offering highly efficient solutions for sawmill and planer mill lumber handling.

Carbotech specializes in maximizing production operations and efficiency for high-speed sawmill and planer mill lumber handling.

John Deere G-Series wheeled harvestersJohn Deere G-Series wheeled harvesters make North American debut

The John Deere G-Series harvesters are now available to loggers in North America. Said to be perfect for final felling and late thinning, the John Deere 1270G and 1470G harvesters combine high productivity with excellent fuel economy.

“The new machines boast increased power, torque and tractive force, as well as upgrades to the controls, improving efficiency,” said Keith Berger, wheeled cut-to-length forestry instructor. “When utilizing the ForestSight suite of offerings and partnering with a John Deere dealer for support, the G-Series machines help customers optimize their job site with a productive and reliable logging solution.”

As a key feature of the G-Series, Standard Processing Power Control (PPC) optimizes fuel efficiency by matching the appropriate processing level to the work conditions and size of the tree.

The G-Series machines feature the new TimberMatic H-16 control system, providing increased processing capacity. The new user-friendly system, control modules and wiring harnesses enhance machine performance and precision. The TimberMatic H-16 control system is a comprehensive package for basic machine control, measuring and bucking, allowing the operator to work faster and easier.

Another key feature of the G-Series machines is the redesigned cab.

SawControl 800V2BGR Saws offers control package

BGR Saws describes its SawControl 800V2 as an all inclusive, carefree package, ready to connect and measure.

With its quad view technology, the saw blade rotates automatically and every tooth is controlled by cameras with different views, using patent pending camera movement technology.

It allows for measuring of such features as hook angle, top clearance angle, tangential clearance angle, radial clearance angle, tooth geometry, shaft angle, hollow-face radius, kerf, body thickness, number of teeth, tooth length, tool width, position of the tooth, and solder strength.

Logging and Sawmilling Journal
May/June 2016

On the Cover:
On the B.C. Coast, it’s about getting the wood to the water, but before it hits the water, it needs to be harvested in the woods. And this September will see the full range of harvesting equipment working at the DEMO 2016 show being held in Maple Ridge, B.C. Please see the preview story on DEMO, beginning on page 28 of this issue. (Photo of B.C. dryland sort by Paul MacDonald).

Beetle attack: but this time it’s the spruce beetle
As if the B.C. Interior has not been hit hard enough by the mountain pine beetle, there have been recent increases in the spruce beetle population in the Central Interior of B.C. Details on what is being done to fight/contain the latest scourge in the forests.

Sawmill muscle
EACOM Timber partnered with equipment supplier Autolog to optimize the company’s Val D’Or and Timmins sawmills, achieving value uplift at both operations, strengthening them and giving them more market resilience.

Logging partners in profit
An award-winning logging partnership between the Quatsino First Nation and Western Forest Products on the B.C. Coast is delivering efficiencies—and profits—to the two partners.

A (sawmill) offer you can’t refuse
Weyerhaeuser Canada made Alberta sawmill owner Guido Unger a (good) offer he couldn’t refuse: the purchase of a used USNR line that will allow his sawmill to ramp up production considerably.

Coming in September: DEMO 2016
Full details on the upcoming largest logging equipment show in Canada this year: DEMO 2016, being held in Maple Ridge, B.C. from Sept. 22-24, with all of the major logging equipment manufacturers represented.

Hands-on harvesting approach
Nova Scotia logger John Dorey has been recognized by the Canadian Woodlands Forum for his hands-on approach to meeting the needs of woodlands clients, and excelling at partial harvesting.

Getting more control over log hauling
Weyerhaeuser’s Grande Prairie, Alberta timberlands operation is phasing in more tire pressure-controlled equipped log haul trucks, allowing them to increase their access on steep logging roads, even in bad weather.

Variable Tire Pressure Control 101: What are its benefits?

More chips to go...
New Brunswick’s Billy and Ronnie Gillespie are innovators when it comes to their chipping operation

Urban logging in Alberta
Alberta’s Shawn Moore has moved beyond the oil patch, and his tree removal business has now morphed into doing urban logging—and they’re diverting trees from the landfill.

The Edge
Included in this edition of The Edge, Canada’s leading publication on research in the forest industry, are stories from the Canadian Wood Fibre Centre and Alberta Innovates - Bio Solutions.

The Last Word
Winters aren’t what they used to be, and that simple fact is impacting the forest industry, says Jim Stirling.


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